Hi guys, Bok choy was one of my favourite vegetables
growing up but only if it was perfectly cooked. This is similar to how they do it in Chinese
restaurants using the stir fry method with high heat, a teeny bit of oil, but with a
regular pan instead of the traditional wok. Start by washing your bok choy. You can easy
scratch or cut off any discoloration. Also, if you find some of the leaves have yellowed,
just rip that part off. The rest will be fine. I cut off the ends, but if the bok choy is
young enough it is fine to leave them on. If you want your bok choy to have a light
savory sauce, mix a half cup of water with a half tablespoon of water and stir it up.
Keep this handy. Now we’re ready to stir fry! Heat a pan on
high. Hold your hand over the pan to see if it’s hot but don’t touch it of course, be
careful. Add a tiny bit of oil, about a teaspoon or
even less. Now add a slice of peeled ginger and a minced clove of garlic into the oil.
Stir it around quickly for 15 seconds or so. You want to bring out the oil soluable flavours
of the garlic and ginger without burning. Then add the bok choy. The oil may splatter
so stand back and be careful. Stir the choy around quickly, then cover the pan. I don’t
have a large enough lid so I’m just using another pan as a cover. The moisture will steam up and cook the bok
choy very quickly. After about one minute or a bit less, you can uncover the pan. Stir the bok choy around a bit, turning over
any large pieces to make sure they cook evenly. Add your water and cornstarch mixture. This
will bubble up in a matter of seconds and create a thin sauce. The water leeched from
the bok choy during cooking will add flavour. You can also add a half teaspoon of soy sauce
or a dash of salt now. This will bring out the savoriness in the choy. If you’re unfamiliar with bok choy, pick up
a piece, blow on it to cool and test the white part for doneness. It should still be crisp
but have the sweet taste of cooked vegetables. It’s up to personal preference but I personally
don’t like it if it’s a bit overcooked. There’s a fine line between too raw, perfectly crisp cooked and then mushy. Now remove the pan from heat and serve right
away. And that’s it! Delicious bok choy in mere minutes. My family would cook Chinese greens like this
everyday; it’s pretty normal to have during meals or even as after dinner snacks. On this day, I’m having them with jasmine
rice and spicy lentils inspired by Singapore curry. So delicious, so healthy and it takes
me back to my childhood. I hope you give this a try. Thank you so much for watching this video.
If you liked it, please give it a thumbs up! What kinds of veggies did you love growing
up. I’d love to hear about your veggie comfort foods. Bye for now!

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