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Hello my little chefs and welcome to my channel! Today, I’m going to show you a very awesome, Greek traditional recipe called papoutsakia! It’s actually eggplants stuffed with an amazing filling and topped with a bechamel sauce that nobody can resist! I will show you the best way to make them! First of all, I have to tell you that in one hour, our dish will be ready! Please follow my instructions! We need a baking pan and we need the eggplants. Cut them in half like this, and it’s time to marinate them! And guess with what… salt, pepper, extra virgin Greek olive oil, and of course thyme. Before we marinate them, score them, zig zag like this so they will cook easier and the marinade will go deeper. Now, it’s time for extra virgin Greek olive oil, salt, pepper, and a bit of thyme. The only ingredients you need to make nice and tender eggplants! Skin on top and cook them to 200 C set to fan, for 30 to 40 minutes until they will become tender. Now, my aubergines are in the oven and let’s carry on with the stuffing. I need a non-stick pan on the heat and let it become extremely hot. Now, it’s time for garlic and onion. Chop them into big pieces, the onion like this, then thinly slice the garlic. Now, put into the pan, add a bit of olive oil, the sugar, and the spices, cinnamon and clove. Let them caramelize all together, become brown and nice. So, when the onions are caramelized, add the thyme, salt and pepper… and add a lot because we need the stuffing to be a little bit salty. And pepper, also we need it to be a little bit spicy. And it’s time for the meat. Ground beef inside the pot and let the meat caramelize too, two to three minutes. Now, make sure that the meat has this lovely color. When you see this lovely color, deglaze the pan with some red wine, let it evaporate for 20 seconds, and add the tomato. Now, I want you to be very patient and cook the stuffing for at least 10 to 15 minutes, until there is no water inside. So, the eggplants are ready! Put them in a nice tray, like this, and look at this beauty! Now, make a little space in the middle with a spoon because we need some space to put the stuffing. And now, for the stuffing, we add the cheese and we add a lot a lot of herbs… we need some parsley, of course some mint, fresh mint, and of course some thyme. Perfect! Put it in, and all the herbs! Oh, it smells so nice! You have all this freshness from the herbs, you have all this spiciness from the spices, you have an absolutely amazing and very very unique filling. Now, put it on top like this, and stuff the aubergines. This is actually a very characteristic dish, Greek dish, and we love it because we make papoutsakia during summer, because the eggplants are so fresh. Now, it’s time to glaze them. You have two choices. First choice, just some grated cheese and inside the oven. But I will go with the bechamel sauce. A pot on heat, add the butter, let it melt. Add the flour, whisk… perfect! And now, slowly slowly, add the milk in five batches. Whisk. When the mixture is completely smooth, then you add the next batch. And keep the same way. And the last batch is inside. And now, continue stirring until you see the first bubble come up at the bechamel sauce. When I see bubbles, the bechamel sauce is ready! Now, add the rest of the ingredients, a little bit of nutmeg… I love the smell of the nutmeg! Pepper, salt, olive oil, just kidding… of course we are not adding any olive oil inside the bechamel sauce! The cheese and two egg yolks inside, whisk and… glaze! Oh my God! Look at this dish! So Greek, so fresh, so nice, and everybody will love it! And it’s something unique, something not usual, very easy to make! Inside the oven, 200 C set to fan until it becomes golden and nice. And then, we will serve it! And my papoutsakia are ready! Just to know… papoutsakia means shoes in Greece! That’s why we call them like this. And… look at this! All this loveliness, all this freshness in this dish! Absolutely gorgeous! A little bit of parsley on top, a little bit of extra virgin Greek olive oil, and a little bit of happiness! Happiness is the key ingredient for this recipe! Please subscribe to my channel, please make comments underneath the video, and please share this amazing, fresh, Greek recipe with your friends! See you next time, bye bye! Yia sas! I will start trying my dish…

100 thoughts on “Greek stuffed eggplants | Akis Petretzikis Kitchen

  1. Really good like all his dishes so simple should have a slot on this morning. In the UK he explains things so well believe me he will catch on

  2. Akis i want ur book!!! U should check out laura in the kitchen shes bubbly and fun too and hey cooking is my passssiiioooon

  3. This is sort of a quick moussaka recipe!! It’s easier without frying all those vegetables in my opinion. I will make this soon.

  4. I'm making this tonight. Only…my grocery store didn't have gruyere cheese so I have to use parmesan instead. I know I will love this because Akis' recipes are always good. Every one I've tried is a hit in my house.

  5. @AkisKitchen: I really enjoyed your video. It's the perfect dish for me to cook for my Mother's upcoming Sept birthday. Growing up she would take us into Greek town a few times a year to eat at the restaurants and shop the food stores. She loves eggplant & this dish appears easy to make with a few simple ingredients & we can drink up some of that red wine 😉🖒 Thank you for sharing.

  6. Thank you my brother for sharing this delicious eggplant dish i made it today and it turn out beautiful and absolutely delicious !!!!!!!! UMMMMMM. I will be adding this dish in November American tradition called "THANKS GIVING" GOD BLESS

  7. Akis, why do you use Gruyere cheese in your dish? What would Greeks traditionally use instead? I used Feta because it was available locally but i’m thinking Kefalotyri?

  8. Very interesting, I must try this. Our Turkish version doesn't have bechamel sauce and also doesn't have so many spices and herbs. This looks absolutely terrific.

  9. My 3 favourite dishes in a row-amazing! And the chef is so charming ah..
    Greek food is one of the key reasons I travel to Greece to 5 times a year 🙂

  10. Can you use ground lamb in this dish and your meatball sandwich recipe or do you suggest staying with the ground beef?

  11. Thank you very much for the recipe, I just prepared it and it was a success!
    I modified putting mushrooms on the stuffing. Greetings from Panama.

  12. Wow this must be sooooooooo delicious 😋 with all the herbs 🌿 In it. I am pregnant and craving this so bad now lol. I subscribed

  13. Favourite dish as a kid!! 🙂 (Mou thimizei kalokairi,nhsi,paralia…)
    SO TALENTED!! Watch YOUR recipes videos everyday…
    Greetings and kisses from UK!!
    Mou leipei to fagito ths ELLADAS!

  14. Going along stating all the ingredients before he does on the beschamel sauce, “Nutmeg… Pepper… Salt… OLIVE OIL?!” Nice one Akis, keeping us on our toes XD definitely trying this recipe… already cooked and loved the Moussaka, Greek salad and Pastitsio! Planning on sampling all these recipes!

  15. Just a few spins on this dish, after your grill the eggplants sprinkle a bit of sumak on top of them. Then add the minced meat. Also for the cheese toping try smoked cheeses. They are a wonderful companion to eggplants.

  16. Γιαμ! Αυτό θα είναι το επόμενο πιάτο α λα Ακή που θα κάνω!


  18. I like this recipe – can you use dill instead of thyme? Love the béchamel idea is it the same sauce as pastichio? from Montreal, Canada

  19. When I was younger and vacationed in Greece I would visit my aunt and I was introduced to this dish. It was life changing. You don’t see this dish in Greek restaurants very often. Unfortunately!

  20. Hello, I like what you cook, the only thing is missing from your video is the quantities of ingredients you use. I would be great if you can mention the quantity when you address adding the ingredients. Thank you 🙂

  21. Hello Akis, thanks for sharing your Greek cooking tips I have a question plz ,, what the closest Greek cheese that similar to parmigiana reggiano , but Greek one , I only tried Greek feta and Greek goat , I wanna have idea ,thank youuu

  22. I made this Melitzanes Papoutsakia for some of my Greek friends on Sifnos one Summer. There was less pressure because i had practiced this classic aubergine dish at home after seeing this youtube film, thanks for posting Akis! Buying all the ingredients was fun, as i didn’t know the Greek for ‘parsley’ or anything else in this dish for that matter and had to bring a bilingual friend to help me. Essentially, making this dish is very similar to making the classic Greek Moussaka, but I love the Greek name and the idea each dinner guest gets two “little shoes” on their plate.

  23. Oh..mouthwatering! I never know how much Greek Foods are amazing and perfect!!
    Although i just look over several recipe but it is really mindblowing!!! Greek Foods are really PERFECT

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