13 thoughts on “Home Alone with my Dog at the Log Cabin, ASMR Tapping Trees, Off Grid Refrigeration

  1. I live in South Africa, what I see here is you are building a little piece of heaven, food to restore your soul, such peacefulness around you is hard fought for all over the world, to keep that peacefulness is hard work. I am really amazed when watching these videos, thank you

  2. The comments expressed from the 31 minute marker to the end are quite interesting and recalled to my mind what I read today in Ecclesiastes chapter 2 (the Bible for those not familiar)… do check out all 26 verses in the second chapter to get the overall context but especially from verse 18 to the end (and understand that spiritual things are spiritually discerned)… based on what was said from 31:00 and Ecclesiastes 2, I am reminded that the source of true peace and joy does not come from people and things that we make with our hands, but God. A man who walks with God in obedience is at peace with God and with his neighbor.

  3. Ich bin begeistert von dem was ich sehe. Es wäre schön, wenn ich das auch verstehen könnte, mit deutschen Untertiteln. Danke

  4. Now I really don't know about your personal life but I do have to say that from what I can see, you have a very understanding wife. There are wives who don't want their husbands to do his thing. They prefer the husband to stay with them and spend with them and such. Some wives get jealous if the husband is away and not being with the wife most of the time.

  5. Hello Shawn I'm a carpenter by trade and I've started watching your videos and I want to thank you for helping me find the joy in my job again……..I've gotten into that day to day mundane feeling and really just going through the movements , but since following your videos like I said i found why I became a carpenter to begin with , I'm making something with my hands from scratch and I take great pride in the work I do …….so thank you for the inspiration. Keep up the good work and be safe and healthy out there …….

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