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  1. Rie is as precious as Twice's Mina, in fact they are both Japanese, they speak English almost the same way, and they have their mole in their nose

  2. Me: I am going to make this for sure
    After 2 minutes
    Me (again): Shit! I don't have 99% of the ingredients😂😂

  3. Hi Rie. It’s very good to see you teaching Tasty viewers about lesser-known Japanese foods often ignored by the media. Thankfully it’s becoming less exotic to us, and it’s great to see you combating Orientalism by telling people what your country is really like, instead of all the Red Scare hollywood licks. Keep it up, girl. 😉

  4. My wife is Japanese but I've never seen many of your New Years dishes — because she's allergic to shellfish! Now I know what the rest of Japanese people are eating :).

  5. we make hot pot every new years in my house. super simple because my son and I arent fans of most veggies, (potatoes, carrots, corn, meat, and some green things for me, like beans and broccoli).

  6. This turned awkward when she said “my home town Hiroshima” knowing she lives in usa and I’m sure her grandma was around that time..

  7. saturday i made an acorn squash soup recipe i invented, inspired because i wanted to try winter squash. i kinda mishmashed a bunch of out-of-season veggies with it though (tomatoes, shallots, carrots), so next time i'll try using all in-season veggies so it can be a true winter dish. it was still delicious tho!

  8. God i need some of that red been mochi soup in my life
    Sometime things can be exhausting and that seems like a really good comfort food

  9. Please recommend some vegetarian Japanese dishes for all seasons…..I am obsessed with Japan but I can’t even stand the smell of meat….it churns my tummy……

  10. Rie asking what I make during winter, well lemme tell you. Not just winter, its the whole year and I make my parents disappointed with me

  11. That all looks so good! We typically make more casseroles in the winter like shepherds pie (ground beef, corn, and mashed potatoes), beef stew, chicken soup (chicken, potatoes, carrots, celery, and onions), beef and bean chili, etc. But only maybe once a month! They are very hearty dishes…

  12. I’m Filipino so one of my favorite winter dishes is called “arroz caldo” which literally translates to “rice hot.” It’s basically FILIPINO style congee that usually is made with chicken in it and can be topped with spring onions, fried garlic, and even hot chili oil if you wish!

  13. My husband and I want to see canned black olives and Fruity Pebbles made into a “Fancy” lunch and dessert. We love the Make It Fancy videos.

  14. I love her so much. There were some things I may be able to have too considering I'm allergic to most if not all kinds of fish. I'm excited to try some of these out myself. Thank you so much! 💖

  15. I love watching these videos even though I can never make them and most of them aren't even halaal but Rie is my absolute love.

  16. hey りえ
    i made all the dishes and they taste GREAT!!
    And i would love see a video what Japanese eat during spring は る 春 summer な つ 夏or autumn 秋.
    You're mine idol.

  17. I make my own hot sauces and freeze the pulp after filling the bottles. Use that to make chili during the cold winter months.

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