Hong Kong Street Food Tour — Roasted Meat and Amazing Dai Pai Dong Experience!

– They’re kinda similar to shrimp, but a little bit, or
quite a bit different. I’m gonna need to just reach
in with my fingers here. Oh, here we go. Alright, I think that’s a good
piece, I’ll eat that there. It’s everything you want in
a good Chinese restaurant. (lively instrumental music) Good morning everyone, it’s Mark Wiens with migrationology.com in Hong Kong, just took the metro to Tin
Hau Station this morning, and actually, I really
wanted to go this coffee shop street food stall called Bing Kee which is right in this
area, and I went there last time I was in Hong
Kong, it’s a great place, but unfortunately, they
are closed on vacation, so we are heading over
to a different place to have some roast meat. (upbeat electronic music) (people speaking in foreign language) – Good morning, sir.
– Good morning. Yeah, for here, for here. Char siu. And pork. Roast pork. One pigeon. One pigeon. Made it to this restaurant,
and it is called Kwan Yu, and this is a definite meat paradise. You are met at the entrance
with just a cabinet, a glass cabinet that’s
filled, fully stocked, with an assortment of different
roast and braised meats, there’s chicken, there’s
duck, or maybe that’s goose, there’s roast pork, there’s char siu, all things delicious meat are
within that front cabinet. And they do have a dining room in the back where you can take a seat
and eat, but they also, it seems a lot of people
come here for takeaway, get a Styrofoam box full of meat to go. I got one plate of rice
topped with both char siu, and how could I resist that roast pork, they literally have the entire
carcass, rib length of pork, roasted, and that golden, bubbly skin, that is just irresistible, so
I had to get some char siu, which is the Chinese barbecue pork, plus the roast pork over rice, and then, also, I really
wanted to have a pigeon, so I had to get a pigeon. Let me grab a pair of chopsticks. He very expertly chose the meat and then sliced it up expertly, the char siu is on the bottom, and look at that roast
pork, that looks ridiculous, all over rice, there’s a
splash of sauce on the bottom. Let me just go for a piece
of the char siu first. That was actually a very
lean piece of char siu. Not too fatty. Mm! And what’s actually really good about that is it’s not too sweet. Sometimes char siu can be a
little bit too sweet for me, this one is more on the salty side, with just a little bit of
balance of that sweet glaze. Mm! Oh, it’s really good. Has a really nice salty smokiness. Wow, okay, on contrary to that char siu, which was pretty lean,
this is like pure fat. I think that whole part is fat, and then a piece of meat at the bottom, but look at that crust
of skin, and that color. Wow, that is fatty. But that just melts in your mouth, until you get to that skin,
which is just like, pure, pure, ultimate crispiness. That has to be balanced
with a bite of rice. And maybe I should balance
it with a piece of vegetable. I think it’s choy sum. Mm. Has a little bit of a bitterness to it. Really good. I’m gonna make my way
over to the pigeon now, and I don’t think this is
roasted, I think it’s braised. Maybe soy sauce braised? I think so. And I have to begin with that little wing, that little drum right there. Look at the dark color of that meat, and how succulent it is. And in fact, I’m just
gonna tear that guy off, and get the whole drum in my first bite. Oh! That is like a really,
really succulent meat, mm! The skin? Yeah, it’s definitely not roasted, but it has almost like
a sweet honey glaze, is what it tastes like, and
then that meat underneath, it’s like dark meat, but
it’s very, very lean, and very, very succulent. Oh, that’s so good. Next up, this is more of the
the breast piece, I think? Oh, yeah. That actually tastes like liver! Oh, it’s so lean, and just so pure, and it has a little of a mushy texture, similar to the liver, and a little bit of an iron-y taste to it. Mm. All of the meats here
are really, really good, but on this plate, the char
siu is definitely my favorite, and normally, I would
prefer the roast pork, because the char siu can be kind of sweet, but the char siu here is excellent, and then, I think just
enough the piece we got of the roast pork is a little
bit on the extreme fatty side, it’s a little too fatty for me, or the ratio is a little
on the fatty side, but the char siu in particular here is just absolutely fantastic. When you come here, you
have to get some char siu. But actually, my absolute
favorite thing here is the pigeon. This pigeon is just insanely good. I think this is the wing
with a little bit of the breast part. And I love pigeon, how the,
the skin is really good, but the actual meat is
really, really lean. Okay, that’s not gonna
break, I’m just gonna have to bite it. This is an amazing place to
eat your fill of roast meat when you come to Hong
Kong, and the staff here, the owners are really nice as well, so if you’re looking for some
delicious meats in Hong Kong, this is a great place. Thank you very much, thank you. (Mark laughs) That was a delicious meat
experience in Hong Kong, and I just have to emphasize
that one more time, char siu is not always my favorite, but their char siu was fantastic. But I think my absolute
favorite thing was that pigeon. You have to have a pigeon
when you come here. We’re going back to the
subway and back to Central. (upbeat electronic music) We made it to Central
Station, took exit D2, and on our way to go
eat at a dai pai dong. One of the great things about Hong Kong is that it’s so hilly, and
so it gives you a chance to get some exercise just walking
to the next restaurant. (waitress speaking foreign language) A dai pai dong is a registered, licensed cooked food stall in Hong Kong, and oftentimes, they
are street food stalls, or even at market stalls that serve food, but, one of the things about Hong Kong is that they used to be very popular, but now, a lot of the dai pai dongs, because they run within the
family, have started to faze out as Hong Kong has become
more and more modern, but there are still some
street food gems in Hong Kong, this being one of them,
and I am excited to be here for lunch. This dai pai dong is called Sing Kee, and it’s one of the most
legendary dai pai dongs in Hong Kong. What I love so much about
this is the atmosphere. You’re sitting like, we’re
right at Central in Hong Kong surrounded by malls and
fancy, modern shopping centers and buildings, but then
right within this alley, there are some street food
stalls, and you come here, people are hanging out,
people are relaxing, it’s really a throwback
to traditional Hong Kong, and they have a full menu of different mostly stir-fried dishes and some soups, and I just ordered a
couple of different dishes, I am ready to eat for lunch, this is my kind of an environment. Oh, thank you! I was just standing
here watching him cook, and he was cooking our
sweet and sour pork, and he just gave me a taste
of it, right out of the wok. Okay, it’s so hot, I gotta. Oh, that’s hot! At first, I thought you just
wanted me to take a photo. – Aw!
– But then you, like, held it out, and you’re just
like, “Take it, take it!” We ordered a couple of different dishes including sweet and sour pork ribs, and then also ordered chicken
fried with green onions and lots and lots of ginger,
and then also some clams stir fried in black bean sauce. Already tasted this, because while I went to go film him cooking,
he was cooking this, and he gave me a piece
right out of the, literally, right out of the wok, and
right out of the spatula, but I’ll taste another piece. It’s crispy and deep fried, and
inside is pretty fatty pork, but it’s sweet and sour,
it is a little bit sweet, but it’s balanced with sourness, and you can just taste
how he cooked it so fresh. And that needs to be followed with rice. Mm! The clams just came to
our table right now, so I’m gonna try them while
they’re hot and fresh. Clams stir-fried with black bean sauce, there’s some chilies in
here, and some onions. I will just grab that top guy right there, filled with sauce. Oh, that is awesome. Oh, those are just bites of joy! And the black bean sauce has
a wonderful slightly, like, well, salty, but like a
preserved taste, and then, it is a little bit spicy
from those green chilies. And you can also really
taste the breath of the wok, which is called wok hei,
which is the smokiness that only comes as a result
of stir frying something on a very high heat. And then finally, this
is stir fried chicken with lots and lots of green onions, and what I love is that
they’re just full, like, mashed chunks of ginger in here as well. But let me try a piece of chicken first. That’s my kind of a dish. It has a wonderful charred flavor to it, and then with a brown gravy sauce, and you can really taste
the ginger as well, as well as the green onions. Ginger, mm! A little bit of a spiciness to it, too! And that is salty. That definitely needs
to be eaten with rice. I’m gonna go for this clam down here. And there are some sliced up
red chilies in here as well. Oh, that is just covered
in sauce, and chilies. Oh, that’s so good. Mm, and they do taste really fresh, and just the way they cooked
them, and this atmosphere, I love this place. I’m down to my final clam, and I promise I didn’t plan to put
two clams in one shell, I just found it like
that, I just kept eating, and this was at the bottom
of the stack, a double. Look at this beauty and
look at all those toppings. Okay, I did add the toppings on top, but I promise I didn’t add the clam to the other side of the shell. I’m just gonna go ahead and
slurp this entire thing. This is the best dish, for sure. Oh, that is so good. But I also really like the
chicken with the ginger. Not only is the food good here, it’s a little bit oily and salty as well, and that’s partly why it tastes so good, but what’s such great
about this dai pai dong is that ambiance, how you’re
right in Central Hong Kong surrounded by skyrise buildings,
and then within the alley, it’s just a totally different world. Anti is tallying up our bill right now. Okay, total price comes to 169. (upbeat electronic music) We are heading back to the
hotel for a little while this afternoon. It’s hard to believe that
this trip around the world for food with Star
Alliance is almost over, tomorrow, Ying and I fly from Hong Kong back to Bangkok back home, and, yeah, it has been an amazing trip,
but this is our final dinner, and I was just trying to look around for places to eat in Hong
Kong, and I ran into a blog, it’s called strippedpixel.com,
and his name is Paul, and he gave me some inspiration
to go to a restaurant, it’s a little ways from here,
we’re gonna take the subway, might take about 30 minutes,
maybe 45 minutes to get there, but it looks like a food mission
that I do not want to miss, and as a traveling food lover, there’s nothing better
than taking a food mission. Right now, we’re at Admiralty Station, and we’re gonna go all
the way up to Fo Tan. (upbeat electronic music) Made it to Kowloon Tong
Station, and now transferring to the east rail line, which
is the light blue line. The light blue line is actually a railway, and so we’re waiting for the train now, this food mission is only
building my anticipation for dinner tonight. That took exactly 32 minutes
to get to Fo Tan Station, and it should just be a short walk to get to the restaurant from here. In the train, we passed
through a mountain, and we are in a valley
now, mountains surrounding and still skyscrapers,
but it’s very quiet. We took a little walk
through the lush greenery and emerged into an apartment community, this is called the Wo Che Estate, and it’s like a little mini city. We are getting really
close, I can feel it. And I’m getting my first
glimpse of the place, it’s right here, we made it. It’s called Chan Kun
Kee, and this is a huge, open-aired dai pai dong-style restaurant, and they’ve only just
opened for the evening, so that’s why it’s not packed yet, but they must have at
least 100 tables in here, some of them huge round
tables that can accommodate 20 people at a table, and
there are a couple of tbales where they are already feasting. Ah, but there are, I’m sure
within an hour from now, it’s just gonna be packed out. Normally at this restaurant,
they have a pad of paper and a pen, and you write down your order, but since I don’t know Cantonese and I can’t write Cantonese,
the good news this, they do have a picture menu with some of their signature dishes, so I’m just gonna try to go
find someone and tell them, and ask them to kindly
write down our order for us. Service is a little bit tricky here, but that is a sign of a great restaurant, I’m not who is working
here, who is serving, or who is eating here, but anyway, the lady who is serving
beer, she was very kind, and she helped me to write
down the dishes I wanted, and now we gave it to
someone, and hopefully, our order is being processed. Gonna pour some of this
tea into the basin. Oh yeah, that’s hot. Rinse these up, and then… You wanna make sure to rinse everything, the spoons, the bowls. And even the entirety of them. Another thing that I need to
point out at this restaurant is that on all the tables,
they have a piece of plastic, and, because they have
fans which are blowing throughout this entire restaurant, and there’s lots of air movement, in order to keep the… Thank you. In order to keep the plastic
tablecloths from blowing away, I think they wet the tables
and then just set them down, so the tablecloths are half flapping, but it works pretty well! The first dish has come out,
and I think they’re just gonna kinda bring dish by dish,
so I’m not gonna wait for everything to arrive,
I’m gonna get started eating. The first dish is drunken
chicken, and I got 1/2 a chicken, and immediately, as she brought this over, you could smell the, I
think it’s rice wine, that it is prepared in,
and there is a whole set of quail eggs, I think, on the side, and this is a beautiful
chicken served in a metal bowl within a wooden vessel. And you know it’s a good chicken when there’s still a feather
on the skin over here. I’m gonna take this piece right from here. Oh, look at that. Ah, that’s beautiful. The layers of that is amazing! Oh, wow! Look at all those layers of chicken! And then the skin on the
top, you can see how the skin will actually just peel
right off of that meat. Mm, wow, okay. Oh, that is amazing! It’s served cold! And then that texture of the chicken. It’s chewy, it’s a little bit chewy, and it has that country
yard bird texture to it. Oh, that’s awesome. And then, although it has a
very strong aroma of liquor, it doesn’t have a much
strong taste of liquor, but you can definitely taste a little bit, mostly just like a fragrance. It’s perfectly salty,
and just that amazing muscular texture of the chicken. You do have to be careful of
biting into little bone shards, because how they’ve
chopped up the chicken, so sometimes, there’s a little
piece of bone in your bite. The next dish that has
come is a fried fish, and I think it’s a barramundi, and you just have to check
this out, the eyeball. It must’ve been fried on such a hot fire, within such hot oil, that
the eyeball just popped out like a piece of popcorn. I might need my spoon for this. Oh, wow, that is very soft. And yeah, I think it’s a barramundi fish, and then it’s just topped
in a bunch of gravy sauce with green onions, and
I think that’s ginger. Mm! Oh yeah! That is ginger. Oh, the fish is good. Crispy on the outside, and
kinda fleshy on the inside. A little bit salty, a little bit oily, and then with that nice taste of little, of crushed ginger all over
it, as well as green onions. For their system, as
they bring out the dish, they bring out the dish one-by-one, but as they bring out the dish, then you have their dishes
that you wrote down, and they check it off to
confirm that you got it, so we’re still waiting on one more dish, but the third dish has arrived. These are mantis prawns, and these are, they’re kinda similar to
shrimp, but a little bit, or quite a bit different, and I think, yeah, they have a pretty
hard outer shell, so, I’m gonna need to just reach
in with my fingers here. And… Maybe I’ll pluck off that,
pull off that head first. Oh wow, and what’s under, oh, okay, I see. Actually, come take a look at this. Looks like they are
braised in a chili sauce, and then there’s pieces of
tofu on the bottom here. Oh, let me eat one of those
pieces of tofu right now so I can taste that sauce. Oh, it just looks like
it’s purely absorbed all of those juices down there. Oh, and I can smell cumin too! Wow! Oh, that is delicious. Oh, that’s like hot chili oil below there. When I bit into that piece of tofu, the chili oil just exploded
and hit the back of my throat! Okay now back to the mantis prawn. It kinda looks like a centipede, like a cross between a
centipede and a shrimp. Oh, there we go. Pull off that whole, oh
no, I broke him in 1/2! Okay, let me eat that. Mm! It’s similar to shrimp,
but with a little bit of a crabby flavor as well. And maybe has like a little
more of like a fishy taste than shrimp. I’m honestly not sure what is
the easiest way to peel these. Alright, I think that’s a good
piece, I’ll eat that there. That really kinda tastes like a cross between crab and shrimp. Yeah, it’s kinda stringy, like crab, but then it has the taste of shrimp, but with a little bit of a sweeter, kind of more softer texture. That’s a hot bowl of rice. And finally, this is
the last dish I ordered, and I didn’t actually have
any idea what this is, but I just saw it on the
menu, on the picture menu, and because of all these chilies, that was enough to make me
order it, and it has come, and it is just as pretty
as I thought it would be, and I think it’s actually
fish, slices of fish down here, there are just loads of
dried chilies in here, I think this is Siamese cardamom, you can smell the Sichuan pepper in here, you can smell the ginger. I’m glad I decided to order this, and I had no idea what it
was, but I saw the picture right up there, it’s right
above where I’m sitting, and so I had to order it. I’ll start with this piece of fish here. Oh yes. That is as good as I had hoped for. Mm! Oh, that fish has an
amazing silky texture to it, and then there’s so many
dried chilies in here, you can really taste the cumin, and also, you can really
taste the, maybe ginger, and so many spices going on in here. What is this, kind of a nut or spice, yeah, there’s a lot going
on, and it is creating just a medley of delicious spiciness. I didn’t even realize,
the restaurant is full! When we came, it was almost
empty, now it’s packed, there’s not even an empty table. Okay, back to the fish. Oh, and you do have to
be careful of bones. There are bones, lots of them. Let me fish this guy out. Oh, I’m so happy I ordered this dish. Eat that with rice, that’s amazing. Let me try one of those dried chilies. Oh yeah. And I think it’s a little spicy, but it might kick in in a little bit, in a few seconds from now. And then on the bottom,
there’s some pickled, I think preserved mustard
greens, as well as bean sprouts. I’m also really loving
the drunken chicken. And you can see some of these pieces, the skin has just started to like… Gelatinize, because of its cold, yeah, look at that gelatin right there. That’s like cold chicken gelatin. Oh, and that piece from the bottom, you can definitely
taste the alcohol in it. Mm, it’s really, really good, though. The texture of the chicken
is so wonderfully chewy. What? Oh, hello, Ying! Wow, was that good! And the restaurant is
just packed right now. I think you have to walk your
bill up to the front to pay. Wow, wow, wee-wah! Okay, we found the line
where you pay for your food. Ying is at the cashier now paying, and I am just absolutely
marveling at this restaurant. It is so huge, there
must be like 1,000 people eating right here, and
it’s busy, it’s chaotic, it’s everything you want in
a good Chinese restaurant. So I’m glad we got here
early to get a table, and we are now out of here, but that was an unbelievably-memorable
dining experience in Hong Kong. It is just insane how
they’re able to serve so many people at one time,
and maintain the quality of the food, and they
have it down to a system. Alright, now walking back
through the apartment complex, back to the train
station, mission complete! We walked back over to
the railroad station, that was one of the meal experiences that is worth traveling for. The food was good, the
atmosphere was just pure, exciting Hong Kong, and yeah,
I absolutely loved that, I’m gonna say that was an ultra successful mission accomplished, for food tonight. Oh, and it was worth every
minute on the subway to get here. I would say that this restaurant, it would be really helpful
if you could come here if you had a local with you
who could speak Cantonese, I didn’t really know what
I was doing to order, I just had to choose off of the pictures, but as I was walking
around the restaurant, I saw lots of people had ordered
many, many different dishes that all looked
incredible, and if you knew how to order them, that
would be even the upper hand, but anyway, it’s a fantastic restaurant, it’s worth the trip out here,
we’re gonna head back now to Hong Kong island, so
I’m gonna end the video for today right now,
thank you all very much for watching today’s video,
it’s been a fantastic food day in Hong Kong, and please
remember to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, make sure you click subscribe
for lots more food videos, and I will see you on the next video, thank you again for watching.

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