How To Clean Cooking Oil Stains From Clothes

How to remove cooking oil from clothes.
Hello and welcome to Videojug. Bea Knapp, who has worked as a lady’s maid
for many years, is going to show us how to remove cooking
oil from clothes. Step one. You will need washing up liquid,
a bowl, an old toothbrush, and some laundry detergent. Step two. Break up the grease.
Squeeze in some ordinary washing up liquid into a bowl,
take an old toothbrush, and dip it into the washing up liquid.
Then, apply directly onto each spot of the oil. Step three. Scrub.
Scrub the washing up liquid into the stains with a toothbrush using a circular motion.
This will break down the grease and make it easier to wash out. Step Four. Wash.
Finally, wash at the highest temperature advised on the garment label.
Step Five. Dry. Dry as normal. Done.

41 thoughts on “How To Clean Cooking Oil Stains From Clothes

  1. There is no correct way to speak. Language evolves. By your logic, the Germanic tribes' way of speaking is correct, because English is a Germanic language…and by the way, it IS also called dish detergent, and the current standard of English in the world is American English because of the American Empire. Let's not fight ignorance with more ignorance. Educate yourself.

  2. lolzz some comments are so funny how to remove oil from face just take washing liquids and take brush and start washing hhahha

  3. Would this work on a stain that has already been put through the washing machine? I am so upset I managed to get a large splurge of oil on my favourite sweatshirt 🙁 Washed it whiteout realising, and now it looks like a colourless stain on the front of the item. Do you think If i followed this video it would still work?

  4. I applied this technique immediately after the spill and it didn’t work (not even close). If this technique does work, then they should list the detergents that achieved the best result as there are lots of different brands with varying ingredients.

  5. Why not show pant after wash stain remove or not?
    Fuck you 🖕🖕🖕 fake video fake process of removing stain fuck you 🖕🖕🖕

  6. White Spirits/Mineral Spirits usually used to remove paint from paintbrushes can also work with a toothbrush & something to blot away residue like
    folded kitchen towel/paper. Something very absorbent. Once the stain has been worked out. Use kitchen/dish detergent or washing up liquid for dishes 😂 with toothbrush & HOT water to remove excess. Then put garment in washing machine & wash on warm wash.

  7. Krud Kutter 20 oz. Original Cleaner /Degreaser – only at Home Depot – works even after the the cloths have went through the dryter , spray on wait for 5 minutes. done. Non toxic biodegradable, no smell. I was in the paint isle when I found it.

  8. Where others go on and on with the steps in real time (and often add all sorts of extra ingredients) you have condensed the information quite nicely. Well done, m'lady.

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