Hannah Gadsby & the Sally Wise Cooking School | Discover Tasmania

(Munching) Here you are, Hannah,
take some of the kale. So we’re feeding Doris, and she’s gonna feed us
later– We will never feed ourselves
with Doris, ever. (♪♪♪) HANNAH: (Narrating)
My name’s Hannah Gadsby and I’m moving back home
to Tasmania, because… food. On the mainland,
they call them “hipsters”, in Tasmania, it’s–
it’s “mom and dad”! Oh, you wanna grow
your own food, and cook it, and eat it. We’ve been doing that for years! My actual mum
was a bit busy this week to cook me a homecoming meal, but in her place,
only the best, Tasmania’s own mum, Sally Wise. SALLY:
Look, I just love to cook
all the time. HANNAH:
this is paddock to plate. SALLY:
It is, yes. I like my meat anonymous,
you see? I’m an aspiring vegetarian
as well. Aspiring,
you’re not doing very well – by the look of that–
– I’m not doing very well. We do grow a lot
of our own produce. You don’t go to the, ummm, supermarché,
right? Very rarely. Anyone can come
and learn to cook – with Sally Wise.
– Yes, they can, they can. They um, I have a website,
and the class calendar is there, and so then they email me,
and we make a booking. What are we gonna make today? We’re going to make
a special spiced pumpkin soup. – Um…
– I’ll show you. – I’ll show you.
– (Inaudible speech) Really great secret. We cook the skin up
for the chooks, nothing goes to waste. They’ve gone
forth and multipled so much that we don’t anymore
how many there are, but certainly many of them
have names, like Terry the Rooster. And then there is Jethro
with his two girls, Ellie and May. Yeah, goodness me! You are very good at this. A bit slow, I got distracted. Oh, well, you look– – With Jethro.
– Jethro. – He sounds nice.
– No, he’s not. – Terry’s nice, the rooster.
– Yeah. The other rooster, he’s nice. HANNAH:
I understand that
you’ve named your ovens. SALLY:
I have. HANNAH:
Can I– what are their names? SALLY:
My favourites are
Carmichael, which is an old wood stove
we bought from eBay, but outside, my husband built me
a huge oven that we call “Herman”. HANNAH:
In between washing up,
he built an oven. – Yes.
– What a Renaissance man! SALLY:
Tender as can be. Good job, Carmichael. Yeah. This quite a lot of food
for my homecoming, Sally Wise. You think?
This just seems normal to me. – Did you make this?
– Yes. – Did you make this?
– Yes. – Did you make this?
– Yes. – Did you make these?
– Yes. – Did you make that?
– Yes. What is it? Gravy that I promised you. Thank you. – Did you make this?
– No, you did. Yes, I did. Yeah. – It’s good?
– It’s delicious! I’m eating your pet lamb. – Mmm!
– No! Doris is delicious. SALLY:
But it’s not Doris. – Sure?
– Never would be.

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