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Welcome, to Panlasang Pinoy! I am Vanjo Merano And today, we will be cooking Lumpiang Shanghai These are the ingredients that we will be using for this recipe Ground pork or “giniling na baboy” And this is the carrot, we just sliced it in small pieces. Egg, parsley and onion We also need lumpia wrapper, garlic powder, sesame oil, ground black pepper, salt and our knorr pork cube. And aside from this, we’ll also use oil And this is the complete list of our ingredients with the measurements of each. Are you ready? Let’s start! The first thing we’re going to do is our lumpia mixture. We going to put the ground pork in a bowl. Then we’ll mix the carrots, we sliced this into small pieces. We’ll also add the onion, you can use any kind of onion, I used red onions Make sure that we sliced that onion into small pieces, it can be manual or you can use a food processor. For the parsley, it can help a lot by making our lumpiang shanghai delicious, so if you haven’t tried this one before, I strongly suggest you try this. Now, we are going to mix the ingredients. After that, we can add the other ingredients. And then the egg, we are going to put just one egg into the mixture, we’re going to use the other egg to seal the wrapper. Then the garlic powder, and we’re also going to put black ground pepper. We’re also going to put sesame oil, and pour it into the mixture. We’re just going to mix it well And before I forget, let’s add some salt, then mix it again. To make the pork more flavorful in my lumpiang shanghain, I put in knorr pork cube We just need 1 piece of Knorr Pork Cube We can mix it using our spatula but we can use a spoon and crush the cube so we can mix it easily. Let’s get a spoon and crush the cude. Once you have crushed it, you can start mixing it again. It can easily mix The most important part of this step is we mix all the ingredients so that that flavor will be balance. That’s why we need patience in mixing. If you have any stand mixer, you can also use it so we won’t get tired. Just continue on mixing until the ingredients are well blended and after that we can start wrapping our lumpiang shanghai. At this point our lumpia mixture is now ready, now, we are going to beat the egg. Like I said, we are going to use it as seal for the lumpia wrapper. Let’s set this aside and we’ll just get a lumpia wrapper. We just have to get a scoop of the mixture and place it above the lumpia wrapper. In this video, I’ll show you a different way of wrapping. We need to flatten the lumpia mixture on top of lumpia wrapper. The videos we did before, we compress on the side then we wrap it. Since that lumpia wrapper we are using is very common to buy here in the Philippines, that is quite big, we need to spread it first so we can balance what we are wrapping. We are going to fold the lower part and then the sides of the wrapper. In this way, we can make one lumpia. Later I’ll show you another method on how to make two lumpia using one wrapper. At this point we already folded that sides, we are just going to get an egg, we can use our hands. Dip your fingers and put it at the end of the lumpia wrapper. We can also use a brush and beside from egg, you can also use water. After this we are going to start to roll the lumpia, we are going to start at the very bottom. Gently roll and compress. So, we are just going to roll it upward. Up until we reach the end. Once you reached the end, since we already put an egg, it should stick together but it would be much better if we seal it with our fingers to make sure that it sticks. There, this one is ready. We’ll just have to repeat the same steps until we finish all of the mixture. But before we finsih all of the mixture, I’ll show you a different method. With this, we could make two pieces of lumpia. We will just use twice the amount of mixture for this. Earlier we used 1 1/2 tablespoons, now we will use 3 tablespoons of mixture here. I’ll just spread the mixture widely. It should be twice the length of the first lumpia that we did. After that, we’ll just do the same. Fold the bottom part then the two sides. This would be just the same procedure. We will still get an egg and place it on top to seal the lumpia wrapper later. And same thing, we will roll this. The only difference of the wrap that were doing I now from the fisrt is that, this is longer. And because this is the way we wrap, we will fry this after we roll. After the lumpia was fried, .that’s the time to cut it in half. This way, we save lumpia wrapper and time. Do the procedure which you are comfortable with. Now are lumpia is ready. We will heat oil in a cooking pan. And be let’s be ready to fry this. If the oil is hot, place the lumpia one by one. Just remember to keep fire between low to medium. Don’t set fire higher because the wrapper will be cooked immediately but the fillings inside will be raw. Let’s wait until the lumpia turns brown. When it turns brown, it means that almost cooked. You will notice that it will slowly float. Just continue to fry it until it turns golden brown like this. After that, we will remove it one by one. We’ll get a plate and put paper towel to absorb the extra oil from the lumpia. Set this aside, and continue to fry the other lumpia that we wrapped. After this, we will transfer the lumpiang shanghai in a serving plate. Add some lumpia sauce then serve. Here is our lumpiang shanghai. Here is our lumpiang shanghai. Let’s taste. Crunchy. Delicious. I can taste the pork here. You know the texture is so crunchy. The pork is so tasty on our lumpia. I just need one more thing, rice! You know, you should try this recipe so that you could understand what I’m saying. And I hope you learned something new today. If you liked our video, don’t forget to hit like. And I am inviting you to subscribe to our Panlasang Pinoy Youtube Channel. See you on the next video.

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