How to cook asparagus”how to cook asparagus”

How to cook asparagus duh hemline and I’m Kristin and where from today we’re going to be making balsamic
asparagus it’s probably one of my favorite side dishes and it’s so simple
to make not mention healthy yeah yesterday so
first we’re gonna start out by whisking together I’m the stuff to put on top but up so
we’re gonna start with one tablespoon up but a and then we’re gonna
make today and 2 tablespoons a balsamic vinegar town and then we’ve got a half a tablespoon
of garlic minced garlic and you can buy a enojar already missed
ready to go so much them play and then we’ve got up
for the teaspoon of pepper and then to support that he’s gonna stop
so easy say it’s been awake whisk that together
I’m beforehand we boil the one bunch of asparagus and two cups of water
boil for about 45 minutes or until tender.How to cook asparagus I’m you can Testament and I just break
in half if it’s kid now before you boil it you want to
get very kit for the thirty thought because that’s the hard part and it
doesn’t take very good you want to get that off you can eat the
whole affair yes probably on my favorite spot I okay so like I said this is so simple way to
skin and resolve this over scored a pretty good you can kinda
makes around want to get on their tail unlikely of it down to the bottom of
stairs yeah all have the flavor on exactly on a neat know they have it also make SKS and thank you so much for joining us
today will hope to see you again then in for my FB that think that’s just
that dot com Bell the men %uh themes the non.How to cook asparagus %uh the new lmao

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