3 thoughts on “How Is Fatigue Caused By Poor Nutrition? A Functional Medicine Approach To Fix Fatigue

  1. Great video. An interesting angle, and one that is gaining traction these days, and is relevant for an osteopath, is the effect of nutrition on musculoskeletal health and/or injuries. For instance, it is safe to assume that anything with an inflammatory component (everything ending in "itis" and classic rheumatoid arthritis) would worsen due to the intake of inflammatory foods.

    Even "mechanical" conditions where its harder to see inflammation, like tendinopathies (although it is still there as studies from the past few years have shown), would presumably be affected by nutrition. But I have yet to see proper information compiled on, say, nutritional dos and don'ts for tendinopathies, bone fractures, etc.

    Given your previous emphasis on musculoskeletal conditions and recent foray into nutrition, it seems like a fruitful avenue, no?

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