How to limit food waste when cooking for two🍴

Hey everyone. I’m Alicia. I’m the blogger over at If you haven’t checked out my blog, be sure
to stop by and check it out. So, I am married, but our kids are grown and
they have already left home. Sometimes, they come over for dinner, but
most of the time they don’t. If you are like me, you know hard cooking
for two can be. You can use a recipe website and you can adjust
the portions on some of them, but then still end up with a 1/2 a can of something or a
1/16th teaspoon of salt and those kind of measurements are just ridiculous and hard
to work with. I use a website called Cooksmarts and I like
her website because she sends out several recipes every week. They are sometimes interdependent. At the beginning of the week you might use
a one ingredient and towards the middle of the week, you’ll use the same ingredient again. So, if that happens to be a can of beans and
you are cooking for two people, you use half a can of beans in the beginng of the week
and you use the other half of the can at the end of the week, so you aren’t wasting the
food. Another option that you can do is go ahead
and cook for four. I frequently do this. Because then when my son comes home after
work and he takes a plate with him to go, or I eat it the next day for lunch and if
after a couple of days, it hasn’t gotten eaten I just stick it in the freezer. For that, I use these little trays like these
that I got on Amazon and these are from a company called Green Direct. I’ll be sure to put the link down below. They are BPA free. They look like little take-out trays. I like these because it’s got 3 compartments
cuase we usually eat a couple of things like a main dish and a couple of veggies, a couple
of side dishes. I think that’s how a lot of Americans eat. These are, like I said, BPA-free. I can put my hot food directly in them and
then stick them right in the refrigerator. If I don’t eat it in a couple of days, I stick
in the freezer. And then, when I take it out I can microwave
it directly – no problem – and then stick it right in the dishwasher. They are easy-care and they will help you
cut down on food waste and this is one of my best tips for cooking for two and I hope
it helped you. If it did, be sure and leave a comment down
below. Thanks for watching and have an awesome day.

8 thoughts on “How to limit food waste when cooking for two🍴

  1. I loveeee this! I always plan my meal plans around how I can use all the left over ingredients like the second half of a can of beans! I didn't know about the website though!

  2. Wasting food is one of the things that Hubs and I struggle with when it comes to cooking for just the two of us.

  3. This is great! I relate to the struggle of trying to adjust recipes. I am a TERRIBLE cook as it is and I'm bad at math lol. Those trays sound wonderful!

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