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How to cooking food | Make Food For Dogs | Tips-how to cooking food angry through my and I’m inside dog in
New this is the world for kitchen nutrition 9 with me Press hope not the him happy here me 100 USDA certified re much like you
make it home if you like you’re not however they’re
is one big dip here probably something just human need heineman to their so you got Herenton dog nutrition created special human you all the rest nutritionally balanced given all the fine tell me legal here just done many dog the best pop the problem the kitchen the big enough
to be all the doc everyone love Press so the solution package the rest and especially you do it yourself you can make name recipes here year there are a growing number of people
around the country that are begin to make their own food at
all for their dogs and essentially that’s a
great idea currently work based in Southern
California so one way to make our diet more available to other parts of the country was to
come up with this DIY concept DIY concept is essentially on the macro
and micronutrients premixed in a sachet that you can then cook the food at home following a recipe add some of these this mixture and
essentially have the same diet that we’re cooking in our kitchen has to be a balance means added nutrients to to be able to you end up with the
final product that dokie every single day for life have all the nutrients thing there’s a
science to it and if you don’t know what you’re doing
over time you can create deficiencies in vitamins and minerals and essential
fatty acids that could hurt your dog whether you buy
our food from us we’ve made it we’re selling
it to you or you make it yourself through our DIY
program I love the food is downstairs standards the NRC are the National Research
Council they are a private organization that reports
directly to the FDA and what they do is they publish
information on on nutrient profiles for all sorts of
species and so that’s what we used to formulate
are diets and balance our were making it as simple as possible by
putting this in a pouch we give you the recipe the exact weights all the ingredients
and a pouch has the exact amount may change that
that are needed there’s nothing else that needs to be
added to this to make it balance I believe that we have the best
recipes in the world your dog doesn’t know whether you make
it or we make it really doesn’t matter with the DIY power and following the instructions and recipe
that we give literally they’re identical given the
fact that we’re gonna cook some homemade food for dogs I thought it would be appropriate to go
to the kitchen where it all started and have Andrea who helped develop the
SP shows how it’s done I every Andrea nice to see you think Andrea thank you so much really excited find out more about I’m can you tell me
just started what started when we found out I was in
commercial once we found out we decided want figure waiting feed a whole food diet products this
cute little package way back but Savannah find out so inside there we have the cooking I
for the beef potato recipe which gives us all the ingredients and
have kept them and we have three packets sup and just a pronounced worked with
interest make down that BC period yeah that’s right we have that
and a formulator find him I recipes we have five different daily diets and therefore we have five different DIY
relations each DIY formulation a specific for a
certain day died the reason for this is is daily
recipe each day each party with tires has a
different protein source different car source on it specifically
formulated unbalanced with those ingredients in mind I got the
package super excited to confirm endowed I’m not a kid perfectly doctor what do I need art it’s pretty
simple you don’t need to be a chef to be able
to cut are you need hot hand spatula and that’s pretty much
it and as far as the time that I meant gonna be about an hour to an hour the entire K makes about 30,000 so it
when is packets is about is roughly 10 pounds well the
supplements cost about 60 cents propounded and then ingredient it doing well that sounds like it’s going
to be pretty we need differs started the market like to shop all the ingredients that make up our
recipes are you sleep stock cooking & recipes for your dad is is not
much different for your family itself with you I would
normally would this is fresh for food that’s very very
healthy for you doc it’s fairly simple to make in part
because you don’t season is going to be a chef
making your dog food is a lot of fun you know exactly what’s going into your
dog nutrition and you know that you’re giving the absolute best interest impossible to Iraq ok we just came back market and we have
always brilliant we follow course the guide in the kit tell us what to buy the what did we buy
well we her around me which is 8515 land beef liver we are synthesized protein
recipes so that means in the beef we have a beef
liver in a chicken have chicken liver lamb salary and then
over here we have all the fruits and vegetables yet we have recipe taylor’s and sweet
potatoes and green beans you got it back carrot had Apple and
then I think he’s that they look like they might be friends 30 knowing a we try to get fresh whenever possible only can’t you
do frozen you wanna make sure that there’s no seasonings you wanna butter salt
pepper any other seasonings ask that they do
see a little bit of oil that is actually safflower oil that we add to it after
everything’s ok and then of course the wonderful do it
yourself kit there’s only one on the table but there
was three in the package so how much did each packet makes about
10 pounds so everything right but you see right
here is going to make athlete an okay but we do now now top bring your starting off the process of cooking prepping the best starred thats make sure that are you this old have a skilled way up well it’s gonna give us the exact
portion size to me for each eating yes take the guesswork right hard person that was interesting left
with the skin on when you coming that cut them to you set
your dog size if you have a large dog larger larger pieces yes up I have reviewed his back creating a step further media process
you can absolutely do it process every rest a bit different prep pretty much the same yes exactly
the fish is the only one that has to go into the app all the steps again is that everything cut-out and on CBS and now place in the pocket organiser cooking
coming what we do is we put them in a cold
water start boiling okay ray it’s your turn you wanna give
it a try okay I i forward everybody my Kitchener
chopping great but this is arrested everybody
continues now the Apple’s we also want to leave the
skin on wanna for them but most importantly we
want to make sure that there are no seats left in Apple’s receive can be highly toxic to should be a top that depends on your top dog is smaller or spit out using yes you can tap her me this is the Grammy and obviously the liver you can see it’s Justin so I want to
chop you can however ask Bucher to crack particularly the liver contains a high amount we try to get as much in the nutrients
we can from ingredients and just gives us grandma everything’s on Chapter ready to
go when you cooking anyone in these recipes
with the exception the fish we’re going to start cooking the meat
and delivers all all the proteins are going
headline in a dry pan over medium-high heat we
don’t and the oil into everything think it’s starting Magnum stand here medical all the way through
print when you’re about halfway through knits still pain you know at all vegetables the beef is writing to have the vegetables and
Apple so just put that in there right now
sentiment thing and that’s all that together and continue cooking tell me his cup on
vegetables are the fact is being rendered from the
cooking process we want to keep dream there make sure everything and 10 one thing that we want to make sure
is that everything is called add the supplements supplements some he turns okay so we want to make sure
that they stay as potent as they need to be we’re going to mix in the five
tablespoons safflower oil sumps them we’re going to mix in the supplements
now answers going as I the nutrients your are the human body all the ingredients
are for human consumption so there are human
grade strap world and me months just like patient now time for help because there are no preservatives and
fast food the food should last about 5 or six days the exception to this would be the fish that’s gonna last about greed you can
make it one two or three times month packages into you’ll sized Ziploc
bags and freeze it and simply poured out of
the freezer as you need let it thaw out in the refrigerator also kinda goes freezer refrigerator
ball freezer refrigerator ball it becomes a teen thats actually very simple okay summers gonna question
it out for just one cup for my here and this is when they
serving alia and of course if you have a bigger
dog yes person the bread and that in that I serving tell you exactly how much to feed I’ve got three anxious dogs trained eat
this rainbow Leo and find their tails wagging times are out but the last step last
step is to Sir think be more ready ok no okay so there you have it shop shop cook pack sir it’s really not any and if you’d like to get your own do
yourself get shop online that the store give them a call I’m greeted good

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