Healthy School Lunch Ideas For Picky Eaters (Family Meal Prep)

– Packing lunches. This could be a point
of constraint for many, especially if you have a picky
family member on your hands. But you know how important
it is to empower your family to make healthy choices
and I want to help you with some of my favorite
tips on family meal prep and healthy school lunch
ideas for picky eaters. Before we get started, I
have a free resource for you in the description below
but I encourage you to watch my video: Balanced
Diet Tips for Kids, How to Help Your Kids Eat Healthy. (gentle music) So it comes down to education. Kids are more receptive than
we give them credit for. If we can take the time
to educate our kids about the effects of sugar, rather than telling them
no without an explanation, then they are more inclined and empowered to make healthier choices. Like, for example, when
I speak to kids’ groups, I like to bring food items
to actually show them, and ask them, which one would they choose and what’s the healthier option? My favorite example is an
orange versus orange juice. I never want to see any child
ever drink an orange juice. It is loaded with sugar
but an orange, yeah, I’m not worried about an orange,
but when I teach kids this, I teach them why the orange is healthy and the orange juice is not. I teach them about the fiber, I teach them about the sugar content, I teach them about over processing and that way, they now have the knowledge to make that choice for themself. So in my years of doing
this and working with kids, what I’ve noticed, a couple
of tips for you parents, is to let their child have
a choice of what to buy at the grocery store, as
far as healthy kid items. So we’re talking about, ask them, what kind of protein would you like? Would you like pepperoni? Would you like lunch meat? What protein would you like? If they feel like they have
a choice in the whole matter, they’re gonna be so much
more receptive to this. Also, let your kids
help you make the item, make the food, make the lunch,
get them involved in it. They’re gonna take ownership of it if they’ve had a hand in making it. So just a few ideas for you,
we’re talking bacon, eggs, avocado with some salt sprinkled on top. Code Red crepes with almond
butter and sugar-free syrup. Chia pudding, nuts, seeds, sausage snacks, vegetables, dips; guys,
there’s a ton of ideas here and you remember: our idea
is to eliminate the sugar. We want the sugar out of your kid’s life so they don’t come and see me in 15 years. And if you are stumped for ideas, guys, make sure you pick up
the Code Red cookbook; over 240 recipes plus an index with a special section just for your kids. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again because I can’t stress this enough: this isn’t about restricting
or shaming you or your family. It’s about empowering you with
the tools and the knowledge you need as a parent to take
control of your family’s health so that you can all live a full life, full of energy, hope and healing. If that sounds like
something that you want and you would love to join a
community of Code Red families, click on my free resource down below. If you liked this video,
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I come out with a new video. But listen to me, I wanna hear from you, and I love hearing about your kids! So comment below and tell me, what is your child’s
favorite Code Red meal? Tell me what their
favorite Code Red food is and I’ll see you on the next video. (gentle music)

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