25 thoughts on “Healthy Food Tips & Clean Beauty Products | January Favorites

  1. Gurl…..Love Love Love!!!! You look fabulous as always. The first product is delicious as well as the jar of yumminess. Can't wait to try the rest!!!

  2. I love Skincare Sundays. Thank you for sharing!

    I'd be interested in a skin rescue-type video. I recall you had some Snaps not too long ago about how you treat skin flare-ups that result from allergic reactions, so I'm curious what your go-tos are when it comes to dealing with skin that is freaking out.

    Also, great job on the editing of this video. I heard you say on Snapchat that you do it yourself, and I'm really impressed by the timing and cuts. I spend way too much time watching skincare reviews on YouTube, and one of my frustrations is when a video is too long and is full of inane digressions. I appreciate how snappy and punchy your videos are.

  3. What a great line up of everyday products the mascaras & creamy laminators look amazing , oh and the blue lotus sounds so lovely. It’s great to see your amazing calming energy come through on your videos .. cheers girl ✨🦋✨

  4. I'm super intrigued by the mascara. I don't wear much makeup but know all of it needs to be switched to non toxic.

  5. Yay! I’ve been using Honest Beauty mascara and some of their other products for a couple of years now. I’m so happy that you approve. Would you happen to know if Bare Minerals is ok ? I switched from Mac to Bare minerals several years ago. I really love their foundation called Bare Skin. Thank you for sharing .

  6. I forgot to mention , if you haven’t tried Spindrift yet , you should. It’s so yummy ! It’s flavored sparkling water with just 3 ingredients. You can find it at Trader Joe’s and at Target now.

  7. I always look forward to your videos every Sunday!! I literally just bought 5 of these items, I can't wait to try it! I totally trust your review/opinion on products. I would love to see a video on how to do the "7 layer" with the CSM Rose Aloe Witch toner you always talk about on snap chat. Also, what are some other all natural organic facial cleansers to use in combination with the (AMAZING) CSM Renew cleanser. Thank you again!! Much love xo #snapfam

  8. Lol, wablam..! I love ya, chick. Thank you for all of the cherished information. I'm loving four sigmatic everything, I can't wait to try the beauty blend. Hugs. #snapfam

  9. Loved the video! I have been wanting to try Young Living’s new makeup line, but I am a big fan of tarte and honest beauty! Also the reverse serum is my ride or die serum. It’s so perfect and has transformed my skin! #snapfam

  10. Love all the information you provide so much!!! Can you recommend products for lines around lips? Any info about wrinkles is always helpful!! Thank you! Melissa E.

  11. There are times I think I find good clean products , but the one that stands out is the alcohol. I noticed that some list2 different types of alcohols . Is that ok ? #snapfam

  12. #Snapfam fan right here! I have been loving the Four Sigmatic brand since being introduced to it by you. Very convenient and amazingly delicious, so with that praise I will be looking into this beauty blend! Within this same topic, but in no rush, would you consider doing a video on the benefits of a range of mushrooms? I’ve been researching myself, but I would love for more people to know!!

  13. Love the 2018 goal for non toxic makeup! I’m loving the champagne coloured highlighter!! Definitely going to look into this brand! Amazing January fav video 💜💜💜 #snapfam

  14. Great video! Using organic castor oil on my eyelashes helps them grow naturally without using the harmful chemically based products and it's great for dry eyes. I use it at night 🙂

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