How to Cook Rabbit: Episode 03 – Grilled Rabbit Loin Sandwiches

hello and welcome to another edition of cooking
with the whackstars. today we’re making grilled rabbit loin sandwiches. they are delicious,
so if you wanna make some of these, pay attention and we’ll show you how its done. thank you
very much. so we have our rabbit loin here. which is like a little tiny backstrap. same
way you cut out a whitetail’s backstrap only from the back of the rabbit. so pull it off.
right here i have the backstraps from about seven rabbits and waited till grilling season
to throw them on the grill so we can make some rabbit sandwiches. so what i’m gonna
do is take all these and throw them in this bowl here. we’re gonna add some worcestershire,
salt, garlic powder, and some buckeyes magic chicken rub we treat rabbit pretty much like
chicken. so whatever your favorite chicken spice mix is. were just gonna be throwing
this on the grill so this is gonna be a little bit spicy, so its gonna give it a little bit
of a kick. cant go wrong. throw a little bit of that on here and we’re gonna mix it all
up. So the rabbit are coated with all three spices and worcestershire. ready for the grill.
once you got your grill ready lets throw these guys on there, just gonna cook them just like
chicken, cook them all the way through. there and they’re done. it doesn’t take to long to cook them. it was only maybe 5 minutes
on each side. you don’t wanna overcook them because like all wild game rabbits don’t have
a lot of fat in them. so you don’t wanna dry them out. alright, now that we’re in here
we’re gonna build our sandwich. whats great about these loins is fit great in hot dog
buns it’s like the perfect size. so we got these bratwurst sausage buns and we’re just
gonna build them. take your meat slap them in there, lets throw 2 loins in this one.
then you cover it with your favorite toppings. got some cheese here and then sweet ginger
sauce. put some cheese. and sweet ginger sauce. enjoy. that’s delicious. thank you for watching
whackstar hunters remember to subscribe to our youtube page, leave a few comments and
remember hunt hard, eat good.

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