How to lighten up a sandwich-shop classic, the French dip

(upbeat music) We’re at Whole Foods, we’re gonna go grab some ingredients to knock out these sandwhiches. (upbeat music) Wait, what are we making? We’re making (laughs) we’re making french dip sandwhiches, but we’re gonna use mushrooms in place of the beef. These are portobello mushrooms, they have a super savory umami flavor, and they have a meaty texture that kind of mimics meat’s heft. You don’t forage for your own mushrooms? No, not about that life. So normally with french dip sandwhiches they come with this beef au jus mixture, but we’re gonna build up a vegetarian (mumbles) sauce. It’s gonna be super rich and umami just like the normal au jus, but we’re going to use other ingredients for it. Ready to do this? Yes. French onions. (Jamie laughs) Okay. What’re we doing, Jamie? The classic deli-style french dip sandwich is loaded with sat fat, and it’s typically just bread and beef and a sodium-packed au jus mixture. We wanna capture all of those flavors still, but in a lighter sandwich that still kind of mimics that heft and the meatiness and umami flavor. We’re gonna dd some caramelized onions to it, and the secret with caramelized onions is to cook them low and slow, which is what we’re doing today. We’re basically just coaxing out all of their natural, sweet flavor. Good things take time. Write that down. Yeah. I’m gonna use a mix of butter and oil for these, and I’m start them over medium heat, cook them for maybe five to 10 minutes, and then I’ll drop it down low. Name that song. And we’ll just kind of babysit them for thirty to forty-five minutes. We’re using portabella mushrooms. They cut sat fat and calories way down. The gills are where they normally trap dirt. They put the fun in fungi. (mumbles) You. Just get some of the dirt off the top. Mushrooms are very high maintenance. You have to be very gentle with them. They’re like me. They’re a pain like you. Okay, so we’re just gonna slice these guys into strips. We wanna try to get a nice, golden sear on them. The best way to get a golden sear is to just cook them undisturbed for a few minutes. Okay, I’m gonna go ahead and flip these guys over. See that nice, golden sear on top? So you think I could make this? No. Because it doesn’t involve just a microwave, no. Okay, little bit more oil. Add the rest of the mushrooms. The reason why we’re waiting to salt these until they cook is because salt draws moisture and water out of the mushrooms and it’ll prevent them from caramelizing. These are looking good. I’m gonna add in the rest of the mushrooms back to this pan, and we’re gonna start building our au jus in this. Now– Bless you. (Jamie laughs) That is a good one. Some vegetable broth, dry sherry, oh, that smells really good, organic tamari, so this is just gluten-free soy sauce. This is a big umami boost. Worcestershire sauce. Lil’ bit of that. Got a little bit of black pepper. We’re gonna add some fresh thyme. Let this boil for just a little bit. Drop it down to a simmer, maybe five minutes or so. We’re making a sauce to put on these sandwiches. Simple mix, just some Dijon mustard, just a half a teaspoon roughly of the horse radish. Back to the onions. These are almost done. I’m gonna go ahead and add the salt in now, and I’m gonna go ahead and take our mushrooms out. And those are done. And now I’m going to divide this into ramekins. (upbeat music) Ah, skill. The blueprint of this sandwich. Start with the Dijon horse radish. We’re gonna coat both the top and the bottom, and we’re gonna start by topping them with mushrooms. Beautiful. We’re gonna top these with the caramelized onions. Looks nice. Little bit of Swiss cheese. Just layer the cheese on top. Now I’m going to pop these under the broiler until the cheese melts. (exclaims) Look at these beauties. Just took them out of the oven, and they’re looking mighty delicious. Those are pretty fantastic. I’m very excited. Just kind of show it off to me. Wow. Woo woo! Okay, here we go. (upbeat music) Mmm. I mean, like honestly, even the biggest carnivores in your life I think would dig this. They’re also not something that you’d wanna order on the first date. (laughs) (upbeat music)

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