Now we’re going to prepare the avocado for
our guacamole. Picking the right avocado is very important. I used to go to the store
and squeeze the avocado and try to find one that was really soft. Then, my best friend
from Jamaica -they know their fruits and vegetables there- she told me I was picking the wrong
avocado because it was too soft. You want a little bit of firmness in your avocado.
Also, I like to wash my avocado with vegetable spray before I cut it, because when you realize
that the knife is going through the avocado and the skin, if there are any pesticides,
if it is not organic, then you could have pesticides or dirt going through the avocado.
We are going to cut through, and you know an avocado has that gigantic pit. You can
take this pit and actually grow it in a jar in your kitchen, and then you can grow your
own organic avocados. We are just going to cut around the pit, and then we’ll chop it
up and add it to our bowl.

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