How Food Companies Keep Us Fat – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

we are all bombarded by advertising on a
daily basis and the goal of the advertising is to convince us that we
have a need that isn’t being filled that this company can fill hello everyone
welcome to Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet I’m Violet I’m a
psychologist I work out of Montreal Canada and the reason I make these
videos is to help people to understand that your mental health and physical
health come together to create your overall sense of well-being we buy the
latest cellphone latest car the latest fashion and the question is why do we do
that well we need to feel like we fit in we need to feel like we’re part of the
crowd like we’re cool like we’re part of the group or at least that’s what
advertisers push us to believe and the problem isn’t that advertisers are
trying to teach us that is that we’re actually learning it you know I remember
my daughter’s I think third birthday or second birthday killing myself to get a
tickle-me-elmo and and I was a successful I did get one
of those Tickle Me Elmo’s I could flip around on the floor and laugh and then
get up by itself and she played with it for probably a month but we get pulled
into this story that if we don’t have the latest thing the most fashionable
thing the coolest thing for our kids somehow we’re not doing what we’re
supposed to do now the problem that I have because you know I really don’t
mind having an old cellphone but it is kind of nice to have the newer one just
because it tends to work better but the problem that I have is what happens when
the advertising that we’re talking about is creating a circle that starts with
what we eat but ends in poor health because the circle is pushing us towards
certain bad behaviors that lead us to a cascade of other bad behaviors that lead
us to a cascade of need that lead us to poor health what happens when that’s
what’s happening well unfortunately I see this happening
and it’s happening to children so it’s happening to younger and younger people
and they don’t have the ability to understand why they shouldn’t want these
things that they’re being told they should want but it also happens to us
adults and we should know better and yet clearly we don’t I’m talking about the
need that has been created for sugary foods and unhealthy oils these two
products or types of products lead to poor health I want to point out and if
you’re if if anybody actually pays attention to this I want you to comment
below if you’ve noticed this trend because there’s a trend that I have
noticed I don’t watch television very often I watch television when I go to my
parents place or when I go to my brother’s place other than that I really
don’t watch television but what I have noticed is that when I do go to my
brother’s place on my parents place and I’m watching TV it is rare that I see a
commercial for a vegetable or a piece of meat most of the commercials for food
that I see are about cereals about bread about snacks and candies and if I do see
a commercial for a vegetable so nice not for it if I do see a commercial that has
a vegetable or a piece of meat in it it’s actually a commercial for a grocery
store I cannot tell you on any the last time I saw or if I’ve ever seen a
commercial that was just advertising vegetable when you see a commercial for
a restaurant it’s usually a fast-food restaurant and again if I do see a
commercial where there was a nice-looking piece of meat in a high-end
restaurant you’re talking about for every one of those commercials
I would probably see like 17 or 18 fast food restaurant commercials what’s
happening here when we do shop at the grocery store the other thing that we
noticed is that the bulk of the grocery store is processed food
so of course if we do our little trip around the edge of the grocery store a
hundred percent you’re gonna find fresh vegetables you’re gonna find fresh meats
but that doesn’t even take up the complete exterior of the grocery store
so think about this if you actually pay attention to your grocery store you’re
going to have when you enter usually it’s at near the front
it starts off on one side vegetables and and then meats nearer to the back if you
say the perimeter is three sides of a cube you can probably get to the one
side and then maybe a quarter and then the rest of it becomes either frozen
foods and processed foods again you also okay along the back you will have the
cheeses and then and the milk but like I said it’s not even the full perimeter
what’s happening there the bulk of the store is processed fruits ice cream and
frozen stuff along the edges frozen pizzas for the the middle of the store
is all of the dried goods but again processed foods most of our grocery
stores most of our advertising and oh by the way at the front of the grocery
store when you’re at the checkout all of the candy and things that our children
are gonna want to eat but they shouldn’t be eating right at the cash as you’re
leaving no I’m not gonna lie things that I would have wanted to eat when I was
two or three years ago right at the cash when you’re leaving the chocolate bars
and and other unhealthy foods that we shouldn’t be eating what’s happening
there it’s marketing its strategy put the carbee foods in our face put make
sure that the majority of the store is carbee foods that we will feel compelled
to eat and make sure that the carbee foods are the foods that are unspecial
what’s happening here okay so the first thing I’m trying to help people to see
is that the majority of the food that does go on special quote-unquote so we
get discounts on the foods that are unhealthy for us we get discounts on the
foods that are gonna cause us to gain weight
most process foods are high in carbohydrates well
what’s the next part of this chain that I feel like I’m seeing well the next
part of the chain is the need for diet foods and workout gyms so diet foods and
gyms are about losing weight so we push the foods that cause us to gain weight
to turn around and sell foods that are aimed at weight loss and my first
question to you wouldn’t be wouldn’t it have been easier to just not eat the
foods that would cause us to gain weight in the first but that’s not what’s push
let’s be clear when was the last time that meat was unspecial and and I don’t
just mean a few cents off I mean unspecial the way that cereal goes one
special unspecial the way that you can get bread two-for-one when was the last
time that you saw meat or vegetables on that type of a special doesn’t happen
very often unless they’re close to spoiling so unless the store doesn’t
want to have to throw the food away we can’t get it on special the healthy food
and then for most people when you look at a food that looks like it’s on its
last legs well I’d rather pay full price for the healthy stuff though because I
know I’m not gonna be able to eat all of that I digress that’s just me
perhaps we push foods that cause us to gain weight and then turn around and
push foods that are meant to help us lose weight we push fruit that cause us
to gain weight and then turn round and push gyms where we’re supposed to
workout to lose weight and the foods that they push for weight loss
unfortunately sometimes when you look at the ingredients unfortunately sometimes
when you look at the carb count are not actually going to help us to lose weight
now let’s talk about that for a moment why would a company sell you a weight
loss food that’s not going to help you to lose weight the example I’ll give you
our sugar free candies that have for example Malta tall in them
well maltitol creates the same reaction for our insulin as a regular candy would
what’s the point then of eating the sugar free candy
these are labeled sugar-free but are still high in carbohydrates so labeled
sugar-free as if they’re good for you on a weight-loss journey as if they’re good
for you on a diabetic even journey which could be really really dangerous for
someone who’s diabetic and yet they have other types of sugar added to them so on
the label you’ll see things like corn syrup on the label you’ll see things
like words ending in Oz so when we have glucose fructose galactose those are
just other words for sugar so we’ll see chemical names for sugar we’ll see so
again you have to ask yourself if these products are supposed to help us to lose
weight if these products are supposed to help us manage our diabetes then why
would they have sugar or sugar substitutes that still cause us to react
like sugar in them I’m not sure I don’t have an answer for this I’m just
pointing out to you that if I eat something that’s gonna have the same
reaction as sugar then my body will behave as if I ate sugar which means
that it will store energy that’s coming in and if my body is storing energy
that’s coming in it stores it as fat and so therefore even though this thing is
claiming to be sugar free or low carb or it’s claiming to have not not low-carb
but claiming to be low in calories if it’s still high in carb or reacts the
same in my body as sugar I still end up storing and so therefore I don’t lose
any weight and so therefore am I now in a loop of eating these foods that are
supposed to help me to lose weight but yet not losing and oftentimes I believe
that this is the frustration at least people T lose their interest in losing
weight so this is these are the processes that help people to give up on
their weight loss journey because the things that they’re eating that are
supposed to help them to lose weight are not working but these are also the
things that help people to be in a process of eating these foods over and
over so I keep them in this effort to lose weight but
yet I’m not losing weight now the crude companies in this particular case
because these are usually food companies are marketing to us that because we’re
overweight we need these foods and yet they don’t seem to be doing what they’re
supposed to do okay but then we move forward further in this process because
of course if I don’t end up losing the weight I might end up in the story where
now I have a need for medication because I’ve actually gotten to the point where
I didn’t lose the weight I continued to have insulin reactions to the food I was
eating and now maybe I’m diabetic I continued to have increased metabolic
issues maybe I have a heart issue maybe so now I went through the situation
where I’m being proposed medications to solve the issues that I’ve been having
with food and it’s not just about the metabolic issues sometimes before we get
there there are companies that market to us medications towards diminishing your
weight so for example diet pills so for example certain supplements that are
towards weight loss so for example medical interventions that are towards
weight loss all of these things that are marketed towards us as options if we
haven’t been able to use food to lose weight but remember loose use food to
lose weight but we’re starting with the foods that are pushed towards us are the
foods that cause us to gain the diet foods that are pushed towards us often
don’t help so now we’re at medications and interventions that are medical okay
I want everyone to understand that priorities need to be set so what that
means is when you have money in your hand there needs to be decision as to
where the money is going to go and for example when I’m buying food I can take
a decision that my money goes towards buying healthy food or I can take a
decision that some of that money is going towards buying unhealthy food now
if I take the decision that some of that money is going towards buying unhealthy
food and then I eat it I am taking a decision that I will be
somewhat unhealthy now that could mean I gain weight that could mean I have
metabolic issues that could mean a multitude of things I need to understand
that we need to set priorities if I don’t set my priorities other people
will so if I don’t set my priorities the food companies will set the priority if
I don’t set my priorities the weight-loss industry will set my
priorities if I don’t set my priorities medic the doctors will set my priorities
because if I don’t set my priorities from the out goal of what kind of food
I’m eating and I follow what they put on special I’m pushing myself towards
carbee foods if I don’t set my priorities and say I’m willing to spend
more and buy the foods that are healthy but not on special and I eat these foods
that are on special even though they seem like a cost-effective purchase
they’re not purchasing the foods that might cost a bit more but fuel my body
better take me further in one fueling and fuel my body better is a better
choice for me because when I choose low carb healthy foods vegetables and and
and meats then I’m actually going to be able to go further with that food then
if I ate a box of ate some cereal or ate some bread or ice cream or any of these
other foods over here that are processed I will need to eat more of them because
that’s part of the point right they want you to buy them so you become addicted
to them so you eat more of them so you eat more of them so you eat more of them
that’s why these foods don’t go in special these ones do they need you to
be eating them if I don’t set my priority and choose healthy food the
food companies choose the priority for me and they put unhealthy foods in front
of me and then if I don’t set my priority and choose healthy food they
will then set another priority of weight loss through their products and if I
don’t if I continue to allow companies to set my priorities I end up
on this path towards medication and possibly towards surgery or possibly
towards living a diabetic life living a cardiovascular Li compromised life
living with medical issues it’s really important for you to set your own
priorities if you don’t set your priorities someone else will set them
for you make sure that you’re the one setting your priorities it’s normal for
advertisers to find a need and fill it the question is are you allowing there
to be a need that’s being filled by them because you’re not setting your own
priorities I really hope you found this video helpful and if you did please
subscribe don’t forget to click the bell so you know where my next video is
coming out I want to thank you for watching Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet and I will talk to you in the next video

16 thoughts on “How Food Companies Keep Us Fat – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

  1. We have to OWN our health! Outsourcing it is not a Winning Strategy! Each meal is an investment… And it Adds up 🌱😁🌱

  2. Hi Violet! I commented on another video a couple months ago about me finding a Keto doctor to help me get off diabetes meds. Quick update: 5 weeks after getting serious, my A1C dropped to normal and my new doctor took me off 5 meds! (Typical mix: diabetes, high blood pressure, statin, etc.)

    Most days I eat once: a good protein source I fix myself and veggies (mostly green). Once I became "fat adapted" I no longer had the cravings for the processed foods and if I did try something sugary (say at my mom’s or something like that) I find I typically don't even want it as it's too sweet.

    It's so exciting to finally know & understand what is happening and what can be done about it. At 51, I finally feel like my life is in my own hands, and no longer do I feel like a failure. Of course, the more I learn the more I find myself angry with the entire system for keeping me in this loop for so long. (Or upset with myself for not seeing it sooner?)

    Anyway, to relate back to this video – it's very difficult to find actual food in the store. Of the 3 outer sides to my local grocery, this is what I have: Side 1: deli and bread. Side 2: milk, fish/meat and bakery (cookies, cakes, etc.). Side 3: produce and flowers (like roses/mums/daisies). I suppose an argument could be made the deli is better for us than say most packaged food items from the interior of the store. But the added sugar in the meats, and who’s to know what processed items they're using in the potato salad! The bread items I can't have, there's nothing Keto there. I don't drink milk, eat cakes or flowers for that matter. So, even the outer sections of the store aren't the greatest. I was looking for a can of tomato sauce a while ago and realized, of all the cans of tomato products from eye to foot level spanning several feet across there was exactly 2 rows of cans that had "No Sugar Added" on the cans. That is now the exception to the rule. It's so hard to buy actual food.

    Thanks for all the great videos! Helps me keep the right focus!

  3. We cannot expect to get honest and accurate health information from the food industry. We must be pro-active with our health and take personal responsibility for our wellness. I have seen many professionals like yourself, come under attack by those who are "willing accomplices" with the food industry, promoting misinformant because of their endorsements. The U.S. Government agencies are not much help to those of us who have finally been exposed to the truth. Much of the misinformation that is out there, is being promulgated by the government. That is perpetuating the problem. Our primary source for truth is only found by what we get from professionals such as you. Thank you for insight and courage.

  4. There is the parallel story of how the AMA/ADA/ACC/NIH, the fed gov, the diet industry, the food industry, the medical establishment all continue to stick with dietary guidelines that have EPICALLY FAILED for the past 52 years! Now we have to prioritize finding precisely the right doctor and the right program to help us regain our health.

  5. Great video. I love your videos and we are our worst enemies when it comes to our family and our own health.

  6. It will still annoys me when I relate the misleading label on Carnation Sugar free Sweet Italian creamer. The second ingredient is corn syrup 🤦🏻‍♀️

  7. Hi, Violet! This annoys the heck out of me because food companies don't seem to realize that people have to eat. No matter what, we have to eat! So why not provide healthy choices that don't involve carb addiction? We would buy those products! I think because they (and big pharma) greedily want to squeeze us for all they can get – coming and going. At one point I picked up a box of stevia in Walmart and looked at the label; it had maltodextrin in it. Why? Why add a sweetener to a sweetener? I am one who buys the discount meat, go home and cook it right away then put the cooked meat in the freezer. Organic veggies cost so much more, as well, but I choose to spend my meagre money on them rather than the huge, beautiful GMO versions. I grow a victory garden in my tiny backyard and supplement where possible. My hubby and I dream of a small country house where we can have a few chickens when he retires. I feel so paranoid of big industry it's bordering on ridiculous.

  8. So true Violet! We are constantly bombarded with high carb food ads. This strategy is similar to what is used in movie theaters…bombard you with snack ads on screen, leading you to purchase not only unhealthy, but expensive snacks. Bottom line is, we must be aware, and we must take responsibility for our own health. We must learn to avoid these pitfalls of the food and diet industry. We must remain vigilant, because there are so many misinformation out there, and most of these information will impact us negatively. Thanks for posting this video, keep up the great work!

  9. I feel very silly/ignorant/naive for believing for so many years that our government would regulate the food industry so as to not do us any harm. 🤦‍♀️ What was I thinking ???

  10. I was always hungry and never full, until I stopped eating so much processed foods. They are addictive physically and mentally.

  11. Something I have noticed as well in stores like Whole Foods they are now advertising "keto-approved" snacks at the checkout. Whether they are good and bad but it's always individually wrapped and something you can eat while driving or walking out the store. Once you get it, it's not hard to see their systems to sell. Honestly they still get me sometimes especially if I go to the store hungry smh. I have to grab a Zevia and a nut butter pack

  12. I believe it. So much sugary products out there. I eat 80% homemade meals everyday. I don't buy man mad anything except a few things I dont make like ketchup. Milk.butter. simple stuff.

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