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Hola, soy Caro y hoy estoy en casa de mi tia Chava. Si no lo sabías soy colombiana, Y hoy vamos a hacer una comida muy saludable con sabor colombiano. Deliciosa pero saludable para todos, así que espero que la disfruten. Ok, vamos a preparar nuestro almuerzo. Today I want to share with you a healthy meal with Colombian flavor. We are gonna make salmon, and we are gonna season with sea salt to taste, paprika, oregano and lemon juice if you like. Take it to the refrigerator for 30 minutes while it marinates. We are gonna make two cups of brown rice for 6 people. We need extra virgin olive oil. Scallions How do we call this recipe in Spanish Chava. Arroz con perejil which means rice with parsley. As we are making two cups of rice, we will need three cups of water total. Rinse the rice until the water is transparent. The water is boiling, we can add the rice. and we are gonna add a pinch of salt to it. Set it the stove to low heat. Brown rice lacks the flavor and texture of white rice. That’s the difference with white rice.
We like the texture and flavor of white rice better, but brown rice offers all the nutritional value, so we prefer to eat brown rice. It’s healthier and the way to go. Ok, so I’m gonna get rid of the edges. This should be enough for 6 people. We are gonna boil them for 3 minutes. Pro tip: don’t cover any of your greens while boiling them if you want to keep them looking green. The green beans are ready, so let’s add some cold water immediately. To keep them from cooking more. Next, we are gonna sauté the garlic with some olive oil, then we will add it to green beans. That’s not all, Colombians also add salads to every meal. It doesn’t matter if we have no money, we will have a complete meal hahaha. As you can see, we only have jars in the refrigerator, empty jars hahahaha. This is what a Latino refrigerator looks like, it’s full of empty jars. This is a simple spring mix salad. add, red onions, cherry tomatoes and that’s it, on to the dressing. 4 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil. Balsamic vinegar, 1 tbsp dijon mustard. It is a fast, healthy, tasty and easy meal. Queremos que pruebes la receta, que la compartas con tus amigos y tu familia. Si te gustó el video, danos un like, no olvides suscribirte, sígueme en Instagram, Facebook, Twitter como @KeepItCaro. Nos vemos la próxima vez, gracias por ver el video.

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