How to Make Chinese Soup Using Induction Cooker – Electrolux PH

The whole family is coming over for lunch Here is all you need for the Chinese chicken soup Your hub uses electromagnetic induction to heat up cookware So you’ll need the right cookware Check if a fridge magnet sticks to the bottom of your pot First, blanch the chicken by putting it into a pot and filling with water Trace your finger around the slider to bring the heat level to a maximum and the water to a boil But don’t cook the chicken just yet Meanwhile, soak the dried mushrooms and room-temperature water to extract a richer flavor Add your ingredients in the following order. Pour in the rest of the water and toss a bouillon cube into the mix for extra flavor Resume boiling with the instant response and high power levels offered by induction cooking Your hub transfers heat only to the cooking zones you’re using, leaving the rest of the hob surface cool Next, simmer over low heat at level 5 to 6 for 20 minutes Avoid accidentally changing settings with a convenient lock function Your induction hob stays cool to the touch even while cooking So you can wipe out stills instantly? Time for a delicious dinner everyone Enjoy Electrolux every day for great tasting food We hope you enjoyed this video Please check out the Electrolux website for more inspirational tips on how to make the most delicious meals at home

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