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What up lovely foodtubers, I hope you’re all very well on this beautiful day we’re going to make, gorgeous, Chinese style steamed mushroom buns with gorgeous steamed greens It’s vegan, it’s vegetarian It’s full of all the good stuff and really really healthy. Sound good? Let’s do it. We’re going to start with dried mushrooms, Chinese style-y Cover those with a little boiling water Let that re-hydrate for just a couple of minutes and it kind of gives like a kind of deep broth-y flavour that I absolutely love So let’s get cooking. We’ve got about 500g of chestnut mushrooms but you really could use any mushrooms you can get Mushrooms are a brilliant source of vitamin D and B I’m just gonna like literally rip them up So we’re going to start to dry fry those mushrooms then we go in with just a tablespoon of sesame oil Ginger, just a thumb sized piece, my thumb. Not your thumb, my thumb. Slice up this ginger Definitely to my vegan and vegetarian brothers and sisters You know this is vegan, this happy, happy cooking right here Carry on tossing And then I’m using coriander, we’ll have the leaves for later the storks just finely chopped, go in. Gorgeous, look at that. I’ll slice up these dried mushrooms, you can see they’re nice and soft now One little handful will make a lovely difference Here you’ve got this kind of little broth Really, really big flavour. Don’t worry about the moisture because what we want to do is cook that lovely mushroom broth away You can see it almost evaporating as we talk See the little bubbles there So here we are, been cooking for about 4 minutes So first up a little rice wine vinegar about a tablespoon Gives it a little tang and I like that, I like that a lot. and then a little seasoning with a light soya sauce Have a nice little toss up, turn the heat off. Couple of spring onions and chilli Add that to you own preference okay. So that is our filling guys and you can see this happens in pretty much in five minutes Just run your knife through it Next up let’s make these beautiful buns This recipe I’ve developed is so so simple In a bowl we’re going to go in with one tin of coconut milk, this is a beautiful measurement and I’m going to do a heaped tin of self raising wholemeal flour cause I want it to be really sort of healthy, full of goodness So the next one, regular white self raising flour. So in we go. and then we want to lightly season this dough Take a little fork, mix it around and you will make a lovely little dough It’s going to be a little bit darker than your traditional one because of the whole wheat flour but it will still be nice and light and fluffy I’m going to roll it out to an even sausage. Cut it in half. because we want to divide it into 12 So we’ve got these lovely balls, they take no time to do at all. Stuffing them is quite simple. You just take one of your little buns Just pat it, you can stretch it a bit, it’s quite forgiving In the palm of your hand you make a natural little dip, nice two heaped spoons of these gorgeous filling Goes in, it’s really simple, not technical at all just bring up the sides and pinch it Now remember you have a raising agent in here And as it cooks it will sponge up and it’ll find it’s natural, smooth, gorgeous sort of spherical shape What I quite like to do is put it into these sort of large muffin papers Okay it kind of does the job So for a couple of minutes I’m just going to do that and then we can cook them and there’s the very last gorgeous little steamed bun I have a wok here, I put about an inch of water in the bottom here, turn that onto full whack I want to get a celebration of greens going We’ve got choy sum here, what I like to do is just bend it literally around our little steamer You can put some lovely asparagus in, sprouting brocollis, purple brocollis all of these veggies are super high in vitamin C you know antioxidants, you know so good So look I’m going to put that on a high heat steam helps to save nutrients when you’re cooking veggies So those veggies, I only want to cook those for about 4 – 4 and half minutes And then those buns, 12 minutes It’s beautiful, time to serve up, I’ve got some lovely sweet chilli sauce here fresh chilli there, toasted sesame seeds, spring onions, coriander I’ve got some soy sauce here, I’ve got some hoisin, just have fun Look, ones burst open becasse it was so excited We’ve got our lovely greens, look at the colour there, just still full of life Look at this. Really beautiful It’s truly tasty and even though we’ve got the wholewheat in there it’s a little heavier but it’s still soft and fluffy which is really, really important, yum Proper sort of comfort, naughty food but it’s all, really, really healthy So guys if you want more healthy recipes Click on the link below and go to and there’s loads and laods of new healthy recipes that you can get stuck into If you like this recipe, give us a thumbs up, until next time, take care.

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  2. You've inspired me to cook by showing how easy and fun it is (though i imagine it wouldn't be as easy as it looks, with your years of practice) please keep making videos! i love them

  3. It looks so simple, healthy and delicious. Nvr thought of making a chinese bun is tat simple. will definitely give it a try, thx for sharing.

  4. One suggestion, add the sesame oil, heat it, and stir fry the ginger and pepper before tossing in the mushrooms… It will give out a better taste, at least for me.

  5. I made these and they are sooo good ! Please do more vegan recipes !!! We don't need to harm animals to get absolutely delicious meals <3

  6. No offensive, but seems what ever the culture of food you cook, Jamie, you just add a little bit of this add a little bit of that, so whats the different of flavour among all the food that you cook (no different), please learn the whole thing of everything you learned from and don't learn half of it and then add a little bit of this add a little bit of that (vinegar, ginger, coriander etc.)(why don't you add everything and anything then .!?). Food isn't as you think as that easy and seems you can make any food (of cause you can OMG LOL). But please respect food and among culture. Gordon is a good mentor mate ! Sit, watch n learn ……… And don't try to fool all the housewives if you realise your skills and levels.   Aye!!! Disappointed …

  7. I bought the steamer yesterday, and I tried it today, with your recipe. It was one of the best things I actually made! Superb, full of great flavours and asskicking with some birds eye chilli. I will try the pork Dim Sum recipe for sure!

  8. Any idea if gluten-free flour would work instead. I am a Celiac and love dim sum! As a result I have been abstaining.

  9. Thanks for the recipe!! I am a young chef still in high school and you have inspired me to change the way I eat and how I cook 🙂

  10. To rehydrate dry mushrooms I add soy sauce and teriyaki sauce in the hot water. You can try it and I swear you won't regret it.

  11. Can you steam them in a different way than in such a steamer basket? I have a very small kitchen and I cannot fit many extra tools in there haha

  12. Tried the recipe but the buns did not turn out fluffy as described in video. Quite firm and doughy tasting like steamed bread.

  13. Thanks Jamie, for the shout out to your vegan followers! 🙂 Can‘t wait to make a gluten-free version of this. Please more vegan/healthy recipes, this looks sooo good 🙂

  14. I used to eat at a restaurant that sometimes offered a lunch special of shirred eggs and baked chicken livers. I'd love to know how to make it. The owner was from Lebanon and used some sort of spice on the livers. It made a good, cheap meal.
    Almost fifty years ago!

  15. Jamie, I have loved your style and passion since seeing The Naked Chef. Today, a much older person I feel the same. These buns are as easy as you say, as delicious as you promise and so so so so good. xx

  16. Jamie, you are my cooking idol!
    I absolutely love all of your recipes and watching your videos just makes my day so much brighter. Your positivness is contagious! 🙂
    Thank you for making me even more attached to my kitchen!

    A 16 y/o fan

  17. Gorgeous!! You know why vegan cooking is happy? Because it's giving up cruelty! Not just in food but in clothing, furniture, entertainment and personal products as well.
    Thanks for this recipe!

  18. Awesome recipe jamie, but can you make another variation, because chinese vegans, they don't eat any bulbous vegetables, like onion, spring onion, chives, garlic, etc. Hope you consider my request, thanks a lot for posting recipes every now and then ^^

  19. Looks delicious! Just noticed the video recipe and the one on are different slightly. Any reason?

  20. I've recently adopted a vegan diet, prior to this I used your recipes all of the time (I own stacks of your cookbooks!). I'm so happy to see you creating vegan recipes – if they're coming from you, I know they will be delicious! Can't wait to try some of these – thanks! 🙂

  21. I made a worse version of this at school and they were delicious! I wanna make them again but better lol

  22. I can't wait to try this!  Mushrooms are great, although a lot of farmed mushrooms are grown in the dark so they don't naturally contain high amounts of vitamin D. However, they absorb Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, just like human skin, so you can leave them in the sun for 5 minutes before cooking.

    Sorry, just having a nerd moment.  🙂

  23. Bamboo steamer is a great budget version of a steel/aluminium steamer and they are so much better and so much cheaper great for folk who mentioned they have no steamer or a student Amazon is the place to go. Thank you for the recipe Jamie appreciate your effort to educate and show your love for healthy food. a great and simple way to teach my children too while they are still young 🙂 Will try this whole-wheat version!

  24. Everyone could eat better, omnivores and herbivores alike. B12 can be found in a lot of foods, oily nuts, legumes, seeds etc. Nutritional yeast as well and it tastes like parmesan. Some vegans say you can get your vitamin B6(?) from the sun outside, and some omnivores says that catsup is a veggie. Variety of food and the best sources of food you can afford/obtain seem to be the best road to take.

    Sidebar, most people are used to white flour not whole wheat. This is a recipe that can ease people into and "kick-start" healthier choices. Is it the best, eh no. Is it better, most certainly. Can you choose to make a healthier choice after making this a few times and go for no white and all wheat, absolutely.

    The mistake I always make is try and jump in the deep end when a diet and I wind up losing steam. Was vegan for 6 months, ate a scrambled eggs with cheese and salsa. Was vegetarian for a year, ate a rack of ribs. Making smaller choices over a long period of time is easier. I haven't had any soda in 5 months. I haven't had any coffee in 1 month. Started drinking green smoothies last week as a breakfast to get used to eating breakfast.

    Making this at home one night for my family could satisfy my husbands and I craving for the street food from Korea. Making any of these could be a step towards long term change and that's the reason its called a "kick-start" to make you think about what you eat all the time and try something healthier with it.

  25. Haven't seen you for such a long time… You look so grown up… Seems like not so long ago when you had your upstairs flat and made steak sandwiches on tv

  26. 香菇

  27. I've made these in the past for our vegan friends at movie night, and it was a HIT!! 🙌🏽

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