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-I’m Farideh, and I
am over here in the MUNCHIES test kitchen
for “The Cooking Show.” Ah, cue applause! Everyone, we have a live
studio audience as always, with Virginia and Amanda. So, today, we are making
Boston cream doughnuts. What we’re gonna do
is make the dough. What you need is
a stand mixer. So, we are gonna heat up
this evaporated milk. We’re just heating it up
to a gentle 115 degrees or so, and it’s just about there. I’ve got some sugar, here —
just plain old white sugar. I think it’s, like,
a 1/2 a cup or so. We’re adding in our yeast —
two packets of active dry yeast. Add the evaporated milk. Gently fluffer it up. We’re activating
the yeast. There we go. Now, we wait. Wait. Wait. ♪ Wait for it to rise ♪ ♪ And now,
we wait, wait, wait ♪ [ Sighs ]
Anyways… I’m gonna separate
these eggs, because we need
three egg yolks in this recipe, and then,
one whole egg. And you’re gonna save
these whites, because, if you’re like me, you can
make scrambled egg whites. And I made the best scrambled
egg whites ever this morning. I put in a lot of cheese. Oh, fuck! [ Laughs ] It’s fine,
because it didn’t break, but that literally was the
dumbest thing I’ve ever done. Into that bowl it goes. What an idiot.
What an egg. I’m an egg. We’re using bread flour
in this. We’ve got just a little bit
of salt in there, some vanilla. I’ll just add that
over there. So, the yeast has risen. -The Yeaster Rabbit! Good one, Peter.
Good one. He has risen.
Get it? -We’re gonna add
everything on in. We’ve got 4 cups
of bread flour. We’re gonna add
the butter right in, and the eggs,
the vanilla, and the yolks. ♪♪ So, that looks good.
So, see how it’s just started climbing up the hook? We’re gonna knead it by hand
just for, like, a minute. I’m gonna add just a little
bit of bench flour, here. So, we’re just gonna
lightly knead it. I don’t want to overknead it,
right now, but I do want to add
a little bit of flour into it, just because
it is so sticky. See? And already,
just that little bit of flour. Look at that —
nice and smooth, supple. People say,
when it’s elastic, and the dough springs back
lightly when it’s touched. Watch.
See how it springs? Okay. We’re gonna put this
somewhere to rise for about —
a warm place — about an hour
and a half, okay? While that’s happening,
we can make the custard. I think the hardest part
of developing this recipe was getting
the custard right. So, I added in
a lot more milk to it, just to get it
a little bit looser, a little bit creamier,
and everything. So, we’ve got sugar
in this guy. We’ve got some cornstarch. I think it’s about a 1/4 cup
of cornstarch. You’re separating,
like, seven yolks, so you’re gonna
have seven whites at the end of this recipe.
Save them. You could —
You don’t have to just, like, scramble them up,
and make egg whites. Egg whites freeze
really well. So, you can save them,
make meringues, make Pavlova. I’m just gonna
whisk this together. It’s gonna be a little bit
lumpy and stuff, right here. That is totally fine. Now, I’ve got to add my milk —
whole milk, we’re using. I’m gonna turn it on,
like, medium. And you’re just gonna
whisk this continuously to avoid any lumps. The idea is that
the cornstarch is gonna thicken
this up really nicely. In this one,
it’s 2 1/4 cup milk, so it’s a little bit thinner
and nicer. It’s gonna be silkier
when it is inside the doughnut. I don’t know how they do get the custard for, like,
at the chains. I got one of those,
and, like, I was, like, trying to, like,
see — like, do a comparison. Theirs is so —
It’s different. It’s, like, it’s fake. This is real.
This is real, okay? So, our milk is all added. We’re just gonna wait,
and stir constantly, until it gets thickened.
It happens pretty fast. I’m doing it over medium,
medium-high. This is what we mean
when we say “thick.” Turning the heat off, I’m gonna
add a little bit of vanilla, and I’m gonna add a few
tablespoons of unsalted butter. They’re gonna
melt right in. And then, this has to be
cooled down completely. So, this is why
it’s good to make this right after
you make the dough — ’cause by the time
you make your doughnuts, and you fry your doughnuts,
and this is already made, it’ll be cooled down enough
to fill the inside. There’s a reason why we
do things the way we do them, in the order we do them.
That is looking good. I’m gonna strain it. Do as little at a time, And it goes through
the strainer really easily. Then, we’re gonna put Glad wrap
directly on the surface, so you don’t get
any of that custard skin. It’s in there. But first, we’re gonna have
a BLT break — best sandwich
in the world. You’re not gonna use this,
I hope, but I’m gonna eat
a sandwich. Mmm.
That’s a good sandwich. Look at our dough. This has been about an hour,
hour and a half, until it’s doubled
in size, like this. Wow.
This is so beautiful. Oh, my God. Ah!
Ooh! So, let me get
a little bit of flour. We’re just gonna
roll this into about a
12 to 14-inch circle. So, just gonna be a little bit
gentle, lightly floured, stick your rolling pin. Come here, Peter.
Come here. Touch my dough. -Mm.
-Right? It feels good, right?
-It is nice. -Virginia, you want to
touch my dough? -It’s nice.
-Yeah, it’s really good. -Ah. God, it feels good. Got our nice,
smooth dough, here, about a 14-inch circle,
1/2 inch thick. We’re gonna cut out
3-inch circles. You can do them
any size you want. Just notice,
you’re kind of going down, and twisting slightly, but you don’t want to, like,
twist it around too, too much, And you can kind of
pull them out as you go, too. Gently put them on a parchment
paper-lined baking sheet. So, I’m getting about
14 doughnuts out of this. Now, these get covered
with cling film, and they’re gonna sit
for about 30 minutes. They just need to rise
one last time, and then,
they’ll be good to fry. Our oil is to temp —
350 degrees. Our doughnuts have risen.
You can see. They’re nice and fluffier. It’s been about
half an hour or so, sometimes faster
if you’re in a very hot place. We’re gonna fry these. The cool thing about
Boston cream doughnuts is that they were based
off of the Boston cream pie. Not a pie, actually a cake. It was invented
at the Parker House Hotel in Boston
by an Armenian-French chef. And the Boston cream doughnuts became the doughnut of the state
in around 2003. Don’t quote me on that one,
but that’s when I think it was. I love Boston cream doughnuts.
They’re just good. They’re like — Some people
like jelly-filled doughnuts. I hate jelly-filled doughnuts. Okay. These are
gonna flip over. Getting a nice,
golden color. So, about 2 to 3 minutes.
Now, you’re gonna see that there’s gonna be, like,
kind of like a line around them from where they flip over.
That’s okay. That’s, like,
totally standard practice. So, these are pretty much
almost done. So, again, even, like,
as they bake, it’s popping up so much. So, it’s risen once for, like,
an hour, twice right here, and now, it’s, like, puffing up
more, and rising even more. They’re just so beautiful. These might be
the best doughnuts I’ve ever made,
right here. If you ever get in trouble
with the cops, this is how you win them over —
this recipe, okay? Here we are. We’re gonna let these cool
completely. Then, we’re gonna come back,
and we’re gonna fill them with our custard. Our doughnuts are fried.
Our custard is ready. We can now fill
our doughnuts. And then, we’re gonna
make the glaze, and glaze our doughnuts. Custard is gonna go
into the piping bag. You could use a ziplock bag,
or something, if you don’t have
one of these. These are really great
to have, though, also. So, to fill it, we’re just
going to open up, like that. And if you have a quart
container, use one of these. You probably get a lot
of takeout in it. Alright.
Perfect. Then, we’re you’re just gonna
snip the bottom, make it,
like, a 1/2 inch big. Now, the trick to filling your
doughnuts is having a skewer. We’re gonna go right in here,
just like that. And then, I’m gonna
wiggle it in there, making, like, a little, a little cavity,
a little entryway. I’m gonna do it to all
the doughnuts, just like this. Wiggle it on in. Ta-da. Just like this. Wiggle it on in. Ta-da. Just like this. Wiggle it on in, Ta-da. Wiggle it on in. Ta-da. Wiggle it on in. Wiggle it on in.
Ta-da. Wiggle it on in.
Wiggle it on in. Wiggle it on in. Take our tip,
and stick it in. [ Laughs ] Just the tip. And you’re gonna squeeze. You can feel it
filling up, and then, it comes right up
to the edge. And that’s it.
It’s full. So, stick your tip in,
just the — This is literal sex. [ Laughs ] Never thought about that
until just now. Just like that. This is literally
a cream pie. This actually is what
you’re fucking doing. I can’t wait for
the commenters. Aye, aye, aye. This is, like, NSFW. Is this what actual
food porn is? ♪♪ There we go. Our doughnuts are filled. And now, we’re going
to make our glaze, and just glaze our doughnuts,
and we’re basically done. Look how easy that was. What we’re gonna need to do
for this guy is just create
a double boiler. So, I’m just filling this up
with a little bit of water, putting a glass bowl over it. We are going to
make our glaze. So, glaze is really easy. It’s a bit of chocolate. I think I used semi-sweet. Teeny bit of salt,
just because salt brings out the flavor of the chocolate
a little bit more. About 1/4 cup of milk
in here, a little bit of butter,
some vanilla. This is —
Once this all melts, we’ll add
the confectioner’s sugar in. Mix it until smooth. The reason why we’re doing this
in a double boiler is just because there’s butter
in the chocolate in there. I don’t want the chocolate
to burn on the bottom. And also, I’m gonna keep the
glaze warm while I dip in here. So, now, we’re gonna add in
our confectioner’s sugar. It’s gonna be
the perfect texture for a glaze. It’s time to glaze
our doughnuts. Let’s get glaze-y. That was a bad joke. I’m just gonna, like,
pick the nicer side, so, and then,
dip it in the glaze. You can see some of it
squirting out a little bit. That’s fine. Just gonna kind of
wiggle it in there. Right on out. Perfect. ♪♪ Boston cream doughnuts. We don’t do sprinkles, okay? ♪♪ Now, the ultimate question is —
breakfast or dessert? This is a breakfast food,
for sure. Okay?
Not dessert, Peter, not dessert. I have chocolate for breakfast
quite a lot. I’m gonna eat one now.
Which one am I gonna eat? This one. Mmm. A lot of cream in there,
a lot of glaze. I love that the glaze,
it kind of crackles on top. Mmm.
So creamy, chocolaty, good. Get the recipe. Click the link
in the description below. Make them. Enjoy them.
Eat them. Have fun with your life. You’re gonna like it! ♪♪ ♪♪

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