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– [Nicole] Woo bubbly, crispy. Woo, sometimes we have to
have a little inspiration from around the work place when we need to develop some new recipes. I asked my friend Liz, who happens to be a fellow lover of dips, and casseroles, and Liz, what did you suggest I make? – Totino’s casserole with Ranch, and mozzarella sticks. Y’all Totino’s Pizza Rolls,
who doesn’t love them. So anyway, I’m going to do that, because it just sounds good. Sometimes you just crave
all the unhealthy things. I’ve got my supplies out. I am just gaging how I’m
going to layer this thing. The idea was Totino’s
Pizza Roll casserole. But I still kind of want
to be able to eat it with my fingers. It’s kind of like a nachos casserole. I start with a little sauce in the bottom. We’re going to a little outward edge, cheese stick crust, kind of like a stuffed crust pizza. I’m just going to hope this works. I’m feeling hopeful. But because y’all may want this recipe, I’m going to measure, so that I can then write the recipe. That’s how we develop. A lot of people right now are jealous that I get to develop stuff like this. Just about a cup of sauce. See what the oven, yeah I’m going to go up high like 450. We’re going to start layering. Essentially all this stuff is cooked. This is the new 50 roll bag. Liz asked, “Did you get the 40 roll?” I’m like, “No, now there’s 50 in a bag.” I guess I’ll go up and down. This is just like the
ultimate Friday sampler. Someone in this place
called it Stoner food. But I don’t think you need
to be stoned to enjoy this. All right, so I got them in, I’m going to go around again
with the cheese sticks. Probably should’ve sprayed the pan. I don’t know. This would be fun to sever at like, a high school graduation, so that the kids get used
to eating college junk. Go ahead and start the Freshman 15. I’ve artfully arranged them. I didn’t use about 10, so the 40 roll bag actually would fit perfect. All right I’m going to go
grab some Mozzarella cheese, I’ll be right back. I changed my mind, I’m
going to bake it first, so that they can get
as crispy as possible. I’m going to get them 90% of the way, and then I’m going to add the cheese. All right to be continued. It’s been 25 minutes. Oh yeah. Pizza roll casserole, we’re going to top it like a pizza. A little cheese, a little black olives. You know I’m the master
of the perfect bite. The color is not that appealing, that’s why we’re going
to add some fresh herbs. It takes like three to five minutes. Woo, bubbly, crispy. Oh my gosh. Woo! This could be eaten with a
fork, or with your fingers. It’s not the prettiest of things. I feel like it needs some
chopped tomato, or something, but hopefully the green will liven it up. The person who created this, she’s going to give it a taste. All right, so what do you think? Overall you like it? – Oh yeah. – I’m going straight in from the center. Ooh I don’t know. I might have gotten it to … – It’s a little soggy. – It’s going to be too soggy. – Yeah. – It’s too soggy. – You have to part bake it. – I started to do that at first, but then I really wanted this to be a one step dish. – Yeah. – But I think we need to
par bake the Tostino’s, because they got a little too, too soggy. All right, let’s try it again. Okay, so I tried to pre cook the items to get them nice and crispy first. While the cheese started exploding, but maybe I just went too long. I’m still going to use this for development purposes. We’re just going to hope that these are not going to get soggy. Now they’re only going to be in contact for a short minute, just long enough to melt, melt the cheese. While I’m getting this out of my system on a Thursday, so that, maybe I’ll eat healthier this weekend. If this doesn’t work I’m getting over it. Into the oven, 450. Seven, five minutes. Round two is complete. Pre cooked everything before I layered it. At this point it doesn’t
feel as much like a casserole as the first round, but either way it would be a fun party option, a fun way to serve these guys, and make them more than
just a 3:00 am snack. Not soggy, more crunchy then soggy. I’m going to go in to the Ranch. I’m going to see if my friend Jason will come over here and taste this. Let me just see how you feel about it. – Okay. – Go on and … – I’m kind of concerned about the heat. I’ll skip out on the Ranch dressing. I’m notoriously anti
– Anti Ranch well. – It’s pretty spot on. I’m going to get a bit with
the black olive though. I’m going to be fancy. – Be fancy. How do you feel about
the cheese stick rim? – I have not forgotten
about the cheese stick rim. (laughs) Let’s see how these two flavors go together. (laughs) – Done our research. – That pairs well. Okay it’s like 1997 to me. This is really good. – Well I might make you a to go plate. – I’m going to need one. – Okay. (laughs) – Thank you. – All right I guess
– I’m gonna screwed up now. – I’m not going to do anything. – Add the Ranch to it. – I’m just going to do it to half for presentation purposes. See what I mean, just a little bit. All right comment below, let me know do you want me
to write this recipe up, so you can download it, and
what else would you create with Totino’s Pizza Rolls. Old school classic. (music)

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  1. Two of my wife's favorite things mozzarella sticks and pizza. But She's Keto now. Rats. How about mixing marinara sauce and ranch for dipping sauce?? 🤔

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