Gstove Tent Wood Stove Review | Portable Heater and Cooking Kit

Today in this video I’m going to introduce you to this portable wood stove for camping. It’s called the Gstove It’s made out of stainless steel which is a little bit heavier than titanium but it holds heat a lot better Also it makes it very sturdy so you don’t have to worry about it. So we’re gonna take these handles first and flip it like this. You can see it has these legs that extend out. First you’re going to remove the four pins on each corner. Unfold the legs out and put the pins back in. Very easy. Now you’re gonna put the stove back upright. These portable snow legs make it so that you can set it up on deep snow or sand. Right here on the front of the stove we have a glass window featured. which makes it so that you can easily watch your fire burn. And it also makes a wonderful nightlight. Right here there’s a vent so you can control how much air intake there is. You can also buy an additional damper which you place at the chimney exit, if you want to control how fast the fire is burning even more. These handles also provide a very strong drying rack. So they fold out like this. As the fire is burning you can now place a cup of coffee, food that you want to keep warm, something that you want to dry out. Here in the Pacific Northwest it’s very common that a lot of the wood that you find will be very damp so you can also place pieces of wood here to dry out as you’re loading them in. Then right here we have a flat stovetop that is extremely sturdy. You can place a really heavy dutch oven here, a cast iron frying pan; it can hold a lot of weight. Then if we turn the pin here and open the door, then you’ll see that everything that you need to get set up and start is inside of the stove. So it makes it super portable and easy. Everything stores inside. You can pick it up and move it with the handles. You can see all of the chimney pipe sections are in here. They’re about 14 inches a piece. And they’re tapered so you’ll just put those together and make it the height that you need the chimney to be. We also have this rain cap here that goes on the very top. So you can have your fire burning hot even in the middle of a rainstorm. Also an additional accessory you can purchase is a spark arrestor that goes on the very top if you are worried about embers or sparks leaving. Now I’m going to set this up and get it together and get some wood burning since it’s really frosty and chilly out. Here you can see the fire is heating up and it’s starting to melt out the frozen ground in here. It’s gonna be really hot. Now you can see the fire is really roaring here. Let’s open up this vent. And get it going stronger. It also comes with this fire poker here. You can move wood around. Also included is this grate. It allows for air to get under the wood and help the fire burn hotter. It’s getting nice and hot and cozy in the tent here, so we’re gonna head out. Thanks for watching. If you want more information you can check out the description below.

56 thoughts on “Gstove Tent Wood Stove Review | Portable Heater and Cooking Kit

  1. This is as cool as it gets. The innovations and pure value for money on all the Luxe tents and accessories are off the charts. Beautiful gear – I've ordered a tent for myself after sleeping in larger Luxe Hiking Gear tent. It's got to be one of the top line of tents out there! A stove like this just adds to versatility and appeal. GREAT gear.

  2. I've heard little stoves like this work well but the burn the wood quick because they are so small. How long would it burn before you had to add more wood? Like, how often would you have to feed it if you wanted it to burn all night?

  3. The company needs to design a gallium liquid metal resivor that operates a quiet stirling hot gas fan that pulled in air and super heated the air while circulating the air. That you could put into place like the hot water maker. 😊

  4. Thanks for doing a video on this stove. Been eyeing it for awhile now. Seeing it in action clinched the deal for me so I bought one…. from you. ☺ Looking forward to putting it to use very soon.

  5. It also has a water tank on that sits on top and wraps around the flue and an over that mounts on the flue, you may have said that I'm watching with no volume. Are those two items extras?

  6. Sweet stove. Love the hot water tank option. Doesn't this stove also have an oven option that is built into the stove pipe?

  7. I have a small Kni-co I just might replace! My question is, what kind of tent are you using and did you put the pipe shield in??

  8. What’s ur opinion on using this in a Garage 16x20x14 a frame style? Ruffle 320sqft. I’m not looking to lose a lot of space for the heater so this size seems perfect if it can heat up the space?

  9. Your poker is also primarily and ash rake to allow you to clear ash from under your grate allowing greater air flow! Great Video

  10. Hello there – that is one cool unit >> the thoughtfulness – design & functionality of that stove is one of the best – if not THE VERY BEST stove I have ever seen / in my opinion – the stainless steel design & life is a keeper ; where to get & whats the costs – fire box size would be great info to throw into the vids / maybe ; luv that unit & thks for sharing – what an amazing unit & built to last – take care – kirk out

  11. Now all you need is the little wrap around water tank for the stove pipe and you can have hot water for everything. The little stove pipe oven is very nice also and to prove it i'm eating a nice piece of fresh baked bread as i type this…with lots of butter too…lol. These are very nice basic stoves but are getting near impossible to get one now that they are popular.

  12. Hi I like your video of the q wood stove at the end video I seen the fire on the side of the door was the door closed tight Or not and I was wondering if I could use this stove full time 24 /7 in a small cabin in – 20 c. All winter long ?

  13. Its to small, wish they make a full size one for a 16X20 Wall Tent. I love the way it looks and the glass window, just wish they mad a full size shove to fit 14" 16" large fire wood, not limbs

  14. We hope you like this little tent wood stove! It has a ton of unique little accessories as well, such as a chimney oven, hot water tank, pipe damper, spark arrestor and more. Feel free to leave us questions, we love talking gear!

  15. Great video I seen it on another channel. Tell your audience HOW MUCH?? USA DOLLARS INCLUDING SHIPPING. In another video the person used an extra pipe shield to prevent damage to the tent like u. You dont have one on your video aren't u scared of melting your tent chimney vent hole??

  16. Hi nice video I was wondering could I use the g stove in a cabin all winter every day 24 , 7, in the – 20s here in Canada thanks again

  17. I own my G-Stove since 14 months now – and I'll NEVER give it away again.
    It is so durble, so useful, so clever made.
    Don't regret a single Cent of this baught.

    If I'll ever feel cold in any time or anywhere in my life, it's just because I'm too lazy to set up the oven (5 minutes) and fire it up (another 5 minutes)

  18. Always turn the Volume up on your end of a Video. We can control the Volume at our end, but can't make it go louder unless you make it loud.

  19. Hey all this weight and for a wood stove,too.I can't see having all this weight,but only if I'm staying off the grid.simple is real good.

  20. Hola buen dia me gustaria saver cuanto vale una yo soy de colombia y me interesa a qui seria un buen elemento a qui no las ay estufas asi por favor si puedes con estarme en español por favor no en tiendo tu idioma a qui se venderían mucho

  21. – Approx when will you be getting a new shipment of the xl stoves in?
    – Also, can’t find any info. on site about shipping costs (from Luxe HG) inside the US. Is there any way to get a quote on shipping just these standard sets with no access. without having to go through the entire ordering process just to find out? Thanks.

  22. Well done video, very helpful in my review. I think this one convinced me that this needs to be the one I get (at least the first one) for my bell tent that I'll purchase in a few months. I live in Maine US now, but this tent will be used long term, including winter, on a farm in Nova Scotia while I build out a tiny house. Question: once you've got a good evening's worth of hot coals in the bottom, and it's loaded with some good hardwood, with vents and flue dialed down low to just keep the chill off with me in a good winter bag nearby, how many times during an 8 hour period should I expect to reload the G'stove? Thanks.

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