How to Install a Drop-in Kitchen Sink

Tired old sink bringing your kitchen down?
Replacing it is easier than you think. We’re replacing a drop in sink, which fits
over the countertop. Bottom mount sinks, attach from beneath. Be sure to get the right one.
And measure your old sink to be sure the new one will fit in the same space. Make a list of the things you’ll need for
the job. Things like supply lines, gaskets, plumbers putty, PVC primer, and cement. And
if the supply valves are in bad shape – or not there at all – get those, too. If you’re replacing your sink, it’s a great
time to replace your faucet too. For more info, check out our How To Install a Kitchen
Faucet video. Start by turning off the water. Then turn
on the faucet to relieve the pressure. Turn off the power to the garbage disposal and
disconnect it. Position a bucket to catch any water and remove the supply lines. Then
disconnect the drain pipes. Then unscrew the discharge pipe. The disposal
drops right out. Next loosen the metal clips beneath the countertop
and remove them. Cut the caulk around the sink with a utility
knife. Gently push up from underneath to loosen the
sink and lift it away. Use a putty knife to clean up any old caulk
or grime. Drop the new sink into the opening to make
sure it fits. Then take it out and set it on a work surface. Put a bead of plumbers putty around the drain
strainer and press into the sink. Place the gaskets and flange, and tighten. Clean away
the excess putty. If you’re installing a disposal, install the
mounting bracket. Next, install the faucet and place the clips. Run a bead of silicone sealant around the
sink edge and carefully lower it into place. Tighten the clips and wipe away excess sealant. Now, hook up the supply lines to the faucet.
Tighten the connections, but don’t overtighten. Connect the sprayer too. Attach the disposal to the sink and install
the discharge pipe. The drainpipes may not line up exactly with
your new sink. You may have to cut the pipes, or replace shorter pipes with longer ones.
Once it’s all lined up you can reattach the P-trap. Then reconnect power to the disposal. Some sinks may require a bead of sealant around
the top. Install accessories like a soap dispenser. Finally, slowly turn on the water and check
for leaks. Then turn back on the power to the disposal… And that’s it! Want more great ideas and how-to’s? Go to or just click to subscribe. Next, see how to brighten up your kitchen
with under cabinet lighting.

11 thoughts on “How to Install a Drop-in Kitchen Sink

  1. Seems pretty easy for me to do. My sink definitely needs to be replaced since it hasn't been since I bought the house back in 2004.

  2. That garbage disposal has a knock out plug for the dish washer hose. That was not covered in the vid.

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