How to Cook Crispy Fried Chicken

Vanjo Merano from today’s dish is kids’ favorite this dish is for the mommies out there it’s called Crispy Fried Chicken these are the ingredients for this recipe 1 whole chicken, chopped into serving pieces. I’ll show you how we need a sharp knife get the whole chicken and exercise the drumsticks like this. Loosen the joints so it’ll be easier to cut later make a slit between the chicken breast and drumstick so we can see the inner part. Then twist until the bone pop from the drumstick this is the bone I’m telling you that bone is the marker. So cut it after the marker. It’s easier to cut because after the marker are all meat see? It’s very easy this is the first chicken leg quarter repeat the step on the other side there’s the marker, let’s repeat the step cut the chicken leg quarter from here to make it easier set aside next are the wings. Twist the wing joint. Then cut it even it has bones. It’s not that difficult to cut because the bone are not hard the chicken breast has pattern see the fat mark? We’ll cut it from there to separate the chicken breast from the carcass it’s that easy. Just follow and trace the fat mark. Do the same thing with the other side see? It’s so easy after tracing, we have separated the chicken breast and the carcass the carcass is the bony part. We’ll not include that in our crispy fried chicken the carcass is good for soup stock. Boil it together with the other ingredients keep for future use now the chicken breast cut the upper part then flip and press to crack the bone then we can cut this easily slice it like this and cut into 2 pieces it’s now ready we’ll cut this into smaller pieces cut the chicken breast into to 2 pieces so the size is just right. Repeat step with the next chicken breast then the chicken leg quarter, we’ll separate the leg and the thigh and it’s done here are the other ingredients 2 pieces of eggs all purpose flour ground white pepper Knorr SavoRich Chicken Liquid Seasoning aside from these ingredients, we also need cooking oil we only need few ingredients. Here is the complete list with their respective measurements are you ready? Come let’s start cooking let’s prepare the chicken marinade here goes the Knorr SavoRich Liquid seasoning. Actually this is the only ingredient we need for marinating. Ground White Pepper is an optional ingredient you may also use ground black pepper then mix well. That’s all we need for our marinade before we need Soysauce etc. But now we only need one Knorr SavoRich Chicken Liquid Seasoning has all flavor we need this product is concentrated a bit of this liquid seasoning can suffice the 1 whole chicken just make sure the chicken is coated with the marinade ingredients another factor that helps maximize the flavor is the marinating time we usually marinate for a minimum of 3 hours to absorb the flavor but this time 30 minutes will do if you’re in a hurry but needed to cook fried chicken for your family, I have tried and experimented on our new product. 15 minutes will also do 15 minutes is enough to make the chicken flavorful but of course I still suggest for you to marinate your chicken in a longer period of time to make it more flavorful let it stay. We’ll prepare this later for frying preheat wok or pan and add cooking oil the more cooking oil the better we want our chicken to be uniformly cooked. But if cooking oil is limited in your kitchen, not-so-much cooking oil will also do wait for the cooking oil to heat up while waiting, let’s prepare the eggs and the all purpose flour beat the eggs now it’s ready. The chicken is ready for frying here’s what we need to do with the chicken we’ll dredge the chicken in the flour, then in the beaten egg, then in the flour again before frying let’s use the drumstick as an example dredge in the flour we may also use a ziplock bag to shake it inside to coat the chicken faster shake the excess flour then dip the chicken in the beaten egg just make sure the chicken is coated with beaten egg then drip the excess beaten egg before we put it back to the flour dredge it again in the flour. This is the last coating. Then let’s fry this it’s that easy Let me show you one more time for the chicken thigh dredge the thigh then in the egg then in the flour it’s ready to fry. Repeat the steps with the rest of the chicken slices fry the chicken in hot cooking oil I measure the temperature so I’m sure how hot it is ideal temperature is 350 deg F before we put the chicken ideal cooking time is a total of 12 minutes 6 min on one side then flip and cook the other side for 6 min see? it’s golden brown I’m going to continue cooking this for 5 min the good thing here is the outer part of the chicken is crispy but the inner part is juicy we’re flipping this again for the last time cook for 1 min it’s ready. Place the chicken on a tray with wire rack here’s our very crispy chicken. The wire rack helps to drip the excess oil in the chicken so the chicken wouldn’t be too oily repeat the steps with the rest of the chicken let it cool down for 5 min transfer to a serving plate and serve here’s our Crispy Fried Chicken come, let’s taste this mmm~ it’s not just crispy but very juicy too very flavorful and delicious! Give it a try for this recipe I’m sure you’ll love this come let’s eat!

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  1. .thanks sa pag share kng paano icut ang manok,tanong k lng ilan po kya ang sukat ng ingredients sa 4 na buong manok tnx po in advance….

  2. bakit ung ginawa q palpak tumigas ung breading mxdong kumapal.. help nmn po pnu po b tamang procedure.. harina then sawsaw s egg then balik s harina kso amg ending sakin eh sobrang kapal at tumigas nmn

  3. ; yOur mY cHef idoL.dAmi q natutunAn po sa mGa cOokiNg videos nyo..coz i LoVe cooking tOo..LaLo na pabOrito ng mGa anak q aNg maLa JoLLibee o Mcdo na Fried Chicken..
    Next tiMe gUsto q rin po mAgvlog ng niLuLuto q.

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  5. According to USDA, washing raw poultry meat increases the risk of spreading bacteria. You coudn't even remove the bacteria no matter hard you wash it.

    How do you clean your chicken before frying?

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  10. Writer has no idea what UR saying but thank U ๐Ÿ™ 4 the closed captioning. The video it self is on the money & easy 2 follow. Was looking @ the ingredients when BAM a UNnecessary & UNwanted commercial comes on. Liked UR video anyway David E.

  11. Ang natutunan ko po sa TESDA chef ay parating sanayin na ang kanang kamay ay para sa dry prep at ang kaliwang kamay ay para sa wet prep. Kaya right hand para sa arina, left hand para sa beaten egg. So it's going to be less messy.

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