How to Cook One Skillet Pork With Wild Rice & Herbs:  Ohio Pork – Episode 4

did you know pork tenderloin is just as lean
as a boneless skinless chicken breast and it’s delicious
so today I’m going to prepare it as a wild rice skillet – with mixed vegetables, and of course our MVP – the pork tenderloin when you’re shopping at your local
grocery for your pork tenderloin, it’s actually gonna come a package of 2 however if you just put the other one in
a freezer safe bag it freezes wonderfully, use it
throughout the week or next week or next month – whenever you like so for this recipe we only need one
pound of pork tenderloin so what I’m going to do is cut into 1-inch cubes and this meat really is nice and lean – if you put it in the
fridge for about 20 minutes take it out, and then cut it when it’s kinda and cold – it will be easier to cut as your cutting it doesn’t have to be
perfect however you do want a consistent size for an even cook time: this recipe is a real
time saver all you do is you add your ingredients to your skillet making it a one dish wonder right my skillet is at high heat – so what I’m gonna do I’m gonna add my pork tenderloin cubes first – just slide them right in there then we’re going to add 1/8 ounce container of white mushrooms 1 Cup wild grain rice we have about 2 cups of low sodium chicken broth then we’re going to season it – I’ve got an Italian Herb blend here just about a tablespoon or so – you just want to cover up the whole skillet pinch of pepper and then a pinch of salt and then we can always re-season it at the end so don’t worry about that so much we’re going to mix that all together we’re gonna let that get to a boil, then we’re going to reduce to a simmer – we’re gonna cover it while that happens so keep a close eye as become
that to a boil reduce the temperature down to a simmer our pork skillet has been cooking for about 15 minutes at a nice gentle simmer mmm, that smells so good. okay we’re going to add one package of frozen vegetables whatever you have – mix that in… and then we’re gonna cover and cook for
about another five minutes we’re gonna wait until the rice is tender and the pork is cooked all the way through
we’re gonna know the pork is cooked all the way through because we’re going to pay attention to our cook time the first time as you get a little more experienced then you’ll know – take a few minutes off add a few minutes on – until you get comfortable cooking your pork tenderloin no matter if your a home cook or a world renowned chef – anybody can cook this recipe you’ve got multiple food groups here in a bowl – it’s healthy – it’s easy and it’s simple. So, I’m ready to enjoy

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