Healthy Food for Healthy Brain

WHO recommends children’s daily food intake to include fruits, dairy, grains, protein and 400 grams of vegetables. In Performing Life Bolivia There are two groups of children who participate in our Social Circus Program: one in the morning and another one in the afternoon. They start with a Socio-Educational Program where they study and do their homework with the help of our staff and volunteers. This is Doña Nati the local cook who cooks the children’s meals. At the end of the day provide the children who participates in our Social Circus Program a hot healthy meal to gain all the nutrients they need such as dairy, meat, and vegetables. I cook… lentils soup, vegetable soup, quinoa soup, soup with meat, peanut soup I use a lot of vegetables and meat With more money I could cook a lot more vegetables and also some more meat more bananas, mandarin, papaya… More fruit in general! Children eating here with us is very important because sometimes they don’t have at their homes food to eat because… maybe their parents are not at home, they go to work, and there’s no one who feed them. And here we feed them well, it’s the better for them And I hope there will never be lack of food here. Our centers are located in Montenegro and Buenavista, where the impoverished neighborhoods of Cochabamba lie. The children live in unfavorable conditions with no pipe and sewage systems, in one room houses with their entire family. The children often do not receive enough nutrients in the food they eat at home. Therefore we want to be able to give them those nutrients here at the centers. Having better nutrition increases students’ brain function and their performance in school. With your help we can provide the children healthy food filled with nutrients and the children will have full energy to practice circus and study for school.

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