How to make French’s Crispy Fried Onions – Easy Cooking

Hey Cookaholics Chef Kendra here and today
were making French fried onions. You know those things they sprinkle over casseroles
during the holidays. We’re going to make a home version of that.
So let’s do what we do let’s head to the kitchen and make it happen. Ok, I’m using our slicer here to get out
onion nice and thin. If you decide to slice theses with a knife go for as thin as possible
while holding on to your digits. Also, if you’re using a slicer or Madeline
use the grip thingy thing for safety. I be breaking all the rules up in here cause I’m
a rebel like that. Also, I can’t find it. I’m going to break these boys up, just like
so. We’re going to give them a bath in some
buttermilk and let them relax for 1 ½ hours. The buttermilk gives them nice, rounded flavor.
I wouldn’t skip this step, Cookaholics. Let’s make sure that they are all getting
some buttermilk love, I’m taking a spoon and stirring them around and dunking them. Making sure everything is really well covered.
Now let’s slide on a plate to seal the deal. We’re going to put them in the fridge. We’re sliding in some seasoned salt and
we’re going to add some black pepper. Now we’re going to mix this stuff up with a
folk. You could add some cayenne pepper if you feel
like turning up the heat. We’re keeping it mild today. Our flour mixture is ready. We’ve got some oil in a pot over medium
heat and we want our temperature at 375 degrees when we start frying. I’m always going on about frying at a lower
temp for some stuff, but not this when you start it should be 375. We’re dipping and frying these boys in batches
because as always we don’t want to overcrowd the pan. These guys don’t take long to cook so we
don’t want to be walking away. Also we are going to stir these around a bit
with our slotted spoon so these things brown evenly. We have our plate lined with paper towel waiting
for when we pull them out of the hot oil. Yo, we could have just as easily went with
a cooling rack. That’s all it is to it.
Hey guys I hope you liked that. All my links to my social media is in the about section below
and if you want to check out my last video you can do so right over there. Let’s taste this stuff. These French fried onions are crispy. They
have just the perfect amount of salt on them. They’re very flavorful. Hope you guys give
this one a try. Alright, share my videos and Chef Kendra is
out. Peace.

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