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Hello, lovely people of YouTube! Welcome to Akis Kitchen! Today’s recipe is a very Greek recipe,
a chicken soup Greek-way. It’s very easy to make we will first make the broth and after we will cook
the vegetables, the rice, and the chicken. The chicken will be tender and the
vegetables will be so crispy and so nice! First, we have to prepare the chicken. So, gloves on. And I will show you how you can do it but, of course, you can ask your butcher to do it instead of you doing whole procedure. Make an incision in the thighs. Cut the chicken in half. Remove the wings. Remove the skin of the breast. Cut the meat away from the bones. Remove the skin off the thighs and trim away any fat. Cut the thighs in half and cut
the meat away from the bones. And I deboned my chicken. Now, here is the meat and here are the bones. I will put the
meat separately in a bowl and I will take another knife and with the backside of the knife, I will break the bones a little bit. So, they will give more
flavor to the broth. Now, inside the pot I will add one chicken cube, peppercorns, some thyme, a bay leaf, and two liters of water to make a proper broth. Now, cover the pot, turn on the heat and simmer for one hour. After one hour,
we’ll carry on with the recipe. My broth is almost ready and it’s time to prepare the vegetables. I have a leek and I will crisscross it… and just roughly chop it. Two carrots,
please leave the skin on. One onion. And the last one, the chicken. Do you remember the chicken meat? It’s time to cut it into small cubes or strips, like this. And now, it’s time to pass the broth through a sieve. Oh, it smells so nice! You can serve it like this… without adding anything inside but, look at that! Amazing! This is the broth we want! This is the base to make
something tasty and something beautiful. Now, put again the stock in. You see how lean it is? There is no fat inside. And, of course, I will add a lot all these lovely vegetables in the chicken. The leek, the carrots, the onions and of course the chicken. Now, for many people, chicken soup is a starter. For me, proper chicken soup is a main course. And how we can make a soup main course? Very easy just add some carbs inside. I will add some rice, I will cover the pot. And now we will simmer, slow-cook, for twenty to twenty five minutes until the rice is cooked, and the chicken is cooked, and the vegetables are tender but crispy at the same time, and after the soup is ready, I will show you
a trick we are making back in Greece to thicken up the soup. My soup is ready and
it’s time to give some body to this soup. I will make avgolemono, in Greece that’s how we call it.
Just some egg yolks and some lemon, and it will thicken up the soup. I need three egg yolks… one of course we keep the whites to make a nice and healthy omelet… two, three. The zest from two lemons and the juice of two lemons. Whisk very well… and now, it’s time to make the liaison. Slowly add the stock of the soup while it’s boiling. This way, we will prevent the egg yolks to cook and become omelet. Exactly the same way we are making creme anglaise. This is enough. Turn off the heat, very important part. We throw all this lovely liquid inside, back to the pot, and we’re just stirring with our hands. And the soup is ready to be served. I have a nice plate here. If you want, you can add more salt, more
pepper, more seasoning. But I want to show you that… look at these veggies and the chicken! Everything is cooked to perfection! And the only thing we need for the soup,
is just some color. I will add some thyme… lovely! And of course, a little bit of extra virgin Greek olive oil. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a chicken soup Greek-way! You can add more lemon, if you want more salt, pepper, or any of your favorite herbs. But this is perfect! When you make this soup, you will love me more! So, you will subscribe to my channel, make comments underneath the video, and share this recipe with your friends! Try to make your own, homemade chicken soup! It’s very easy, very healthy, and see you next time! Bye bye, yia sas!

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  1. Thanks Akis, I'm making this for my next sibling dinner, me, my brother and sister meet every 2-3 weeks and eat and have a great time together. Thanks for a great recipe and your great channel 😉

  2. Dear Akis, insted removing natural chicken fat and adding artifficial chicken cube, you can just leave chicken fat – it's helthier, and taste is better! Greetings from Serbia!

  3. Your recipes are awesome, and I really love the way you demonstrate all cooking steps, its real treat. Looking forward to more yummy recipes.

  4. My mom taught me a somewhat different way to make the egg lemon mixture. Separate the eggs, whip the white until frothy, then add the yolks, then the lemon juice.

  5. It'd be nice if they sold separated whole chicken in a pack. Like the way they pack eight thighs or eight breasts, but instead just have the whole chicken jointed, packed, and ready to go. Don't even have to skin or de-bone it.

  6. can't b more agree with you, for me also a perfect chicken soup is a main course ,,
    congratulation! u won a subscriber for a life time 😉

  7. You got me with this recipe, I've been enjoying most of your recipes but this one made me finally click that subscribe button, nice job chef! 🙂

  8. We also prepare chicken soup "a la grecque" in Romania, but we also add sour cream to thicken it. Is it wrong?

  9. Hey Akis, can you make a Serbian dish like Sarma, Greeks and Serbians are brothers, please try it out, thank you in advance.

  10. He wrote it well. It's chicken soup 😊 this is how you write it. He wrote it well. I wonder which country are you from that you misspelled it ☺️☺️☺️

  11. Aha! This is nearly identical to what I call my "Spring/Summer Chicken Soup". I usually add celery and onions instead of leeks, but I love leeks. Will try that the next time. My "Fall/Winter" variation is with homemade egg noodles instead of rice. Also good.

  12. I made this two days ago. I was getting sick, very cold here where I am. I am now well on the mend. Akis, my friend, thank you for this soup! It will be a mainstay for me now!

  13. would it make a difference if you boiled the chicken whole first instead of deboning it first to make the stock?

  14. I am pregnant and i have been craving avgolemono! Ohhh yesss u am making this tonight since my entire family is in Greece i have no onew to cook for me. Thank you!

  15. You made the deboning look easy lol 😂 I butchered that chicken! Very good soup 😍 Akis,,, I am in love with your recipes!!! I love the greek feta bread! I love this soup! I love the lemon garlic roast! I’m a greek food fan now! Thank you!!! Keep posting greek recipes!

  16. I just tried this recipe today. It was so good! Even my boyfriend who doesn’t like soups said it was good. The lemon added a nice touch to it

  17. That tempered eggs yolk addition to soup is an interesting technique, will try it, thanks.

    Though i wonder why you add chicken buillon cube to the bones if you would make the bones into stock anyway? That seems redundant to me.

  18. Love this soup Akis 👍 never seen this in Greece before but it sounds great. Only 6 weeks to go until I’m off to Rodos for the whole summer. Can’t wait. Efharisto 🇬🇷

  19. Wonderful recipe, but I would quickly sautée the vegetables before adding them to the water, it makes the vegetables taste much better in the soup. Also, I would not cut the raw meat into small pieces, I would sear it quickly in bigger pieces, let it then cook in the water and only at the end take it out, separate the meat with a fork into tinier pieces in order to keep the fibres and preserve the juices. I saw this approach for meat in soups on an Ukrainian show when they were preparing Solyanka soup. I have never had juicier meat in a soup, it was incredible.

  20. Jamie Oliver brought me here….i like this chanel and the way he cooks,tidy and clean ,his knife skills 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  21. Akis, I made this soup and it didn’t taste like much! 😿The only thing I did different was I didn’t crush the bones and I only added zest and juice of one lemon. I think that if I had added two lemons it would’ve been too much! Do you think that my soup didn’t taste strongly because I didn’t crush the bones? I even added more thyme, union powder, salt and pepper. 😰

  22. I have been looking for a recipe like this for a while now, thank you so much! Can I ask, what kind of rice did you use I this ?

  23. Azerbaycandan salamlar 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  24. wnderfull !! just made, i love time i wll lower ctrus scin its to much for me.
    it remeans me of greeth eastern soup (with lamb) could you please make videao of this eastern soup, thank you so much!!!

  25. This menu is in my list…🍲🥄
    I’m sure my family gonna ♥️ it.!
    TQ for sharing the recipe & 👍🏻 for that…
    Mr. Akis you are awesome😎.!

  26. I made this soup and it was a BIG success for my gathering. Thank you 🙏 Akis for your wonderful recipe and great video!! 😋😋👍

  27. I dont understand why to add chicken cube when you are already making broth from the bones. The cubes are full of chemicals as gluetamate unless you buy the bio one. How did the people make these foods in old times without cubes? My Greek mother in law teaches me how to cook and I am surprised how many traditional recipes include the cubes. Can't we cook these goodies without artifically enhancing the flavour??

  28. I made this on today. It is amazing more than any other recipe ever been i made.
    I think the born juice would make more savory more than any other chicken soup.
    And i also add so much leek as like video.
    Really it was wonderful ingredient.
    I added parmesan cheese before eat.

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