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oops hello witches wizard and those who are yet
to receive their Hogwarts school letters welcome to my Harry Potter kitchen this
is the YouTube series where I am baking my way through the Harry Potter books
and making recipes for all of the food and drink we find inside. If you missed
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little thirsty so let’s head back into the chamber okay so let’s head back into Chapter one
the worst birthday… so not long after last week’s recipe where Harry had his
toast, the Dursleys are running through their schedule for the dinner party
that evening so they’re planning everything to the T and harry has told
them that he’ll be in his bedroom making no noise and pretending he’s not there
and then I can see our next recipe shortly after that from Uncle Vernon “I
will lead them into the lounge, introduce you, Petunia, and pour them drinks” it’s a
good thing we lined our stomachs with toast as we’re about to have a few drinks.
If you’d like to recreate these hogwarts house inspired dinner drinks then all of
the ingredients, measurements and instructions can be found on my website
bradleybakes.co.uk the link is down below in the description. So today we’re
gonna make four incredible hogwarts house inspired cocktails and the one
thing that i definitely recommend you keep in the fridge whether you’re having
a cocktail party or a dinner party is sugar syrup. It’s incredibly easy to make
but if you do it ahead of time you will save yourself an important step
when you come to entertain your guests. It is made from equal parts sugar
and water we’re gonna heat that up and then you can just keep it in the fridge
ready to use and it will add an extra element of sweetness to your cocktails
without the texture of sugar granules place your sugar and your water into a
pan on a medium heat and bring up to the boil keep on stirring it until all the
sugar has dissolved and as soon as it starts bubbling you’re good to go. Remove it from the heat and allow to cool Okay once your sugar syrup is ready I like to transfer it into a heatproof jug leave it there until it’s cooled down and then
we’ll transfer it into our bottle and this will keep in the fridge for up to a
week. Make sure it’s got a good seal on it and then you can enjoy it whenever
you need it okay we’re gonna kick things off with
our Gryffindor Campari spritz it’s nice and easy
no shaking required we just need to add the ingredients into our glass and give
it a good stir. Campari is an Italian bitter liquor and it’s really really
useful in a lot of cocktails but I like the spritz as it’s nice and light – great
in summer but you can enjoy it all year round. Fill your glass halfway with ice,
next you want to pour in your Campari Next add in your soda. Give
that a good stir and then fill the glass to the top with the rest of your ice.
Next you want to slice some orange for your garnish, use a serrated knife to
help you get a nice clean edge, slice one of the segments into the middle and this
will help you put it onto the rim of your glass. A Campari spritz is finished
off with Prosecco so pop your bottle and then fill it to the brim and it’s as
simple as that. Our Gryffindor Campari spritz is ready to lighten up your party!
Okay next up is our cocktail for slytherins and we’re gonna make a
classic margarita that is sharp and a little bit bitter like some of our
slithery friends. A margarita is made with tequila and also triple sec which
is an orange liqueur, and this is how it’s made. Place your ice into your shaker
pour your tequila over the top and add in your triple sec add optional sugar syrup if you like them
sweet. Squeeze some fresh limes and add that into your cocktail. Place your lid
on top and give it a good shake You’re looking for the top to be frosted
up and to leave a trail so you know it’s done
Cut a few wedges of lime for your garnish pour the rest of your lime juice
onto the plate use this to wet the rim of your glass then get another plate of
salt and to dip it in. Fill your glass with ice and then pour your margarita over the
top finish with your lime garnish. Okay next up is our ravenclaw Blue Lagoon cocktail which is gonna be lovely and vibrant and this one is shaken. The Blue
Lagoon cocktail is vodka based I’m also gonna add in a Blue Curacao and that is
what it’s going to give it it’s a vibrant blue color – it’s also an island
in the Caribbean! This is how you make a Blue Lagoon. Add some ice into your
shaker add in your vodka and your Blue Curacao
and then finish with lemonade pop the lid on top and then give this a
good shake oops
we’re gonna blame the gnargles for that one – that was not my fault – note to self
add the lemonade and after you’ve shaken it otherwise magic will happen – okay take
two – ice, vodka, Blue Curacao and no lemonade pop the lid on top and give it
a shake if you have a metal shaker you’ll know it’s ready when the top
frosts up and then leaves a trail when you touch it. Fill your glass with
ice and then pour the Blue Lagoon mixture up there at the top and then
finish with your lemonade and then we’re going to finish this one off with a
quick garnish of orange and cherries using a peeler try to get a nice long
strip of your orange peel keep it slow and steady to prevent it from breaking.
Weave the strip over and under a cocktail stick placing your cherries in
between and place the garnish on top of your Blue Lagoon and it’s good to go okay last but by no means least we have
Hufflepuff with the amaretto sours – now clue is in the name amaretto is going to
be the main ingredient in this one and that is a lovely almond liquor so we’re
going to have all of those nice marzipan flavors we’re also going to add egg
whites into this recipe so I pasteurized mine in a bowl over hot water just to
kill off any of the bacteria but you can also buy them pasteurized – word of
warning though if you are pregnant or elderly this one is probably not for you Let’s take it away – place your
ice into your shaker pour your amaretto liqueur over the top, squeeze some fresh
lemons and then add in the juice. Add in your pasteurized egg whites and then a
few dashes of Angostura bitters. You know the score by now pop the lid on top and
give it a very good shake now you do want to shake this slightly longer than
the other ones and you’ll notice that the liquid has changed color and it’s
gone very very pale this is going to leave you with a nice frothy top as the
bubbles start to rise place some cherries on a cocktail stick for your
garnish so your glass with ice and then pour your amaretto sours over the top finish with your cherry garnish. So there
you have it our full Hogwarts house inspired dinner party cocktails are
complete for Gryffindor we have a Campari spritz, Slytherins have the classic
margarita, Revenclaws are enjoying a Blue Lagoon and the hufflepuffs have
this super creamy amaretto sours. Whichever cocktail your
dinner party guests go for I’m sure they’ll be impressed – the hardest part is
deciding between them. I am a Gryffindor but I have a soft spot for tequila so I
think the slytherins are going to win it for me this week but let me know down
below in the comments which one of these four is your favorite cocktail. That’s
all for now but if you want to see more from my Harry Potter kitchen make sure
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alert every Monday when there is a brand new recipe. That’s all this week I’ll
see you on Monday – Cheers Oh being bad never tasted so good

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  1. Oh my god I love this video! When you added the lemonade the first time I laughed so much :') and the pregnant thing :') Love it!!
    I reckon I would have to go Ravenclaw for this, even though I am a very loyal Hufflepuff. But they all sound bloody brilliant!!

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