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– Hey dudes, I’m Hilah and
today on Hilah Cooking, I’m back with Tuany
and we are making another Brazilian classic. – A national treasure. – Just like you. – Aww.
(chuckles) – It’s called coxinha. – Coxinha, yes perfect. – And it’s a fried chicken, sort of. (upbeat music) So I already cooked some
chicken and saved the broth. You want to boil some chicken and then, like,
mince it up really tiny. I did it with a knife, but a food processor
works good too. And make sure you
save that broth cause we’re gonna use that
when we make the dough. And this is actually
your mom’s recipe. – Yes. – Which was texted to you. – And I tried to translate
it, but there was some steps missing, I don’t know. She made it work, guys. – It totally works. So we’re gonna go
over here to the stove, we’re gonna start the filling, gonna saute some
onion and garlic, lots of garlic in some oil
until that’s nice and soft and then we’ll add
some tomato paste, some spices, cumin,
salt and pepper, some vinegar and
then we add the chicken and kind of stir that around
to get everything combined. And parsley, parsley is
very important I think. So then when we’ve
got the filling made, and we can set that
aside and let it cool, while we make the dough. And this is crazy. I had never seen a
dough like this before. – Me neither. (laughs) – She’s like,
“I’ve never seen any dough.” (chuckles) But you basically, we’re
gonna bring this chicken stock to a boil, and then
just dump in a bunch of plain white flour and stir it until it turns into a dough. It doesn’t seem like
it’s gonna work, but it works somehow. – It’s magic. – It’s magic, totally,
it’s Brazilian magic. And then we’re
gonna let this cool, just until it’s cool
enough to handle, and then you can kind of
knead it a little bit. – Okay, so here’s our dough,
it’s kind of cooled off. I’m just gonna knead it to
get it a little bit smoother, but it’s kind of, it’s
kind of a lumpy dough and I think that’s just the
way it’s supposed to be. – It looks right. – Hopefully your mom is
like, really proud of me, and isn’t just like, shaking
her head the entire time. (chuckles) I’m kind of trying to
break up any little chunks of dry flour that might be in there. Cause it’s, you saw how
hard it was to stir it. Okay, all right,
so there’s our dough. Here’s our cooled filling. And you were saying
you could make them any size you want, really. – Yes, usually when you buy outside, it’s like this big, let’s see and when you make it for
a party or something, just to eat at home,
maybe little, this size. So it depends on
what you’re up to. (upbeat music) – [Hilah] And then, we’re
shaping it like chicken legs. – [Tawny] Mhmm. – Why? – Before, I’ve been eating this since I was born, practically. And I didn’t even know
the history behind this. But when I was
researching for this, it’s kind of a nice story. They were, they made
it because the prince, like Princess Isabel’s son,
was a count. – A count. – Count. And yeah. And he only wanted to
eat the chicken legs. But one day the cook saw that there was no chicken legs left. So she got all of the other
pieces from the chicken and made it all like
how you made it. And then just made it
look like a chicken leg. – Tricked him. – Mhmmm, and he loved
those puppies. (giggles) – And then they became famous
throughout the country. – Well that’s the legend, I guess. – It’s a good story. – It’s a good story. – Probably should have let it
cool a little bit more but.. There’s no time like the present in making coxinha. – I probably made
these when I was young, like eight, ten. While I was making
something for my birthdays, cause that’s where
we eat them mostly. Kids birthday parties. And that’s the only
reason we all go, to eat. (chuckles) – [Hilah] And I think too, because
we’re gonna dip them in egg and bread crumbs later, you don’t need the outside
to look perfectly even or anything, cause it’ll
all be covered up in bread crumbs later, so
don’t sweat it too much if they look a little
lumpy like this one. (chuckles) – It’s making my T wrong. – Oh my god. (chuckles) – Wow, a T is the same in
Portuguese, that’s cool. – No it’s K. (giggles) – Same shape. – Same shape. Oh you mean the shape, okay. My mom’s probably like,
what are you doing? (laughs) The mom way. (upbeat music) – Okay, eggs and
plain bread crumbs. All right, hallelujah we
are ready to fry. So I’m gonna heat up a
few inches of oil to 350, which I think is like,
180 something in Celsius. – Let’s aim. – Don’t quote me on that. (chuckles) And we just fry these for
just a couple minutes. So we roll them around, and then we’re just gonna gobble them up. (upbeat music) – Have our, one on that. Okay, here’s your T. Here’s my plain one. And then we’ve
got the sauce here that’s, basically
translates to pink sauce. – Yeah, molho rose, which is like, just ketchup and mayonnaise. – And check out our other video, we did pao de queijo
a few weeks ago. – Oh, since I know you like
singing while you’re eating, I have a song for you,
do you want to hear it? – Yeah. – Okay. (sings Brazlian song) Pretty cute, right? That is cute. So in English,
it would be something like, ♫ Snack time is the happiest time ♫ let’s all eat burgers ♫ (laughs) – Cheers. – Cheers. – Mmm, it’s so good. – Perfect. The dough is exactly what it is. – It’s just amazing to
me how good this is. I really hope you guys try this, and send me a picture on
Instagram or something. I’d love to see it. Yay, thank you. – Thank you. – And thanks to your mom.
– Mhmm. – I don’t even know her name – Kata, oh now she’s gonna flip out. (speaks in Brazilian) (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “How to Make Coxinha! Brazilian Chicken Croquettes | Hilah Cooking

  1. omg U just made this video !!! I love Coxinhas. I first tried them in Massachusetts in 2007 and I havent eaten them since and still know the taste of them and now my mouth is watering. thx for posting this video Hilah. U look great after having yer baby. How old is he now?

  2. You girls are so cute! Brazilian food is my fav! This month I've dedicated it to Brazilian food. Now you got me wanting coxinhas!!! 🙂

  3. Nice interesting recipe but for my preferences, cilantro will replace the parsley, and I never do white flour, so will try whole wheat pastry flour instead. I am sure it will still be great. Thanks!

  4. Chicken broth based dough! That alone would make a good snack, with that filling it has to be awesome.
    On the to-do-list, thanks!

  5. My granny teach me do a dough ball and make a hole with the thumb, not completely but enough to put the filling no fully, and them just squeeze the hole mouth closing all, it's kinda more easy than close the flat dough… an

  6. Some slight variations in my process …

    1. For the dough I poured the boiling broth into my kitchen aid stand mixer bowl. Added the flour and set to low speed to get things combined, turned to a medium-low speed (3) for about 3 minutes to get a smooth (but sticky) dough.

    2. I used my food processor for both the onions and chicken, and ran them both through until they were completely shredded into super fine pieces.

    3. I cooked the coxinha's in the oil at around ~275F until they began to float. They had a light golden brown texture.

    Great job on the recipe!

  7. como ficar rico

    passo 1: viaje para a América tendo como abrir uma loja

    passo 2: venda coxinha

    passo 3: contrate algums empregados

  8. Comer "caquinha de nariz"? Tipo, comer meleca? Essa mulher não poderia inventar uma música melhor? No meio do lanche e ela me vem com essa de comer meleca.

  9. quê chique hen os americanos são tratados do bom e do melhor sendo que aqui no Brasil a gente fica sem comer algumas coisas quando a agente quê por causas dos governos corruptos fdp ? ops minha opinião .

  10. You both girls are very beautiful and charming..I was watching you only..I love you both😘😘

  11. Try to make feijoada, this is a typical Brazilian food, almost all Brazilians love! Yes, I'm Brazilian.♡♡♡

  12. Pessoal não é só água e farinha, é a água que cozinhou o frango, farinha até dar o ponto, manteiga e caldo kinor … e uma pitada de sal

  13. You don't state how much broth is used for the dough. I went to the recipe page,and the item cut open…looked doughy and unwelcoming.

  14. Yay ! Vou fazer com o meu marido americano . Ele ama coxinha mas eu nunca fiz . Im gonna make with my husband his American and he loves coxinha ! Thanks girls 🙂

  15. Coxinhas are by far my absolute FAVORITE Brazilian fried snack. If I had the time, and money I could eat this stuff until I either had a heart attack or just simply got sick of it which will never happen.. the sick and tired part not the heart attack. LOL!!

  16. I had a brazilian boyfriend for three years and his mãe would cook us so many delicious brazilian treats like pão de queijo and coxinha! And we ALWAYS had guarana antartica or caipirinha! We broke up five years ago and I still make her Feijoada recipe to this day… brazilian food is the best! I can’t wait to make these, I didn’t have her recipe and boy have I missed them!!

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