okay so we’re gonna definitely try that again um take two so hi my name is Danielle Branch if you don’t know me and today we’re actually going to be talking about how you can grow your cooking channel and turn it into something that’s just a little bit more saucy er so that’s going to be coming up next and hopefully hopefully you all already we’re also going to be taking some live questions and taking a look at viewers channels and see if there’s anything that they can do to maybe be a little bit a little bit different and stand out from the crowd as well so welcome welcome and if this is your first time here then definitely consider subscribing if you want to learn how to be more engaging how to have fun and be different so you can stand out from the crowd and YouTube is such a huge place and I know that we all kind of want to make videos and stand out and have some passion and share it with the world so down there consider subscribing if that’s what you’d like to do too so yep that’s kind of where we are today we are going to be talking about in particular a Cooking Channel for the first portion of this video and then as we get a little bit later on down the road I’ll be talking to you guys inside of the chat to really see what kind of channels you guys have and see if there’s anything I can do to make life just a little bit easier and more fun for you so if you are in the chat definitely let me know so that I can say hey what’s up today has definitely been a very very interesting day for me I’ll tell you that much so let’s see some things that are happening around YouTube right now while we’re getting everything started we’ve actually had a lot of strange things happen so you can go live on your phone now that’s pretty darn awesome really excited about that other things that you can do if you haven’t gone live on your mobile you can do that even if you have less than a thousand subscribers so that is totally totally awesome I’m not actually live on my mobile at the moment but I know you can I just found that it it seems to go and take a lot of your um a lot of your battery and the connection isn’t some good so those are my personal thoughts button I have a whole video where I actually was line you can check that out I’ll probably put a link down the description or a card up here somewhere so yes we are going to be talking about a Cooking Channel I’m actually getting that up right now as we speak so that I can go and show all of you hi I’m hi analog oh your work alright hey that’s cool that’s cool so we’re going to be taking a look at a website called soft stash and that’s actually going to be what we’re going to be doing now so let me see if I can’t get that pulled out for you guys and then we’ll go we’ll take a look so if you’re doing a cooking channel there are lots and lots of cooking channels but I think it’s actually a really great thing for your channel because people are looking for how to all the time and one of the best things when it comes to a how-to is how to do this how to cook this how to make this personally I didn’t how to make an overhead or a fried egg and I actually did learn from YouTube a lot how to cook so I think having that Cooking Channel is gonna be really amazing for you let me go ahead and see if I can’t go and share this for you that is just gonna go weird for me first second all right so hopefully you can see this so this is actually sauce – there we go so this is sauce – its and this is a great great way if you have a cooking channel one of the things you really want to think about is what is going to make you different one of the things I really like about sauce – is they specialize in sauces so you what you want to do is you want to go and take a niche that’s as large as cooking and you really want to go and bring it down a little bit you want to get even more specific and that’s something that sauce – does amazingly so everything is going to have a sauce to it and hopefully you can see my mouse as well but everything is going to go and have a sauce in it I think that the presentation on the banner up here is going to be amazing because it really brings to life what is this channel about and that’s what I’m kind of digging about it you’ll see here that as soon as you get past that what to watch next you have playlists and this is something else that’s going to really make your channel stand out one of the things that they’ve done is put this sauce recipe saucy time here so these are all of their videos in one spot when you have a channel trailer one of the best things that you can do to get people to actually watch your playlist is tell them to do it make it easy for them some of the things that we’ll see here fish taco Baja sauce tartar sauce classic burger sauce sweet teriyaki sauce it’s all about the sauce so that’s something that I am loving a bow saw sauce – in particular let’s take a look at they’re about age so we can kind of get an idea as to what they are about so you’ll see that they make sauces they’ll show you how to make awesome sauces using great ingredients are simple and quick recipes can be made by anyone of any cooking experience using common kitchen tools with simple good ingredients so if you actually do a search for sauce stash right now those first two sentences are what you’re going to see as they’re bio so making sure that you have something really engaging and just come right out with it and tell them exactly what they’re going to see that’s going to be really really important now underneath that fold my name is mark and my amazing girlfriend Monica convinced me to start this channel together we’ve been working hard coming up with these recipes for our awesome sauces she built an incredible website sauce calm hashtag none of this is sponsored in fact sauce dash has no idea I’m even doing this so who knows maybe they’ll pop in you can visit sauce comm to print all the recipes now it’s time to add some flavor thanks for checking us out sincerely sauce sauce stash okay I can’t even pronounce this but I’m still digging it cuz I still think it’s awesome it’s just a tongue twister for me so these are just some of the things that I’m digging about sauce – like I said before this cooking channel you really want to go and end make sure that you niche down so if you are the master of chicken recipes narrow down and do only chicken recipes maybe you know how to go and take ground beef and turn it into something amazing think about the things that people are wanting they’re wanting to know how to use cheap ingredients like chicken beef pork those three here sauce – does things with sauces so you can go in and take anything and create these amazing sauces and bring those dishes to life that’s that’s how you niche down I want to take a moment and take a look at these videos and take a look at the thumbnails as people are going to be scrolling and so we want to make sure that they are seeing with their with their eyes on the thumbnails first because people may not be reading those titles exactly so fish taco sauce I’m loving that it has that kitchen board because a lot of the shots that you see in the videos are kitchen board down so you can see those fish tacos the vegan sloppy joe love it actually if I remember I I had seen sauce – in one of the videos mention that it says lunch break it that actually is their lunch break and that is actually what he’s eating for lunch so getting those up close shots of the food for a kitchen channel not a kitchen channel a cooking channel is going to be vital that’s what is selling you but I like the fact that even here on this unicorn mac and cheese which fYI I probably will not eat it’s amazing but I probably will not eat it it looks weird and I’m kind of like that but I do like the fact that with it being a unicorn it’s colorful the words on all of these thumbnails you can read that is engagement taking the up-close picture the food is what’s going to sell so making I like the fact that you can see a lot of stuff going on with the words but more importantly you can see the pictures this is how you do a thumbnail for a cooking channel right the background is not is not overpowering because the main focus remember of a cooking channel is the food so digging the thumbnails and it really matches the brand with that banner as well let’s take a look at all the playlists that you can see here and maybe it’ll give you guys an idea as well so Mayo sauces so these are going to be some sauces that have mayonnaise as a base all of the recipes that you can find are in one solid playlist remember we saw that right under that channel trailer all of their lunch breaks are in one particular playlist sandwich sauces so if you need sauces that are good to go and put on a sandwich it’s right there next our skillet sauces so if you need to create a sauce that is made in a skillet and then down below vegan sauces so this is an amazing way to go and kind of break up those different categories the only suggestions that I would actually have for sauce – is I would consider possibly creating different different thumbnails for your different playlists now the lunch breaks they have so you’ll see all the lunch breaks you can see him in the background with the food up front and then the words on the right that’s awesome but some of these others it’s really hard to kind of see what the difference is between the different playlists so that might be something I would really take into consideration is trying to go and create playlists with different thumbnails that make sense that way you can see very easily oh okay these are vegan but that is what I’m seeing and hopefully that’s helped out a little bit for you all as well is there anyone that wanted me to go and take a look at their channel possibly and see if there’s anything that I could go and help you guys be engaging with analog did you if you’re still here did you want me to go in and take a look at your channel I know that I did have I know that I did have someone and that wanted me to go and take a look at their channel so I’m going to go ahead and take a look at theirs and the links to these channels that I’m reviewing are going to be down in the bottom I will analog hey so you actually do cooking as well awesome possum we’ll take a look at yours in two seconds I know you’re at work so the next one is Michelle Bob wits and she actually does a beauty Channel actually I think I might save her for a completely different video we will take a look at analog while we’re here sixteen yup alright so this is you so we’re going to go ahead and take a look at this I’m going to come back to me if you don’t mind um just for a second need to make sure that not that I’ll trusty analog I just I don’t trust you hey everything okay alright awesome um so the average Dan is in the house welcome welcome we are actually going through and I don’t looking down here not a here what’s up with that um we’re actually going through channels and taking a look to go and see what people may be able to do to stand out from the crowd and that’s what we’re kind of looking at right now and we’re going to be taking a look at analog analogs Channel all right I think that we are good so analog I know we had kind of talked before and I know that you were changing the direction of your channel so we’re going to keep that in mind and because I’ve recently done the same so don’t worry I will go and keep that in mind it is not hard look at the camera but if I’m looking down at at chat it is a little hard alright so hopefully you all can see um I know it looks a little bit strange but yep all right so here’s analogs and he wants me to go and take a look at the candied bacon and actually you know what I’m actually really diggin yeah I’m actually digging the thumbnail for this analog because and let me let me make this bigger and pause it um I am actually really really loving your thumbnail for that it is so relevant okay so your thumbnail what I really liked about it is on the right you actually had your you had your um we’re talking hold on there we go so um I liked it because you were talking um – you can tell that you were like eating that on the right the fact that your picture is there is great because all the words you really want to kind of keep what I’ve noticed you want to kind of keep them on the left because if they happen to be in a playlist um then how many videos are actually in that playlist is going to be covering up your face so having all the words on the left what it actually is on the left seems to really kind of work out I believe that actually the thumbnail I used for this particular video that we’re on now everything’s on the right but I think it’s awesome so let’s go and take a look at this it’s 2 minutes and 22 seconds um I’m not sure that you guys are actually going to be able to hear what’s going on in the in the video itself so I kind of hesitate to do anything how to make candy bacon you know analog what I would probably do inside the description of this particular video as crazy as it is I would really consider going and putting the recipe above the fold above these links to you the product I but the products are great I still say continue with the products but I would actually consider putting the steps one by one in there um just so that you can you could have a little bit more that’s going to be searchable that would be that would be my suggestion because right now you the only thing you really have inside of the inside of the description here is how to make candied bacon I hope you enjoyed this easy and delicious candied bacon recipe so actually put the recipe in the description or make that that description a little bit some meteor pardon the pun that would be my suggestion for you but you can see all the people who are on the right well yeah you can see all that some of the people on the right who are actually relevant to you it talks about grills because if you talked about grills so your links in there are telling Google YouTube hey I should be linked with more with more people that do grills so that would be my suggestion is um I would really put more in there about about cooking more about grilling the bacon and then maybe you’ll be kind of paired with people who who do more cooking stuff that way that way you’ll be able to you’ll be able to see that Daniel um hopefully hopefully you were able to see um I did going hey very nice Daniel so I’m in that last video Daniel um inside of the comments I did go and leave a link for you that hopefully answered your question why your comments are not coming up because I’m not filtering you so um analog I know you’ve been here since the beginning and factory there since the previous livestream so my suggestion is if you want to continue down the path of The Cooking Channel then great I know you said I know you said something about making this more of a variety yeah there’s a lot of dance so what you could do if you still want to keep the variety do yourself a favor and make playlists for all of it so you want to have a playlist for cooking have a playlist for maybe time lapses because I see of a time lapse if you want to do a reaction then make sure that you have just the playlist for just reactions if you’re going to do a variety that’s what I would do because you don’t have any playlists right now and playlists are gonna be a nice way to group everything together analog when you have that second channel you definitely let me know okay that’s awesome analog you an average day on need to hook up in an HR appropriate way so the average then did you want me to take a look at your channel I think you and I we’ve already kind of talked a little bit um but if you’d like I can definitely take a look at your channel because I know in the future you’re going to you’re going to review my channel so I can always take a look at your channel okay I love your channel by the way so so the average Dan um him and I we actually he was driving tisk tisk tisk um he was driving and he did a live stream and the live stream that he did was um was all about the changing in in his channel I haven’t seen your new one I’m being honest with you um I just haven’t yet I had some free time and figured I would go live um but something that the average Dan um I thought was some of his best videos was how to and and Dan I know that that’s kind of where you’re going with it so that’s what I’m going to be talking about one of the amazing things about you that I haven’t really had the opportunity to tell you is you have an amazing an amazing way of posing your thumbnails which is why we’re here your thumbnails are off the hook and I love the fact that you did your that you did your orange because as we’ve talked before orange is not a color that people are using so amazing amazing job so the direction that your channel you had said we’re going was going to be more of the how-to and I think that is the best bet for you I feel that that’s the direction that you really should go and leave all the other stuff on your other channel so with that in mind ways that I think that you can stand out the average day and I think you’re already going to be standing out because just the way that you present things with that how-to is going to be awesome like I told you inside of your stream you do it I’ve noticed do a lot of and this is just what I’ve noticed right here your Chrysler Town and Country I’m a girl and I’m not trying to generalize girls in at all by any means I’m telling you me personally I do not have to change a tire I do not know how to change the fluids in my car so I would really focus on I know guys is like passed down from generation to generation really think about your daughter and I’m talking directly to you the average can think about your daughter and what videos can you create that she would be able to pick up and learn from if she was stuck on the side of the road I think that’s going to be amazing for you however um for you to stand out you’re gonna have to make it stupidly simple for people because I think that’s kind of where your market is I believe that your market is kind of oversaturated with people that that speak higher level that’s how it would stand out and you have an amazing personality that I think you’re going to be able to do just about anything so the average Dan concept I know you had also talked about um how to make things cheap how to go and keep budget in mind amazing I would try to consider um maybe once a week you’re welcome I would consider once a week I’m doing like a money maybe like money talk Monday and again the average day and what I think about that concept is going to be like this average dude this average dude and he is talking about being an average dude I know that sounds crazy but that’s um that’s why I think if you’re do the money thing like you had mentioned I would consider making into a playlist and like a regularly occurring thing so yes that’s my suggestion um focus focus focus if you’re going to be this average Dan dude focus focus focus okay let’s that’s my suggestion is that did I miss someone is there someone else that’s not everybody Daniel have you made a channel yet I don’t think you have I do to you the average and that’s why um I don’t mind you doing me but you’re gonna have to wait a hot minute I’m not ready for the feedback but you are more than welcome to definitely um do mine so let’s take a look your playlists we’ve already talked a lot about your thumbnails I’m going to take a look at your playlist cuz I know you’re the the analytics guy I’m not going to talk to you about your analytics livestreams awesome I know you do thanks Daniel um so I heard anything that you do everything amazing um in fact I even stole one of your ideas the average Dan I stole your um I stole the one where video mentions of the average Dan you better the average Dan you better and I don’t mind that so I actually did steal that concept from you so I think that’s awesome one thing I do like um because you do have different styles of your thumbnails and so the ones I think stand out the most are the ones where you have the full um let me come back here to your videos the ones that stand out the most are going to be where it’s the full orange or something where it’s a lot of orange again I would consider going and making those thumbnails different for each playlist and I can see that you are doing that but at the same time I see that there’s a lot of using a lot of the same things like your camper remodel nine is kind of the same concept here as your shopping spree but for the average stands about and Hambridge see and you didn’t have to go and give me a super chat how about that all right so um join me for YouTube growth instructional videos entertainment and weekly vlogs something for everyone so Dan I’m gonna give you some of your own medicine here we go um your description I think that you need to get back into this and fill this out and I know you know that so I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know I would definitely go in and make it meteor definitely talk about yeah I didn’t think so um I would definitely go and make it meteor I would talk about when you’re going to post things that would be my suggestion um because right now you don’t have a lot and right now when someone searches for you then you’re going to see join me for YouTube growth instructional videos entertainment and weekly vlogs something for everyone so that’s what people are going to see and I think it’s great but if you do plan on refocusing then stop procrastinating how about that um other than that I love your channel you know that is there anyone else in here oh here we go we got puns going on is there anyone else in here that wants to have me go and take a look at the channel and see what other things they can do to stand out from the crowd because I can do top data too me too if you’d like actually I think I will without your permission all right talk data to me so if you do not know talk data to me um this is actually a really cool podcast that the average Dan and famous from FLW does and they basically talk about is golly did you hear how many ohms did I say in that sentence geez look easy there it is another one so they talk about how to grow your channel they do channel reviews where you have the average Dan that does your analytics and then famous from FLW is the one that really looks at the beauty the art of the channel so I’m going to be talking about top data to me so first we’re going to take a look at that about page and so here in the description YouTube endless analytics explained channels reviewed video podcast where you can join the hosts the average Dan and famous as we discuss the role analytics please in managing a successful YouTube channel so this is what’s actually going to be in the fold if you go and you search for top data to me I think it’s amazing I think it’s going it really puts out there what it is you do and down here it also talks about if you want to join our mailing list for exclusive content to improve your channel and Excel and Excel great growth gosh I can’t talk there is actually the link so awesome very good um and I think that right now there hasn’t been many videos so I definitely would go ahead and subscribe to this because they’re just getting started but that doesn’t mean that they just getting started on YouTube I think you’re doing something amazing with the thumbnails already one of the things that I do like about your your icon by the way is that your background is orange famous iziz blue and with one of the with one of the videos this can sub4sub be a good thing I enjoyed the fact that it was almost like you guys play good-cop bad-cop I really like that because um it one person was good cop the other ones bad cop I think that’s a way that you can make this channel stand out just like you did with sub4sub yes it’s a very popular topic but one person took one side and the other person took the other side so pro and con versus I think that’s something that you should really make in a more again like yours I would definitely make it into a recurring theme definitely make it into a recurring theme so take one topic and one is good one is bad hopefully that makes sense because I thought that was really great other than that um we could definitely go and revisit this channel if you’d like um I’m gonna be watching I’ve watched both already so um if you guys want to if you want to learn a little bit more about what’s under the hood in those analytics and stuff then definitely go ahead and subscribe to them I’ll make sure there’s a link down in the description I do work I’m actually on lunch um and figured hey I would go ahead and pop in but ladies and gentlemen I think that’s actually going to be it for one day Rico I think that is going to be it for one day um and I do appreciate you all spending some time with me today and if you want to learn how to be engaging be fun and be different and stand out from the crowd consider subscribing down below and who knows I might go live and if you hit that notification icon that bell then you might be able to engage with me so until then I hope you all have a great day and I’ll see you in the next video have a great day guys

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