How to Cook Kale Stuffed Pork Chops Recipe:  Ohio Pork – Episode 3

Pork chops are my favorite kind of meat for a couple reasons one being – their versatile and their easy to cook they take on any flavor and texture and they really do great with it another reason why it’s my favorite
because when I first started cooking as a self-taught cook pork chops was one of the first things I tried and of course the first time around it
was totally overcooked it was dry but I wasn’t scared to try it again the
second time I cooked it I just shaved off a couple minutes on the
cook time: and it was easy it had a little bit of blush pink in the center – and that’s ok the secret in all this is that you can use
a meat thermometer to get perfectly cooked pork as we get prepared to do our kale and bacon stuffed pork chop I got my to 2 cuts of meat on the counter that we’re going to use – it’s our pork loin chops and our bacon. These have come from my local meat market to a refrigerator and now on our counter for
about 20 minutes now we’re just going to cut easy pockets
you don’t go all the way through because again we’re gonna have a pocket so we’re going to stuff the pork chop sounds like a fancy recipe – and it tastes like a fancy recipe it’s really easy to prepare all you do
is you go about halfway through the pork chop just cut a little pocket. these are thicker
cuts they’re going to take a little bit longer to cook but that’s okay because it’s going to give you a nice tender, juicy meal and you want to cut on the opposite side of the fat if you are worried about that as your cooking make sure to trim it at the end after you take it out of the oven. because the fats going to play a nice role in developing a beautiful flavor in your pork chop we’ve taken our bacon out of the fridge and and it’s been on our counter for about twenty minutes really simple to cook all you do is put over medium heat – cook about eight-minute depending on the thickness of the cut and it’s going to create a wonderful aroma – and your going to cook until crisp okay you’re going to leave your bacon drippings in your skillet and add one fourth inch pieces of kale leaves I’ve already done that, de-stemmed them, cut them into 1/4 inch pieces add them to your hot skillet – again – medium heat. to add a little flavor we’re going to add 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar great – we’re going to remove from the heat and we’re going to use this in our stuffing of our pork chops I’ve added the sauteed kale and bacon into a mixing bowl so now all I have to do is stuff my pork chops take our beautiful cuts of meat here – we’ve already cut that pocket in the center so what I’m going to do is – just add a handful as much you can get in there we’re going to take our stuffed pork loin chops and add them to a medium hot skillet so again nice and hot – our bacon drippings are still in our skillet we’re just going to seer the outside to seal in the juicy flavor you don’t have to be perfect – your going to have a little mess I’m personally going to transfer into an oven bake dish it’s easier for me to transfer into an oven like that – you can always put your skillet right into the oven too as you get more comfortable with meat you’ll get more comfortable with cook times – for this it depends on the thickness however I’ve got my oven preheated to
350 – I’m going to use my meat thermometer after 8 to 10 minutes to see to see how many degrees I have – I’m
looking for about 145 degree fahrenheit so I’ve just taken my pork chops out of the oven. and now I want to use my meat thermometer to make
sure that they’re done so my first thought is just put it straight in – just
like that which isn’t necessarily wrong – it’s just there’s a
better way to do it so what you’re gonna do is look at the thickest part of the meat – and you want to stick it in at an angle – watch the dial if you have an automatic one – that’s wonderful watch the dial – your going to look for 145
it’s going to give you a slight bit of blush pink for a tender delicious, meal. it looks like we are at 145 – so we’re looking pretty good let’s say you were under it just add it back in the oven for two
to three minute increments take a temperature until you feel
comfortable the more you cook pork the more comfortable your going to be with it needless to say – I am so excited to enjoy this dish but remember my first time cooking pork
I totally over cooked it but with the help of my meat thermometer I was able to get a 145 temperature for blush pink and that blush pink is safe – it’s going to give you a juicy tender, tasty piece of pork. So – let’s eat!

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  1. Im only 11 and i made my parents let me make this! We also added some potatoes inside of the porkits cooking and i hope. They are good!!

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