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Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” Let’s make the caramel sauce for custard pudding. Coat the inner surface of the custard cups with unsalted butter. This will make it easy to remove the pudding from the cups. Put the sugar and water in the pot. Heat the pot at medium heat. Let it sit until the surface becomes lightly-colored. Swirl the pot and even out the sugar liquid. Caramelize the sugar like shown in the video and remove the pot from the heat. Quickly add the hot water in 2 to 3 steps with a long-handled ladle. Tilt the pot away from you to avoid hot caramel sauce splashing and burning your hand. Swirl the pot and even out the hot caramel. Pour the caramel evenly into the custard cups. Let’s make the egg mixture for pudding. Crack the two eggs into a bowl. Lightly beat the egg with a balloon whisk. Don’t let the tip of the whisk leave the bottom of the bowl to avoid creating too much foam. Add the milk and sugar in a pot. Turn on the burner. Stir with a spatula until all the sugar is dissolved. Add the milk to the beaten egg while whisking the mixture. Sieve the egg mixture with a fine mesh strainer. Scrape off the bottom of the strainer with a spatula. Remove any foam on the surface with a spoon. Pour the egg mixture into an easy-to-pour container. Let’s steam the egg mixture. Gently fill the custard cups with the egg mixture. Cover each cup with aluminum foil. The foil will prevent the surface from getting dry. It will also help steam the pudding evenly. Heat water in a pan and gently place the cups in it. The kitchen towel will soften the heat at the bottom. There should be enough hot water to cover the bottom half of the cups. Put the lid on. Keep the water temperature just below the boiling point and steam the pudding for 18 to 20 minutes. Do not bring the water to boil otherwise the smooth texture of the pudding will be lost. Put kitchen gloves on and remove the custard cups. When they become cool, store them in the fridge. Let’s serve the custard pudding. Scrape the side of the cup with the tip of a knife. Tap the cup on a kitchen towel and make a space around the pudding. Serve the pudding on a plate. This gorgeous pudding is made from simple ingredients, eggs, sugar and milk. Chill it well and enjoy the custard pudding. The color of caramel quickly changes over the heat so timing is important when adding the hot water. Good luck in the kitchen!

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  1. WOW! Its much simpler than I expected, it makes me so excited because i have all the ingredients. Wonderful video 🐶😺

  2. Can i use plastic in steaming process?
    Plastic glasses as thin as plastic bottles.
    It will not melt right ?
    Since its not take heat directly from fire

  3. No this is how you make it XD

    1.put fell sans in it
    2.put undertale sans in it
    3.add love
    4.mix it together and BOOM!

    You now have kustard XD

    P.s.beautiful vid >=3

  4. I made this twice already, but both times many bubbles show up in the pudding. I made sure to even strain it a couple of times, any idea why it happens?

  5. This is for everyone…. Creme brulee, creme caramel, flan and this pudding are all different. Very similar but different. There is a difference in consistency, taste and ingredients. So no it's not flan, or creme caramel, it's pudding.

  6. Omg! Francis is so young here <3
    Rest In Peace, you cutie. I still miss you, and forever will… ;-; I hope you are eating the finest of foods up there <3

  7. EXCELLENT!!! It's the first time I can do a "flan" like we called it in Argentina so soft and creamy. It's a super economic solution dessert. Our family wish to thank and bring you 1000 likes! Thanks a lot. Blessing you. María.

  8. This is WONDERFUL! Every recipe I have come across for making flan custard with caramel sauce, until right now, called for half a dozen ingredients that I don't keep on hand. Furthermore, the ingredients other recipes required were ingredients that would generally only be used when repeating the recipe far more times than felt necessary. This simplified recipe is not only safer to make – it uses ingredients that are generally in the kitchen without having to make a special trip. Another thing I truly love is the fact it doesn't take cranking up the oven for such a small dish size. Cooking in a pan on the stove makes it so much easier! Thank you so much for this recipe. It's simple, uses ingredients most kitchens have on hand, & it's so much safer to handle these ramekins!

  9. The recipe is epic but did anyone notice the dog and dude who speaking in english im sorry the video is giving out weird vibe like why cant we have the dude in the video why the dog?

  10. This recipe is great, the only thing I changed was adding some vanilla to the pudding. This will be my go to recipe from now on, Thank you!~

  11. the caramel is not supposed to be anything but SWEET. You left it too long. Also: it doesn't require water! You washed your caramel twice because you left it too long and it would have become unbearably cristalized otherwise. So you had thrice the work. And, it ended up sour anyway, what a mess.
    Also, custard caramel puddings are very north american. In europe people would rather have crème brùlée, and in any spanish or portuguese speaking country we make it with condensed milk, which is SO much BETTER. This is tragic.

  12. This is a typical dessert called Flan in Spain and Latin America. It’s so tasty! Now I’m inspired to make one! 😜 I miss Francis, wish he were still about 😿

  13. Take one (1 like)


  14. Do you want to eat a pudding
    Here you take it
    Cost of 1🍮=1like👍

    WHAT no one wants a pudding
    Oh I know why
    When you already know the recipe to make a pudding then why'd you buy it!!!!

  15. Hi, i tried it so many times but it turn awful, the taste its like a boiled egg, did i miss something? Thx

  16. This is callef leche flan. I have my own secret recipe that can make 20 to 25 molds in an hour. There are several ings omitted here; this is just the basic recipe

  17. Caramel :
    – 50g of sugar
    – 15ml of water
    – 15ml of hot water

    Eggs Mixture :
    – 2 eggs
    – 250 ml of milk
    – 62,5g of sugar

  18. Didn't work for me 🙁 Caramel has stuck to the glass I used – pudding came out without it and had no brown top, pudding itself tasted like eggs with sugar. Any thoughts what I did wrong?

  19. Before my grandma passed away, I used to make her this pudding because at that time she was having poor appetite & have difficulties swallowing solid foods. My mom always told me to make this pudding for her almost every single day because the pudding have eggs & milk in it which will helped her get some nutrition into her thin body due to her lack of appetite and also because it's so smooth and easy to swallow. My grandma really loved it at that time. So I kept making this pudding until she passed away not long after that due to old age..
    After her passing, idk why but I never got the chance to cook this dish again.. it's been 5 years.
    I stumbled through this video again today and I think I'm going to make some tomorrow 🙂

  20. If I want to make it for 8 in total. And boiling is b/w 18-20. In total …. anyhow can this be cook on oven as well ??

  21. Haha I didn't realize that you're speak in English at first I thought you're speak in Japan sorry I don't really understand the instructions but gladly you showed the ingredients

  22. Im spanish and we have something called a flan it looks just like this. Is this a different dish, or is this the same thing?

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