How to cook Spanish Tapas: cookery lesson by award-winning chef

So, something about chopping, why chefs never
cut themselves, well, hardly ever… you don’t want to be going like that. What is the origin of the word tapas? It comes
from when you had a drink in the summer and there were lots of flies around in the heat
and you put a little piece of bread on it and tapar, in Spanish means to cover so it
would be a little something on a little bit of bread. The authentic tortilla de patata is made with
egg, onion and potato. With tortilla mix you want to cook the onion first because onion
actually takes a really long time to cook.So, you’re going to cook the onion and when it’s
kind of nearly there, you’re going to get the potato in there. You cook a bit, like
a third of it, then you put it back in here, mix it all up again and then you cook a bit
more because you want it to be cooked all the way through but you don’t want it to be
too burnt. Put the plate on top and hold it near the handle and turn it and don’t let
it drip down your arm. So this is really nice as well these fennel
fronds, you can use those like a herb or even, especially when you finish something off.
If I’m in a restaurant context I always take them off and then just scatter them over things
because they’re a lovely colour aren’t they? Empanada is a Galician classic, fillings vary
from region to region and from bar to bar. This one is made with fennel, tuna and olives.
They’re such lovely tins aren’t they? Ortiz. If you do have any pastry left over, you can
make a little lattice and put it on the top but it doesn’t matter at all. Aioli is a simple emulsion of eggs, garlic
and olive oil. It’s a mayonnaise but it’s a proper garlicky mayonnaise and, to my mind,
it just has egg yolk and garlic and olive oil in it, that’s it. Pincho moruno. You can do this if you like,
someone? Cut it up into chunks like, about, like that. Keep them the same sort of size
because you want them to cook at the same rate. Ok, so you want to keep it in squarish
chunks really more, so you’ve gone a bit thin there, oh dear! Depths, different depths, I like different
depths in cooking, like a background of something and then…fresh! You can cook these on a
griddle, do you have a griddle? You don’t have a griddle, griddles don’t work so well
on that. Cook it in the oven, get the oven really hot and then… cooking, it’s just about getting all the flavour
in there at the beginning, tasty bases, I call it. Croquetas de jamón. The croquetas are made
from a simple (thick) bechamel sauce. If you’re in a restaurant you make croquetas when you
have the end of a ham and you need to use it up. There you are, mix it all nicely, nicely.
It’s just a really thick bechamel with stuff in it, ham and egg. So this is called panée-ing
when you panée, flour, egg and breadcrumb, things. Oh God! I love croquetas so much.
They should be really crispy on the outside and really gooey on the inside.

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