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– Hey dudes. I’m Hilah and today on
Hilah Cooking I’m gonna show you how to make
eyeballs that you can eat. It’s so easy you
don’t even need a recipe. Hang on just a second. See. (upbeat music) You actually do need a recipe. So I’m gonna start out, you will need one of
these spherical ice molds. This is a silicone one. I think it’s only like
five or six dollars. I’ll put a link below to Amazon
where I found this one if you want to get the same one. It works pretty good. Okay, so besides that, we’re
gonna start out with making some gelatin for the
iris part of the eye. So I’ve got just some
pure cherry juice here. I’m not going to add
any sugar to this part. I want to sprinkle in one little
packet of unflavored gelatin. Gelatin is kind of a gross name. That’s made from funny bones
but that makes it perfect for Halloween just kidding. I made that joke last year
when I did gummy worms which is another video that you
should watch if you like gross Halloween stuff. I’ll put a card up there for it. Okay, so we’re gonna let this
sit for about five minutes until the gelatin is kind of absorbed
into the juice and then we’re gonna add a quarter
cup of boiling water. We’ll just whisk it until
it’s all smooth and dissolved. It smells amazingly
like cherry Jell-O but all natural. So then into the bottom part of
the mold, I’m gonna take a straw and it helps if it’s a Halloween
themed straw that you got on sale last year the day after
Halloween at Ross and I’m gonna use this old trick, this science trick about
making a vacuum, I guess. And just pick up
a tiny little dab and put in the bottom
of each mold. And then, I’m using blueberries
as the pupil, so I’m just gonna set one blueberry down in this
little puddle of gelatin and that gelatin on the bottom is
gonna kinda hold it in place. If you can’t find blueberries
I think like small grapes cut in half would be good or you could
like go full on trick instead of treat and put like
a rock in there. Break somebody’s
tooth, Happy Halloween. Okay, cool so now they’re in
there and then I want to take a little teaspoon measure and just
put about a teaspoon in each. Each one just enough to cover the blueberry or
almost cover it. I’m gonna put this
in the fridge to set. It should take just five or 10
minutes and this left over, I’m just gonna let it
set in the cup and then once it’s set we can kind of break it up and you can
use it as as a base to display your gummy eyeballs so I’ll see
you back once this is set and we’ll add the creamy white part. It’s not jizz. Get your minds
out of the gutter. While that chills, we can
make the rest so I’ve got some coconut milk here,
just about half a cup. I’m gonna add a
little bit of sugar. This is kind of up to you. I’m gonna, I think about a
tablespoon will be good. We get enough sugar
during the holiday season. Take it a little easy plus I’m
pretty sure that real eyeballs aren’t going to be
like delicious tasting. I’m gonna add two
packets of gelatin. And if you don’t like coconut
milk I think you can probably just use like whole milk
or something, cow’s milk. We’re gonna sprinkle this in,
kind of let it plump up a little bit too and then we’ll add
another half cup of boiling water to this and mix it up. Before we pour in the coconut
milk, you want to wipe off if there’s any red gelatin that you
might have spilled, sort of on these platform areas you want to
wipe that off because it’s gonna impair the seal so it’s
all clean, it’s good. And then, just want to gently pour
this in and when using these kinds of ice molds or
gelatin molds, in this case, you want to fill up with water,
or in this case gelatin, about three quarters of
the way up the sides. It seems little
crazy how this works. I was kind of amazed but it’s
really neat and then like this top goes on, this is cool ’cause
it looks like four tits, right? And then, we’re just going to
put this on and press it all the way down and you’ll see
some of the gelatin comes up. It’s like squirting the
milk out of four alien boobs. Pretty sweet guys. And that’s it. We’re just going to put this
in the fridge for an hour or so until it’s fully set. You can leave it for
longer, of course. So, yeah, let’s do that. I’ll come back and show you
what gummy eyeballs look like. We’re ready to
serve some eyeballs. I’ve crumbled up the red gelatin
on the bottom and it’s kinda cute to serve it in a little pan like you’re frying up some
balls for breakfast. And then you will probably end
up with like a little bit of some extra gelatin,
some extra gelatin flaps. The easiest thing is just to get
a little butter knife and if you run a butter knife under hot
water first it’s even easier. Just kind of scrape it off
basically and there you go. There is an
edible gummy eyeball. Be sure to check out my video
for gummy worms, that’s great ’cause you don’t even need any
kind of special equipment or any kind of special
molds or anything. Super fun and I’ve also got a playlist of more
Halloween recipes for you. Thanks so much for watching. Hope you have a great Halloween. Don’t forget to click down here to subscribe to my
channel for more videos. Now, let’s see if I can
eat this ball all at once. (dramatic music)

71 thoughts on “Gummy Eyeballs – Halloween DIY ๐ŸŽƒ Hilah Cooking

  1. Hi, Hilah. Those funny eyeballs look yummy. You look awesome with black hair. What do you love about Halloween recipes? Have a good day, Hilah.

  2. Love this Hilah. Can't go wrong with eyeballs for halloween. I wish I had been organised enough to produce some halloween videos this year!

  3. Hilah – you are mad!! happy Halloween – not quite as big a celebration here in the UK. Maybe its because of the weather?

  4. Say, Hilah, do you think these would work out as well if I used agar? These (and the worms) would be great for a party, but I know people who won't go near meat, let alone gelatin. Cheers!

  5. Was thinking about your mold. Aren't those holes at the top also a way to pour your white gelatin mixture in? With a small funnel?

  6. Nice video, but couldn't you put the top of the mold on first before pouring in the milk? Seems like that would be easier.

  7. Dude, I wonder if these gummy eyeballs can be made into alcoholic martini eyeballs with gin instead of coconut milk and an olive instead of a blueberry…

  8. Round of applause, Hilah! From alien boobs to your dramatic death at the end…this was the best Halloween recipe video ever ๐Ÿ™‚

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  10. LoL she makes jokes about gelatin being gross and comes from crushed pigs bones and that dairy comes from cows milk yet she still cooks and eats them…. That's what I call a major disconnect and a Vegan hopeful. Hilah will soon make the connection and soon go Vegan!

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