How Julia Gham Started a foodtruck Business with $100

Music oh here we are
on the powerhouse platform and about this moment where I have to talk about me Julia Gham
I will say that everyone has a story and if you don’t tell it, then it disappears
into nothing and you might never see the good result of your story. A lot of people said tell you story, and
write a book because its always some great thing to be with Julia and some drama happening with Julia at all times. Yes! never boring but I`d just give you a little bit, a little piece somewhere.I went to So I went to Africa, jumping into this talent scout to the disdain of the father of my kid
and interviewed kids, children, barber’s shop orphanages,and in all these places I
found my talent, came over here(the US) and had to produce this artist (Mr.Leo). The moment I arrived
at Ohare airport, What happens? I called the father of my kids and he responds with, “hmm there’s
no home for you”. At that time I have a full-bloated Stomach, pregnant, seven
months and two kids: that’s eight and three back
then. So decided to call a friend. can you come pick me out of the airport? we arrive at
her place I inform her, “I’m gonna stay here on the
couch with the kids”. when I’m due I’d have already found a place
I move into that place and that is exactly when I’m having the baby
it’s a C-section. But a month down the line I decided to start this home dining services where
I’ll have people come in an eat. so I would have to go in and cook, and I had to bandage my
stomach because it really hurt, make sure my kids go to bed with me by 7:00 p.m. I
wake up midnight so I get to do promotion for my artist who am producing
back home(Africa) for an hour, do statements for independent business owners,
then I start cooking about one o’clock I will be done by 6:00 a.m. take my kids
to school. Eventually I was loaned a car by somebody and I would have to vend out
that car using a food thermo and with my baby
we go out to vend in the street it was push to push until someone came along
who had to offer me a food truck. I decided to go into the lease agreement at
once but now people are starting to love my food and they got comfortable with an
ideal vehicle which is a food truck but then the paperwork isn’t done, I’m still
risking it. so I go out there(on the streets) there are no signages on this food truck but I’m
vending my food. when I’m off from work I would have to go over to pick up
my kids about 2:45pm from school we all go shopping, after shopping help with their
assignment. My competition was warning me of the fact that they’re going to report
me to the city but then I said `I am NOT gonna run if I don’t see anything that’s chasing me.
So a police officer approached me some day, I had my baby on my back vending and
I said “officer I have to feed these kids” and you know what he said? ” just be
careful honey just be careful”. I felt elevated, I felt like there was that fire
in me to take on anything. I was so much more determined so much such that by the time the city called
me that “your food truck license is available”, I now had the finances to pay for it, I
became a very legal Owner by this time my mom is here going to school right now at
Columbia College I’m so happy because I want to be on TV
I got an invitation to work at WGHC98.3fm radio station which I accepted, so I
own a talk-show right now. so this is basically a Friday and Saturday Talk Show It is called The Solutions Talk Orbit Julia’s Solutions Talk Orbit If you really want to join me, or if you have had any ideas, you might want to bring it Its where people write letters to Julia And I try to get them from one platform to the next. Visit The PowerHouse Epic Entertainment for more mersmerizing Stories. Oh remember Oh Oh Je suis Calee my because oh my god

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