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  1. You referenced Louie Mueller's BBQ, he was my uncle. Isn't that the best brisket ever? I can't wait to try your method.

  2. that looks delicious, I may need to watch that again, I was hypnotized like every other romeo here. thanks for the tips beautiful, now it's time to play chef.

  3. hahaha omg. i thought i was the only one thinkin of her as sexy as f…. , then i read the comments and theres no one even talkin about the recipe…..all is about her and how sexy she is……..i likes!!!! wish i could taster her briiiiiisket.

  4. Hey Hi, I'm putting a brisket in the oven now. Your tips helped me cause I never cooked one before. I'm going to add instant coffee to my rub also. Thanks I love and miss you. Hugs to Baby Chef.

  5. It's important to note that the grain on brisket changes. Half of it runs one way and the other half runs the opposite way. Cut accordingly

  6. Curious and appreciative. For me it’s about understanding and certainly when I get a difference.
    I love BBQ brisket. But I’m fast learning that making it has special needs. Is there an explanation why the fat on the brisket shown in this video which you cooked in the oven has a rubbery “yellowish” color whereas the fat on all of those I’ve seen that were cooked in a charcoal-fired smoker is thin and crispy charcoal-black?

    Also, any thoughts of what you "looked for" that guided you to "knowing when the brisket was done" regardless of the passing overtime hours finally taking twice as long? Thanks.

  7. the jiggle is sexy all across the board. question, 250 it's F° right? and the 1 hour without lid it's at 250 too? or higher? Thanks

  8. dear hilah, will you go on a date with me. you look like so much fun. a sense of humor,,,,, smoking hot and a talented chef. you are the perfect woman. Love Chef Mike

  9. I just found this recipe. Looks so tempting! thanks a lot! I just give it a try. The brisket I got is juicy-ish, but not tender. It is kinda hard, very chewy, and very difficult to take a bite. Is it over-baked or under-baked? I did 2 lb for 6 hours. Thanks!

  10. She had me at penetration. I must admit the 14 year old boy in me reached up and clicked "subscribe" shortly after she said that.

  11. What are you making a video damn you messed up my brisket say that first ! That’s it’s your first time cookin a brisket ! Girl dang

  12. Tried your method. Cooked a three pounder for six hours. Suspense was killing me, then I got the jiggle. My family approved!

  13. G'day mate. bought a Brisket with NO ideaon how to cook. your tips are brilliant. I'm about to put it in the oven… fingers crossed mate..heres hoping..I'll let u know how it goes

  14. Oh my word. A beautiful beef roast by a beautiful young lady, very well done my dear, i'll certainly be trying this. Greetings from nottingham england.

  15. This is one of the best oven-made brisket videos i've found! it looks so deliciously mouth watering, my God. This will be my recipe for Xmas! Thank you, miss <3

  16. 14 hours damn your poor oven/stove and your gas bill. Its just a recommendation but in honesty beef cooks faster than a whole chicken or turkey. You could just raise the temperature to 400 degrees and cook it in 1/2 hours.

  17. Thank you! I just took some brisket out of the freezer and wondered what all I could do with it 😍 I’m doing this! Love your energy! New subscriber!

  18. If you don’t like get “ dirty” from the seasoning, don’t cook and also, don’t put on YouTube a “ cooking channel.

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