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hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session of Be Fit, Be Cool campaign by AAPI American Association of Physicians of Indian
origin today we’re going to talk about eating
out can be healthier so for that first i’m going to show you
a street-food a simple sandwich what I had in gujarat and this is eating out
can be very healthy but depends on the item you choose for example if I want to
have a chicken in a restaurant I would never choose a fried chicken I would rather pick a tandoori chicken; how can tandoori chicken be a healthy concept because you know when
they grill the chicken the additional fat whatever is there comes
off but what they do is they bast it with oil so I tell the chef that please
do not bast with oil but what I do to make it even more
healthier is to accompany i usually order a garlic naan or a plain naan but
never a butter naan, that way I get a fat free naan of course there is some oil
that they add while making the go but still much healthier than needing a
button on and i have a tandoori chicken which has not been basted with oil but the good amount of moisture I get
it because usually these things that are accompanied with onions and a cucumber and lime and also with mint chutney which doesn’t have oil so when you make these kinds of
combinations when you eat out you can eat healthy and also choosing
the right kind of soup you know the thinner soups like the consommes or broths or other clear soup thinner soups can be
much healthier because there is no added amount of cream or butter into it and
they have nice extracted nutrients into it so dear friends what you choose matter
when you eat out so today I’m going to show you this
sandwich which i find it very healthy so they make a very simple sandwich what they do is, they use this; this is a street sandwich what I’m saying this is actually the boiled beetroot that has been thinly sliced and
also they put the thin slices of boiled potato ok and other vegetables like tomato the freshly sliced tomato cucumber and
they often grate carrot look at this now if you see they’re nice colors you
know kind of a purplish beetroot, red from tomato, white from the cucumber and they grate in some carrot ok when they grate the carrot, they grate it a lot ok now they also put some nice mint chutney on this which is spicy and juicy also so spread it on one of the slices ok but they don’t add butter or anything
but what they do is they put cheese but the way they add cheese there’s going to be very little cheese
first thing is he’ll you know give the action as if he’s grating but there is
going to be very thin layer of cheese on top of this just a little bit for the eye appeal but truly not much cheese that’s it very little cheese and this is optional
and even sometimes I prefer tomato ketchup but i always keep telling you
there is sugar in it so add very little ketchup ok that’s it just to give them a little bit of
sweetness now you got the green nice spicy mint chutney and all the
vegetables in it that’s it how can this be unhealthy so dear friends street foods also can be healthy so I’m just going to just I tend to always when I make it home i
never remove the edges but you know lot of people they prefer it without the
edges of this bread but if the bread is very fresh it is always I prefer to have the edges
on and now you are very simple healthy rainbow-colored sandwich is all ready
today I’ve got a my son on the show say hello buddy hello you know I make sure that he
gets one hour of exercise he keeps complaining that other parents
are not sending the children during the weekdays but I tell him one hour exercise is a must and he also plays tennis so good and we’re going to both of us
are going to enjoy this healthy sandwich so how do we celebrate when they finish
their exams not buy bottled drinks or buy chips buy healthy food so once you teach them when they’re young that good celebration occasions or anything goodness has to be with healthy
food by the time they grow up they will not
touch even the soft drinks anything because me I don’t drink soft drinks at all only
once in a year or sometimes maybe but I try and avoid as a principal and they
put a lot of ketchup here this is not for only for photography we’re not going to touch it but these
things you know are the papads which are microwave not fried huh you can enjoy but the drink what you are going to drink is only water Ok enjoy, dear friends both of us love real
good food, we really enjoy healthy food at home and the color yellow is the
color of our team Be Fit. Be Cool, keep watching but always remember eat wise be fit be
cool see you in another session till then bye-bye. Khuda Hafiz. wow..this is good, isn’t it yeah yeah

95 thoughts on “Healthy Street Food Sandwich – Be Fit Be Cool AAPI – VahRehVah

  1. Thanks for sharing .Your son is so lucky to have a father like you who makes such a healthy & yummy dishes for him ! 🙂

  2. not healthy at all! biggest FAIL healthy recipe! just by adding vegetables doesnt make a sandwhich healthy, dear chef. i love your other unhealthy recipes, but this one…sorry to say, it is NOT healthy.(white bread, ketchup, cheese = can all be substituted for healthier alternatives)

  3. Ever Since i watched the Vahchef Mr.Sanjay, I have become an ardent fan of his preparations more than that he is such an awesome presenter without any cosmetism in it, Keep up the good work Sanjay i really appreciate the message for the kids you gave , Extremely nicest thing that no other celebrity chefs has done so far, hats off to you.. , I need your personal email if you can share it with me. Thanks and Regards, Mirza

  4. Sorry for being a spoilsport, but white bread is not at all healthy. Not even whole wheat is healthy. Still, interesting sandwich that I'm eager to try out.

  5. VAHCHEF is always good and he is showing wonderful and easy way to cook….his many videos are usefull…keep it up sir….do many videos

  6. You are my favorite chef !! I love your recipes and I admire, you teaching him to celebrate with healthy food. I follow the same funda. I have a 10 years old boy. I showed this to my son also. He was happy to see your son.

  7. Chef you are grt8 and I like yr cooking I have made some dishes that you have showed good work God Bless be Bless like to see you smiling

  8. Being a great fan of yours for many years,i must say this,conceiving a cooked food item with an uncooked item is not at all healthy ,eating together cooked and uncooked creates the concept of incompatible food combinations,In Ayurveda its is called "virudh aahar"…
    Foods may be incompatible because they create a negative reaction in the body, generate additional water in the body (called kleda) that can lead to skin conditions, block the body’s channels, contribute to heart disease or simply lead to indigestion.So please avoid the mixture of boiled vegetables with raw vegetables in your recipes,

    Vinu Nair

  9. Thanks for the easiest way of making sadwiches.Like our cheff it is always better to avoid soft drinks.If you feel like, you may take a fresh fruit juice, that too the. one from your home only.

  10. Very true we can definitely programmed our mind for healthy ….rather than fat food,drink……grt presentation:-)

  11. Big fan of U… love your cooking…. 😃 but in Sri Lanka we don't get most of your ingredients… most of the times I wont be able to cook… 😢 other than that its awesome…

  12. lol I saw healthy in the title, ad I was excited to see healthy indian food … but that did not come through.. 
    this is a white bread + potato both strach
    BEat root and carrot both sugary
    Cheese  all fat 
    2 slice of cucumber 

    so to sum it up this sandwich is 80% carbs, 19% fiber and 1% protein if that…

     I would not call that healthy

    Healthy would be much higher amount of fiber and protein

  13. If I have to try any recipe I see many videos but finally end up making the recipe shown by Vahchef 🙂 . Bcoz its simple , easy ingredients , simple method and tasty too.

  14. I'm a big fan of your cooking Sir. You have a very nice way of teaching and showing how to cook delicious recipes. Thank you so much. I have learnt  a lot of recipes from you. And you have a very cute family.

  15. Hello Chef, I really like your recipes, they are so easy to prepare and my family loves them. Thank You and May God Bless You.

  16. I love everything you speak alongwith showing us the recipe! Thank you for your recipes and health related information 🙂

  17. Chef
    I just can't stop admiring you and your videos. You are so talented. I feel blessed to have a channel like this on YouTube. Please upload more such videos.

  18. I love your videos..i learn so much….in Trinidad and Tobago our Pakodi are made with Dasheen leaves…and we dip the vegetables in a batter. It is called Saheena..and Pholourie and Baiganee.. It is eaten with mango Chutney or tamarind chutney. However…besan is not used.. Ground toor dal is used. Is there a vast difference? Or is the Trinidad Indian way just a variety?

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