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– Coffee creamer is one of
my favorite indulgences. Truth is, it’s not just creamer. You know, it’s not just cream. So, there’s all kinds of
ingredients on the side. You know, everything in moderation, right? But if you’re on a health kick, and you’re trying to minimize ingredients that you can’t pronounce, then I’m gonna show you
to make coffee creamer with two ingredients, right at your home. Those two ingredients are milk and sweetened condensed milk. This is key. The only ingredients in
sweetened condensed milk are milk and sugar. So this is nonnegotiable. You’ve got to have as
sweetened condensed milk to make your creamer. You can play around with the
milks that you stir with it. It could be regular milk, half-and-half, heavy cream. So in this case, I’m just gonna
make a basic vanilla creamer with just milk and this. You could mix all of this in a big jar and just shake it up. I like to make things more complicated. I’m using whole milk, but this is the way you can
make things lower in fat. Use whatever milk you want. And then you just whisk this together. I’m just gonna make this vanilla flavored, and add a couple teaspoons. That’s it, I mean it’s super simple. And it’s cheaper than this. Let’s do a little taste test. Yum. Still yum. I actually prefer this. The way I like to store it is just in a little dressing bottle, if you have one, or a mason jar. You just add it to your coffee. If you wanted to make
this Almond Joy flavor, which happens to be my sister-in-law’s favorite coffee creamer, all you would add is coconut extract and some chocolate syrup to this. You can also do a non-dairy creamer. They make a sweetened
condensed coconut milk. I’m gonna add these
straight to the bottle, show you how easy this is. I’m making a mess, sorry. I’m gonna keep this non-dairy and use an almond milk, ’cause this is what I have. This is unsweetened. I think I’ll make this vanilla flavored. How easy is this, y’all? You gotta feel better about
homemade coffee creamer. Do what you wanna do, like I said. Everything in moderation, and this stuff is quite delicious, but look how easy that was and you can pronounce all the ingredients, so you have to feel a
little bit good about that. For more great ideas like this, follow Well Done Food on
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  1. Can you figure out how to make the powder creamer? My husband likes the liquid but i prefer the original powder creamer . Thanks for this though

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