Hair Growth Challenge I 9″ in 2 months I Healthy Food for Hair Growth I Telugu Ammayi with Eng Sub

Hi Friends, Welcome to Telugu Ammayi Your Srividya Today i will show my Hair Growth I had already done my Hair Trim 2 months ago i will show my Hair growth for 2 months How many inches it grows Which food i had taken For hair growth, what care i had taken I will share with you I had trimmed my hair on Sep 12th At that time my hair length is 37 inches i trimmed 2 inches then finally 35 inches From then to today Nov 12th I am shooting this video Now my length is 44 inches In 2 months my hair grows 9 inches Which food i had taken and hair mask i applied I had taken some precautions for my hair growth Because i want to make this Hair growth challenge video I want to show how much growth in 2 months Before seeing the video If you are seeing my channel for the first time Please subscribe and press bell icon You will receive notifications You dont miss my videos First i will tell about food I will use same oil from years Same Hair Mask i am doing same routine What i changed is Food i had added new things in my food i had added Almonds to my diet i had taken Almonds daily i use to take morning and evening also when ever i remembered i will go and eat almonds Just 2 to 3 pieces at a time Almonds also one of the reason for my hair growth I will eat boiled egg daily Egg is good source of protein Why i am telling this is responsible for my hair growth Because i am taking them daily I believe that my hair growth is because of them i am sharing you the food The food i had taken in these 2 months Mostly Almonds & Eggs Then Green leafy vegetables in my home we use to eat more green leafy vegetables I use to eat coconut also in form of coconut chutneys making sweets like Ravva laddu with coconut Coconut also useful for hair growth I had taken every food that helps in hair growth These food are responsible for my hair growth i use to take curd daily May be this also one supporting food for hair growth Then eating Sea foods like Fish These also helps in hair growth Next i will tell about Hair mask After Hair trim i had shown you hair care routine for a week i had done this video very carefully Following every thing Weekly every saturday i will keep hair mask then i will take head bath The most used hair mask is Aloevera Next one is Methi Curd Hair mask i had already uploaded a video on this I had used this hair masks that why i am sharing with you Next i used Shikakai once in every two weeks i used shikakai for head bath You all know about the hair oil My parents will prepare and sent to me i will use only that hair oil If you are seeing my video for the first time I will give important links in description You can have a look at it Regarding Hair masks, Hair Oil These are the things i used more for this 2 months I will show you my hair length now Which is 44 inches in length I wearied the same dress Which i wearied during Hair trimming So we can identify easily To show my Hair length Now i will show my hair length It almost crossed the pink Line Had you seen it Now i will measure the length with Tape After trimming my hair length is 35 inches Now my hair length is 44 inches I will show you the length See the tap its 44 inches My hair length is 44 inches I had shared what i had taken If you follow the same diet Your hair will grow fast without hair fall I think You like this video Thank You for Watching your Telugu Amayi – Telugammai

22 thoughts on “Hair Growth Challenge I 9″ in 2 months I Healthy Food for Hair Growth I Telugu Ammayi with Eng Sub

  1. Wow it hair growth friend. Nice sharing. Please try different type's of Chinese hairstyle, hair bun. Friend we are waiting for video.

  2. Daily head bath chesthe hair fall avuna srividhyagaaru. Please share any simple tips for hair growth ke chepandi

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