How To Convert A Pulled Pork Slow Cooker Recipe

Hey everyone welcome back to my channel I’m Bonita I’m from surviving Three Boys And A Girl
and as you can see today I’ve got a little one that’s just needing some
extra cuddles and I can’t seem to ever put her down today so I’m going to do
this via carrier I want to do a really really quick video about how I always
forget to put something in the slow cooker and I was on the run…on the run
I’m always you know want to make things quickly so I wanted to show you how I
quickly transform a slow cooker pulled pork into an Instant Pot it’s I’m sure
most of you already know how to do this I just want to show you how I do it
quickly first I started off by making sure that
nothing gets you know stock spray it with some oil
alright so yesterday I was actually gonna make this yesterday and I realized
I was supposed to marinate my meat so I put everything together and the threw in
the fridge so it’s ready for today so it’s been sitting in my marinade you can
use whatever recipe you want maybe you don’t need to marinate it that’s fine
but basically there’s a actually this recipe of using all I’ll link it in my
description it’s just called like the coca-cola pulled pork it’s on my
Pinterest board but yep it’s coca-cola there’s brown sugar onion powder garlic
powder of you know the basics so basically I’m going to throw it all is my instant
pot there’s butter in there too okay so technically there’s already
liquid if there was no liquid in this it was just maybe more than the spices like
a rub on your pork and you want and it was supposed to be in the slow cooker or
something and you would add like maybe some barbecue sauce well that’s not
technically enough liquid for an instant pot because this one has liquid I’m just
gonna put it on like for an hour but if I had to add liquid I would add one cup
of maybe half a cup of water and that’s it but there’s that’s the only way I
would transform this slow cooker recipe into an instant pot recipe it’s so
simple so now I have my liquid turn it on I put on manual and I’m gonna put it
on for an hour too concerned about it being dry it’s pork I always find pork
dry regardless as well make sure it’s cooked they’re done for an hour when
it’s done it’ll be four thirty I will be running out of the house at that point
anyways I’m gonna let it naturally release the air and when it’s done I
will open it up pull it apart with a couple forks and voila pulled pork and I
actually already made some buns yesterday really quickly if you want I
will link the recipe in my description as well because I’ve made this recipe
over and over and over and over it’s not my recipe I love it though super quick
but they’re only good for me to be at two days max three otherwise throw them
in the freezer and then you’re good for another time I’m gonna add a water and
flour combination you could do water and cornstarch I do it in water before
so that I would get all clumpy as I add it in, I saute it I will let it thicken up and pour it
over my pulled pork alright so I have my I pour it on top nice and thick
just nothing fancy and then we’ll put it on our bread, done, I started at 3:30 I’m
done at 5:42 and now we just do…oh, and there is the other one that needs some attention again Again, thanks for watching, don’t forget to subscribe and tune in for the next time I give a little quick tip thanks guys

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