Healthy Fast Food Making At Home

how to create a healthy fast food menu for home fast food is quick and easy but most of it really is not that healthy make your own fast food at home it won’t be quite as fast but it can be many times healthier make a list of the tasty fast food that you normally order when you want to eat out like burgers and fries with the sugary shorter drinks or milkshakes fish and chips curry and fried food such as samosas or onion bhaji hot dogs pisa remove the burger and fries option burger and fries does not have to be a fat sugar an empty calorie experience it can be a truly satisfying and tasty and it has plenty of nutrition rain windy fast food meals prefer healthier oils oversaturated trying fetch or solid fats a recent study stated that olive and sunflower oils are good oils that do not appear to be implicated in heart disease try to avoid deep-frying choose visible based burgers instead of meat once add lots of solid ingredients including sprouts tomatoes lettuce etc selected whole meal or whole grain buns over white buns make a low sugar or sugar free ketchup for the burger and plenty of solid filling to the burger choose a thin wholemeal pizza base try to make a whole meal base using whole wheat spelt or other holes in floor in place of white floor reduce the amount of cheese used by at least half or use low-fat cheese use vegetable toppings instead of meat toppings don’t have it garlic bread but do you have with plenty of fresh salad create fried chicken with healthy oils and shallow frying instead of deep-frying fry and shallow oil using a healthy oil like olive oil or sunflower oil eat with plenty of salad or steamed tables consider making onion rings rather than frying them do you like definites change to watermelon definite to reduce the fat content try different ways of putting together the fast food meals at home keep notes of which work best and what sorts of substitutes you and your family like most build on your experiences attempt them once a week until you get them perfect always favored fast food that are filled with the nutrients and the towards simple get children involved in making homemade fast foods teach them that cooking is easier than getting checkouts thank you for watching this video like and share for more details about food please subscribe you

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