How to cook Dutch oven Stuffed Artichokes

Hey, everyone, this is Cooking Everything Outdoors show.
Even though it’s a little windy and blustery today we are going to make stuffed artichokes.
Beautiful large artichokes. We are stuffing them in a Dutch oven.
Announcer: Gary House with the outdoor cook Cooking Everything
Outdoors show, I hope you try this at home. Presenter:
Well, where do we start? A couple things, let’s go over the ingredients
and the things that we are going to need. A 12 inch Dutch oven.
I have 4 large globe artichokes. Now, you will notice, there is a couple of
differences on the artichokes. Sometimes you will find them with the leaves
that are really tight to the globe. Those are really, really good, but that makes
it harder to stuff. So, I tried to find some that were more open
than normal. And that’s going to make a lot easier to
get our stuffing in this. We’re going to need 3 to 4 cloves of garlic.
Those are going to be minced. Have about a half a cup of bacon.
Bacon goes in everything, right? A 1/3 cup, a little bit over a 1/3 cup of
Romano Parmesan cheese. 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, we
may not use it all. And 1/2 a cup of seasoned breadcrumbs.
We’re going to need about a 1/3 cup of flat-leaf parsley.
I like flat leaf parsley, there’s a lot more flavor to it.
These, in my opinion, are really the bare minimum that you want to use to stuff an artichoke.
It’s endless what you put in one of these. You can let your imagination go absolutely
crazy. But this is what I am just going to call the
bare minimum to get you start it so you can see how easy it is easy to do.
And really the toughest part about all this, is just trimming this up.
I will show you how to do that next. One of the things that you are going to need
is a really good sharp pair of kitchen shears. I like these and these are lethal.
And they come with a little sheath to keep them secure from getting poked and cut, and
that’s a big win. So, our artichoke, one of the things that
we want to take off are these in pieces, the short leaves that are on the stem.
They are really quite stringy and tough to eat.
So, once we have got that off, don’t trim the stem yet, that’s the last thing we’re
going to do and I will show you why, we’re going to take all of these little thorns.
And we are just going to trim the end off of it.
And I got to tell you, when I just eat an artichokes by itself, I don’t bother doing
this, but I am going to be putting my hands down in this little pockets in.
And I really just don’t want to get it poked up too bad.
The other big reason why you want to do this is, really just I can’t, it makes it look
so much nicer. And, you know, presentation is really 50%
of the taste, right? Let’s say other 50% perhaps the anticipation.
If you starve them long enough, they will think everything is good.
I have done that a few times with my kids. So, this is just about where we want it.
Let me get these last few off. Now, this crown, if you will, the top of the
artichoke, I’m going to cut flat. I will show you.
A nice sharp kitchen knife because these are tough.
And don’t get your fingers anywhere near there.
And just trim those flat. Tack it from both sides so you have a beautiful
globe like that, that’s open, ready to be stuffed.
Just a couple here I see. And that’s what we are looking for.
Just perfect. Now I’m going to get the others trimmed
up and I will show you how to stuff them in the Dutch oven.
I have the artichokes all trimmed up. You can see them here.
I am using a Camp Chef 12 inch Dutch oven, this is the standard size.
And just so you will get an idea how they fit, they’ve nestle in there really, really
nice. But for stuffed artichokes they are upside
down. So that’s why I said you cut the stem last
because we really got to get an idea of where those stems have to be cut.
And they are going to control the height. But they are also going to give us a little
bit of spacing on the water that we’re going to be pouring in there to steam and cook this
with. So I’m going to start with cutting off the
stem at about an inch, maybe an inch and a half here and we will take and do a quick
fit. I don’t want to take off too much of the
stem because part of that stem is good to eat.
We want to get a good consistent. Got to get some of these baby leaves here.
Good consistent height. What was that cut that I was making?
Okay, let’s do a test fit. A little tricky to balance.
Okay, that’s what we are looking for. They will kind of fall over a little bit,
but as you gaze across the top, I’ve got this 2 that have got to be trimmed a little
bit more. And, you know, that’s all you’re going
to do. Just test fit them and get the lid.
Put that on to make sure that seals. You’ve got some height in here on your lid.
You’ve got another inch of clearance, so that’s going to help.
And we don’t have to worry about the artichokes touching the top of the lid.
That’s going to be okay because we are not putting any top heat on our Dutch oven.
This is coming underneath. We’re just boiling and steaming them.
So those fit. Now we’re going to mix up the stuffing mix.
I’ll show you how to do that. Artichokes are trimmed and cut.
Now we’re going to mix our stuffing together. Really simple, you know, I really took and
made this recipe as simple as possible so it would be perfect for camping.
You don’t have to pack a lot of stuff but, you know, let your imagination go wild.
If you want to add some heat, some sweet, whatever flavors you think that might go with
artichoke, that would be something to consider stuffing it with.
We’re going with 1/2 a cup of seasoned breadcrumbs. A little over a 1/4 cup of parmesan Romano
shredded cheese. Good 1/2 a cup of bacon bits.
Garlic. Original recipe called for 3 cloves.
Honestly, I don’t even remember following a recipe on garlic.
But we’re going to mince this up or you could easily just leave them as it diced depending
on what type of flavor that you want, the flavor profile with garlic being steamed and
such. We’ll probably leave it being a little more
harsher than you anticipated. So here again, roast your garlic first.
That would be wonderful, wonderful thing. I just want to get this pieces cut up real
quick. And I could give them a nice mince as soon
as I am done with the big chunking. More garlic the better.
Okay. I am happy with that.
My patience is about worn out on mincing. We’ll put that in there.
And now we need our flat leaf parsley. This is a 1/4 cup of
minced parsley.
So that means you measure it afterwards, after you’ve minced it.
Dicing is fine, just chop it up. Just a little bit at a time.
Sans the stems. And that looks… I’m going to add just
a few more in there. Really, really sharp knife makes a difference.
Okay. Clean this up a little bit.
We’ll mix it and start stuffing. Well, it’s time to mix it up.
And just a spoon, get it blended really well. And what we’re going to do is add our extra
virgin olive oil. That’s just to keep that globed together.
Now the recipe calls for 4 tablespoons. You may not need that much.
We’re going to put in about 3 right now to give it a start.
Really just want a wet, consistency, pastiness, if you will.
These breadcrumbs will soak that up pretty darn quick.
Not even pastiness, that’s probably over exaggeration.
We’re going to go for all 4 here. Just as a binder, a little flavor enhancer.
That’s about what we are looking for, something that when we get a hold of it it’s not a
dry powder. Alright, just start stuffing this.
Now, we got 4 artichokes and we need to use a fourth of this on each one.
I’d like to put it over a bowl, it’s kind of messy.
And basically we’re just, as you can see, we’re just pouring it in there.
And you can add as much or as little as you like.
And you might run out of the stuffing mix. But that’s really what I’m looking for.
You want to work it down on those leaves. This will make some nice stuffed presentation.
Okay. And fit that in there.
And don’t worry these will fall over, going to happen.
Let me get this other ones stuffed up, let me show you how to get it going.
Okay, artichokes are stuffed, sitting in our 12 inch Camp Chef Dutch oven.
I’m going to add some water to it. I have here is about 1/4 of water, and really
just want to bring this up to about the depth of the stem, which was about an inch to inch
and a half. And that’s just about right, I add a 1/4
quart of water, seemed to be about where we want it to be.
And these are going to cook or steam, actually, I’m going to bring it to a boil and I’m
going to turn it down. And I’m going to steam them for an hour.
About half way through this we’re going to take a peek, make sure we’re not running
out of water. Now what else could you put in there besides
water? Chicken broth would work, beer, yeah, would
work great. You could add a little bit of wine.
Any of things to infuse some flavor in there wouldn’t hurt at all.
Let me get the stove fired up. Put it on high.
Put this bad boy up. Okay.
Very gently, move it over to the stove. Why a stove?
I don’t know if you have ever try to boil water with a Dutch oven with charcoal can
be done, but it’s difficult to manage it. Plus keep it at a rolling simmer for an hour
with charcoal is also a challenge. Doesn’t mean you can’t do it.
If you want to do it, go for it, let me know how it went.
But I’ve got a Camp Chef stove here, 30,000 BTUs.
And I’m boiling this bad boy on that. Get that centered over the burner there.
Once that gets to a boil, we’re going to cover it up.
It took all of 4 minutes to bring this to a rolling boil.
So that’s where I’ve got it. I got to turn it down to low.
Get our lid on there. Check my time, 30 minutes from now I’m going
to check it for water. And now we’re just continuing, we’re just
going to steam that. I’ve got a low rolling simmer going on in
there to steam those artichokes for about an hour.
See you then. We have been on a rolling simmer for about
30 minutes. It’s time to check to see if we need anymore
water. Okay, they are cooking up really nice.
Yes, we need some water. We’ll add a little bit of warm water to
it. Maybe 2 cups.
Bring that up to a boil, which will only take a minute or so and then I will turn it back
down to a simmer. Kind of just listen for it to get an idea
as soon as that gets going. Another 30 minutes and we’re going to be
ready. 1 hour, artichokes are done.
Before I pull them off I want to show you a little dipping sauce that, gosh, my dad
used to make this, and I have no idea where it even came from or what, but it’s super
simple, it’s basically 4 ingredients. Mayonnaise, ketchup, lemon juice, and good
help with a pepper. It takes absolutely nothing to mix this up.
This is all stuff you take with you camping anyway.
And it makes a nice, sweet, somewhat lemony dip.
I have about a 1/2 a cup of mayonnaise and ketchup, fairly even ratios there.
Sometimes I’ll go a little more ketchup. About a teaspoon of lemon juice.
And a good teaspoon of coarse black pepper. And then while we get this I will mixed up,
takes nothing, but once we get pass the leaves with the stuffing we’re… you know, something
to dip those leaves into and the heart is what I really like dipped in this.
That’s really about it. Let’s take a test.
It tastes good. I had to add a little bit more ketchup to
it, but I think you get the general idea on how that goes, little sweet with the ketchup
with some tartness with the lemon. Add a little more ketchup.
So let’s get these artichokes pulled and plate it up.
Hmm, nice and tender. This is nice.
Now, a little secret here on getting these out of the Dutch oven, find the artichokes
that are leaning over the most and pull those first, because if you don’t, I can’t think
of the word, eventually, one of those bad boy’s going to dump over.
Like it’s happening right there. And there they are, there’s 3 of the 4,
plate it up beautifully. Some extra cheese over the top of that.
And you have stuffed artichokes cooked in a Dutch oven all at Cooking Everything Outdoors.
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  1. Very nice Video – nice simple instructions – going camping to Yosemite – will try this! Thanks! Now I'm hungry for artichokes!

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