Healthy Food Hacks – Hack It: EP50

In this episode, I’m going to show you how easy it is to eat healthy with some simple hacks. Now if you like a creamy tomato sauce, try replacing the cream with some hummus instead! It’s a much healthier version. All you need is some tomato base, and some hummus! Mix it up how you like it. There’s no recipe for it. It’s totally up to you, how creamy you want your sauce to be. Oh my god, I’m salivating. Cause I really love hummus. Mmm! It’s so good. This is actually better than a normal cream tomato sauce base. If you were to tell me that this has hummus in it, I would never have known. It’s lower in calories and saturated fat. Which is fantastic Can’t go wrong there. I’m totally down for healthy food all the time. Steaming vegetables is always a healthy option. Now I’m going to teach you a hack to just cook it in just a minute. Lightly season the broccoli with some salt. So we’re gonna do it – what’s his name? – salt bae! So let’s just do like he does. How’s that? I know it’s all over the floor now. I’m sure. And now, I’ve got to empty all the salt from this bowl. You don’t need any water, I’m just going to cover my broccoli leaving a little bit of a gap and I’m going to put it in the microwave for around a minute. Now for the test. Mmm! I can smell the broccoli aroma. Maybe is a little bit too hot to eat right now. Okay Oh it’s damn kiam (salty)! Oh my god I put too much salt. Oh it’s friggin’ salty. Clearly I’ve got carried away with the bloody salt bae shit. But it tastes damn nice! It’s like the perfect texture. Not too soft, not too hard. Easy way to cook them, takes just a minute and it’s super healthy! You can also do this with other vegetables like carrots or whatever. Just be careful with the salt okay. Don’t do the salt bae thing that’s ridiculous. It was like licking the armpit of an athlete Damn salty. But anyway you get the drift right? Yes, ding! Now if you love pasta but you want to cut down on the carbs here’s a healthy option. You can actually make noodles out of zucchini! Now all you need is a spiralizer. It’s kind of like a pencil sharpener Wow look at this! Healthy noodles! Okay! We have all the zucchini noodles right here. You just need a little bit of garlic and some oil. Let it soften up a little bit. Tadah! Look at how nice that looks! Now you can put any sauce you like on there I’m going to put a bolognese sauce and what is pasta without a bit of parmesan huh? Look at that! Amazing. Decorate the plate a bit. All right and there we have it! Doesn’t that look super nice? Mmm! That’s very cheesy. The noodles are kind of crunchy (you hear that?) With the normal pasta it feels a lot heavier. The zucchini pasta is a lot lighter and juicier. and it’s a lot less calories. In my opinion, it tastes great! People out there you may think differently, but I just really like healthy stuffs, so I would definitely go for zucchini pasta, rather than a normal pasta. Now we all love to eat potato chips right? But it’s really unhealthy for you. So an alternative, is to make you own beetroot chips! I absolutely love beetroot. I actually really love this whole episode. ’cause it’s all my favourite things. But anyway, all I’m going to do is I’m going to slice my beetroot. Next, take off the excess juice. Ahh! Smells so good. Yummy yummy yummy beetroot in our tummies Lightly drizzle some oil. Spread it all over the beetroot. Okay, and put it on my baking paper Okay, now we just bake it in the oven Set to a hundred and eighty degrees celcius. For about 10 to 15 minutes. Until they are a bit brown. Everyone’s oven is different so it’s best to monitor Meanwhile, I’m going to do a bit of talking. I just realised how pink the lipstick is! What the hell! I was going for a more natural look I didn’t know until they took a picture of me. And my lips are damn pink. Looks like a baboon’s bum. But anyway, we are ready. Smells good! Make sure they cool down before transferring it into a bowl, so that it becomes nice and crispy. Hear the crunch? Yeah! Yummy! It’s much better to cook this at home. It doesn’t have all the MSG and fats and whatever. All that jazz. This tastes a lot more natural. And it’s super healthy and tasty! And you can put any seasoning you want on there! Bonus. Everybody loves pizza! So I’m going to teach you how to make a crust using cauliflower! Much healthier guys! Cheh neh neh neh. Really really simple. All you need is a food processor Kinda looks like chopped garlic. So now I’m just going to put it in the microwave for about… 5 minutes on high so that it cooks. The next step is, I need to dry the cauliflowers It’s bloody hot! So please be careful when doing this. Now, put some mozzarella, parmesan , crack an egg and put it in This is making kinda like a nice little dough. Put some seasoning in there, some salt and pepper This pizza crust is really good ’cause it’s gluten free. So for all of those people out there that can’t take gluten, this is a good recipe for you guys. And then the next thing I’m going to do is I’m gonna flatten it out to make my pizza crust. About 5mm thickness. And that is ready to bake! I’m going to put this in the oven at 220°C for about… 20 minutes. Alright! I’ve got my pizza base all nice and crispy! Looks great! Next thing you want to do, is make a pizza! Alright, that looks good. Put that in the oven for further 5-10 minutes and Boom! A cauliflower crust pizza. Doesn’t that look good? And it smells delicious! Urgh! It’s really- It’s really hot! Anyway, tastes really good! You can’t taste that the base is any different really. It’s healthy gluten-free Once again! Boomz and viola! We’ve come to the end of yet another episode. Thank you so much for watching. 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100 thoughts on “Healthy Food Hacks – Hack It: EP50

  1. Would the cauliflower crust work without the cheese? Can cut out much calories, maybe use hummus as subs. Hope it will….."Voila n boom!" 😂

  2. Is it just me or does no one notice that every food related hack there will most likely be a hack where it's supposed to put in the oven / microwave and when Rebecca do this hacks she will always most likely immediately bite into the food and she will be like "AHHHH ITS HOT!!" or something like that it's like she never learns her lesson not spreading hate or anything just saying random stuff 😅

  3. Recipe for a diy pizza:
    Cauliflower dough (crust)
    Cheese (cheese)
    Parmesan (also cheese)
    Mix the cheeses
    Microwave cheese for 10 sec
    Put on pizza
    Cut up the zucchini in small chunks
    Put on pizza
    Make the beetroot chips ("peperoni")
    Bake till it's juicy
    Add peppers
    Eat. 😛😁☺( *¯ ³¯*)♡😊👍✨

  4. Eat – hurt – Repeat

    She never learns from her mistakes 😆😆😆 eats hot food and gets hurt … does it again

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