Healthy Eating for Teenagers

My name is Katy Perry and I am here today to
teach you about healthy food. Yummy donuts! Donuts are so yummy! Uh.
Oh, hi Katy. What are you doing here? I am teaching these teenagers about healthy
eating. And you Homer, are not setting a good example. And why might that be? You’re eating a donut! Donuts are unhealthy!
We need to teach these teens what kind of foods they most need!
So put that donut away and let’s begin! First up, let me tell you what the key nutrients
are for a teenager to eat! First of all, and most importantly, is calcium!
Calcium is vital for your growing bodies! Calcium helps you reach peak bone density
and helps you build strong bones for life. So where can you find calcium? Well that’s
the easy part. Calcium can be found in diary foods. Good question! What does happen when you don’t
have enough calcium? Well it will make your bones weaker. This
can lead to diseases such as osteoporosis. With osteoporosis you can get weak bones that
can break easily. This can lead to fractures, most commonly
hip fractures. So the question is, do you want this to happen
to you? If not, then you better make sure you’re
having enough calcium in your diet, and just remember, diary products give you
calcium! What else is important? Iron! What is iron?
Iron can be found in red meat! What is red meat? Let’s find out! Mmmmmmm, that looks nice! And those foods
are important to you! What happens if you don’t have enough iron?
Well, you can get anaemia. The best place to find iron is in red meats,
such as those. Well those foods are the most important for
a teenager like you, but there are other important foods too. These include foods that contain protein,
and carbohydrates. You don’t need so much of these but it’s a good
idea to monitor how much of those you eat too! Well now that I have taught you what foods
are best for your growing bodies, I hope you will all take my advice, and make
sure you are eating right! Goodbye!

26 thoughts on “Healthy Eating for Teenagers

  1. katy perry teaching about nutrition is probably the stupidest thing i have ever heard, and please thestupid voices that they have?? it sounds like a stupid pathetic piece of trash

  2. Hey! that was acctually an awesome video! And right now I'm talking about the content. not te voice,katy perry,homer simpson or donuts! Thanks 🙂

  3. Came back here after remembering when they showed this at school one time, even the teacher thought that this was horrifying.

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