– [Child] Whizzaroo! – Hey guys, what are you doing? – Well, we were gonna make a smoothie. – But we don’t have a banana. – Hey, I know, we can
go to the grocery store. – [Guy] Yeah. – Hey guys, we’re gonna show you how to shop for healthy food. – Hurry back! I can’t wait to have a smoothie! (suspenseful music) – Okay, sis, we made it to the store. Guess what? We made it to the store. – Time to do some shopping. – But wait, Joy, I’ll be right back. – I’ll go ahead and start shopping. I found some bananas. – Oh, cool, they have scooter parking. – [Guy] Wow. – Okay, bro, let’s find some vegetables. – [Guy] Yeah. – It looks like we’re
in the right section. – Hey, cauliflower. Now that’s the vegetable. – I would like to try
this yummy salad kit. – I just love, love the toy section. – Look, some onions and they’re organic. – There goes the riding chair. – Garlic, mm. – Those roller skates are cool. I love these eggs. It’s okay, little baby egg. – Sweet potatoes are
my favorite vegetable. What’s your favorite vegetable? Comment down below. – Look at the unicorn. – Wow, there’s some nuts. – What kind would you like, Scooter? – Brazil nuts. (playful music) – Look at this cute yellow honeydew. I love fruit. – Okay, bro, do we have
everything we need? – Let’s head home. – Wait a minute! This toy looks real! – (gasping) Sparkle! I’ve been looking for you. – I was looking at toys. – Well, I did the shopping. Let’s go home. Our next car should have a bigger trunk. – Welcome back guys. – Hey, Chuck E. – Come on, guys, let’s make this smoothie. First, I’m gonna add some fruit. – I can’t wait, this is going to be yummy. – I’m gonna add in some spinach. – Add some more fruit, Joy. – I love fruit. – Scooter, will you pass me that banana? The banana is going to
be our final ingredient. – [Guy] What? – I’ll put on the top. Here you go, Bird. – Let’s blend this baby up. (blender whirring) – That looks amazing, guys. – Bon appetit. – [Sparkle] For more awesome
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