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>>Hilah: What’s up dudes! I am Hilah, and welcome to Hilah Cooking. Today, I am going to do a special segment
called “Restaurant Secrets Exposed!” and I have always loved the Mexican rice that
you get at Mexican restaurants. It’s all fluffy. It’s delicious. It tastes like garlic. They have onion chunks in it, and somehow
it’s kind of like a pinkish color, whatever, I finally figured out how to do it, and now
I am going to share it with you today, and I really hope that you’re all just as excited
as I am because if not, I’m going to be really, really super-embarassed. [MUSIC] [Homemade Mexican Rice]>>Hilah: Okay, so I kind of hate to blow
my whole, big surprise right at the beginning, but the trick is I’ve got my rice here. I’ve got it soaking in water. That’s the trick. Put your rice in a little sieve or whatever,
although I always say sieve. I don’t know how to pronounce that word,
and then put some water in there, and then soak it for 15 minutes, and this is just regular,
old long-grain rice and I learned this little trick where you put the water in the little
thingy first and then put it in the water. I picked that up from Jay El Coro over at
The Aimless Cook, so thanks Jay. So, we’re just going to let this soak, and
while we go over here and do this other stuff right over here. In this little pot I just have some butter. You can use oil or whatever. Alright, and then it’s just got some onion,
celery, garlic and bay leaf, and if your favorite Mexican restaurant uses carrots or peas in
their rice then you can add those too, but mine just uses celery and onion, so I just
want to get these a little bit softened. Give me just five minutes. Okay, so this is nice and soft. I just wanna make that sound happen. Drain it as much as you can, and then, and
then I’ve got some tomato paste to add and get that stirred around. You just kind of want to stir it until the
tomato paste is coating all of the rice nice and evenly, and that’s what’s going to
make it look all cute and pink, and now I am gonna to add salt and pepper. I am using a homemade chicken broth, so this
doesn’t have any salt in it. If you’re using a store bought chicken broth,
then taste it first, and if it’s real salty, you might not need to add anymore salt and
some pepper. Okay, we’re just gonna to kind of fry it
a little bit, kind of just trying to dry the rice out just a smidge, and when it starts
to, I don’t know, look like that. It’s not quite all like clumping together
anymore. Then we’re gonna to add our chicken stock,
and you know, you can use vegetables also. Okay, I am going to turn my heat back up to
high, and then we’re just gonna cook this like regular rice, so we’ll bring it to
a boil with a lid, and then as soon as it starts to boil, turn the heat down to as low
as you go. Okay party people, it’s time for rice! Just kidding. So, it’s actually been 10 minutes, and I
am gonna turn it off and look at it. Oh look! Look how fluffy that is. Don’t eat it yet. I am gonna put the lid back on it, and we’re
gonna let it sit for five more minutes, and that is going to ensure extra, extra fluffiness. Okay, five minutes later, and then you wanna
just kidn of use a fork to fluff that up. Look at that. It’s like confetti it’s so fluffy and
tender. Okay. I am just gonna serve it a little bit. Oh, that’s delicious. Look at that. Okay. Get a little bite here. Mmmmmmm man! Just like at the Mexican restaurant. Okay. Well, there’s how to make fluffy, tender,
Tex-Mex style rice. A couple of people had requested that too,
so I am happy to be able to provide, and I hope you try the recipe. If you have any questions leave them below,
and I will get to them as soon as I can, so thanks so much for watching and have a wonderful
week. Bye! [MUSIC]

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  1. Wendy I was thinking the saaaaame thing and I'm from border town. This maybe a different type what happened to the Caldo de tomate!?!?! Lol

  2. OK. I did this one 3 weeks ago exactly as you instruct… fluffy city. Then I got crazy. I decided to do it with Trader Joe's Brown Rice Medley. Everything took much longer but.. it came out GREAT! But the big take away for me… because I haven't heard of so many of these "normal" things people do, is cooking rice in STOCK/BROTH. YUMmmm! This alone is a revelation. I did chicken stock twice. I never thought I could love a can of beef broth so much as when it's what I cooked the rice in. THANK U

  3. Can you put the name of the ingredients so I can buy them. Such as rice, tomato sauce, etc and how much of it you put in. I'm more sure when it's in words

  4. o_O
    (bows head) If by "rule" you mean follow Hilah's instructions very carefully and continue to be surprised that it's really so easy to achieve level:delicious, then, sure, OK.

    *To dudes reading along: Seriously. Get off your ass and go to the store and make one of these recipes that seem interesting to you. You can go to Hilahcooking()com on your smartphone for your shoplist. You'll be shocked & delighted that you in your kitchen can produce teh yum.

  5. I'm actually really shocked that you didn't put any cumin in there! If you haven't tried it that way yet, please do! I usually mix quite a bit (1 to 3 tablespoons depending on pan size) into the tomato paste with some water and salt in a bowel before I add to the rice, then I add it with more water to the rice when the rice is done frying. But it just gives it a deeper level of flavor and authenticity 🙂

  6. Awesome recipe! I did it and It was awesome 🙂 thanks for sharing the recipe with us! ! You rock! 🙂

  7. I grew up in Mexico and would go to friend's houses for supper sometimes and nobody made the rice exactly like my mom's. There are many ways to make this Mexican rice. I make it with garlic only, cilantro, tomato sauce and consommé. I forgot my mom soaks the rice in water too, so thanks Hilah!!

  8. Who cares if it's not exactly how they do it in………………" "MEXICO" "? As long as it tastes the same as in the mexican restaurants, then that's what truly matters!!!! I tried the recipe, and to be totally honest with all of you negative people and your comments, She nailed the recipe right down to the wonderful aftertaste that you get at the authentic mexican restaurants!!!! Hilah………..I am a lifelong fan!!!! Looking forward to more great, authentic recipes and episodes!!!! Thanks!!!!!

  9. She literally put tomatoe! how my family does it we add steamed tomatoes and spices into a blender…your welcome.

  10. This rice is amazing and it tastes amazing… Seeing as not everyone is from the same part of Mexico, all rice is a little different.. And people adapt recipes for their tastes.. How boring of a world if everyone cooked the same way… Way to focus on the color of her skin and base your opinion on that.

  11. Hilah~ I have been wishing and dreaming of a recipe for restaurant quality Mexican rice. You nailed it girl!!  Thank you mucho mucho from a fellow Austinite!

  12. make it however girl do your thang. It least this white girl is cooking and wants to learn instead of being rude give a some tips maybe. Keep cooking girl you rock..

  13. And by the way, she's trying to make it like they do at her favorite restaurant.
    No where does it say "Mexican rice like they do in Mexico."

  14. funny everybody is talking about the authenticity of her rice….however I know several mexicans whom all make their rice differently. she's got the basics down.

  15. I've never tried making Mexican rice like this before but I'll give it a try.

    My mom would always just toast the rice with onions/garlic then add tomato sauce and chicken stock before simmering/covering. She used a lot of tomato sauce and nicknamed it "red rice," because it looked very red/orange in color.

    Looks good though. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I just have to say that this recipe is nooooooo where Mexico. Whoever was her source is not Mexican. If I were to make this recipe or even show this recipe to my mom she would laugh and hit me with the CHANCLA!

  17. authentic Spanish rice is a difficult dish to make . its almost like the first time you try and make homemade biscuits . over time you will get better and better until you finally get it . i learned how to make it from my uncles family "witch was Hispanic" and although i learned the traditional way of making this dish, there are many different ways to make it.

  18. It looks and probably tastes good, but far from Mexican. A Mexican cook would never use butter to make the rice…..your onions are to chunky

  19. She should have titled it Tex- Mex rice as she states towards the end. NONE of the Mexican restaurants I go to make rice like this. Rinse the rice? Celery? That's a new one. I liked the use of homemade chicken stock though. She does look and sounds like Pheobe.

  20. good tips Hilah. I will try it right now. I think I will add achiote, comino, coriander, saffron, oregano, cilantro, garlic, tomatoes, bell pepper, gandules (capers), and Spanish olives. hey now!

  21. I made this using rice crispies and insted of chicken broth, onions etc I used milk and sugar and just ate it raw. was worth it

  22. I love your videos
    And all these clowns that want to argue about “authenticity” are just ignorant .
    I pride myself in the kitchen.
    But just because your of a certain ethnic background doesn’t give you exclusive cooking skills.
    I know a ton of Latinos who can’t cook for shit .
    And I wouldn’t let them touch my stove .
    So keep doing what you do !

  23. Not to sound rude but l made Spanish rice today from a chef who claimed to have the most authentic Mexican rice & he did none of your steps. He said to absolutely not to wash rice (or soak). His onions & garlic were chopped so fine they weren’t even visible. He also used a secret ingredient called “Caldo de pollo” or something similar. Don’t know the correct spelling but it’s some type on Mexican bouillon (chicken) that comes in powder form & it only called for one teaspoon (no more). He claims he’s tried every kind of substitute & this only gives the authentic taste that restaurants use. It took me forever to find it in the store but man, was he right. Didn’t add tomato PASTE until near the end. If l can find his channel again l will forward it to you. It was the 1st time l ever made it that it actually tasted like the restaurants use. I have watched all the videos on this rice & only 1 or 2 people used this “Caldo” stuff. I found it by the Sazón, another hard to find but great ingredient. The directions on that box says to put it on just about everything. I’ve been using it like crazy. I saw it recommended on The Kitchen on the food network, by Sunny. You might try this other version. It is delicious!!

  24. Anyone out there make the rice using Thai jasmine rice? I have a few older relatives from Mexico, but we live an area that has a lot of Southeast Asian immigrants, and so we started to use jasmine rice since it was so cheap and plentiful. So instead of Americanizing it, we Asianized it. It gives it a completely different taste. We also put a few jalapeño or Serrano peppers on top to steam with the rice to eat along with it when it's done. By the way we always browned the rice dry on very low heat with oil for about 5 minutes before adding liquid.

  25. Ok,phoebe from friends is teaching us how to make MEXICAN rice. Title should be how to make rice like Anglo style "Mexican "restaurants

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