How To Make Fried Broccoli – Easy Cooking

Hey Cookaholics Chef Kendra here and
today we are making fried broccoli so let’s do we do and make it happen yeah
some frozen broccoli that’s been cooked. We have some vegetable oil here
self-rising flour black pepper garlic powder cajun seasoning and egg we have
some more self-rising flour and we have a little regular flour also and we have
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anything and while you add it subscribe broccoli here all we’re gonna do is get
this broccoli onto a plate and into the microwave and we’re gonna cook it in
microwave according to package directions which in this case which in
this case is five to seven minutes okay guys we have the broccoli already and we’re just gonna pour it on this
plate just like this now I’m gonna spread it out with my fingers my nice
clean fingers and I’m gonna cut some of these pieces into smaller bits and then
we want to put them back in the microwave just gonna cut these into half
all the other big ones because this is when you put the batter on on they get
really big the reason why we cooked the broccoli in
the back and then took a lot of the bad cut them and spread them out on the
plate and put them back into microwaves is because we want them more dry want
them to dry outside before we fried them I’m gonna get our large pot over medium
heat we’re gonna take our vegetable oil you know people know to fry when they
got a big vat of oil like this all right gonna get that in there what we want to
do is get this off to 350 degrees Fahrenheit I’m going to check the
temperature of the oil from time to time with my trusty laser thermometer crack
this egg get it into the milk and we’re gonna whisk this up next we’re gonna get
this bowl down here we’re gonna add this flour to the bowl and that’s self rising
flour our milk and egg mixture that goes in you know then mix this together
basically making like a little batter alright the next thing we’re gonna do
guys is take this other flour and remember I said this is self-rising
flour but we also have a little regular flour in there too
we’re going to add our black pepper our garlic powder we’re gonna add our Cajun seasoning mix
so we’re just gonna take a fork and mix this together just like so now we’re
using the frozen broccoli here but you can use cauliflower your kitchen do what
you want I’m just not into cauliflower so we’re good to go we have our fire
station we are our broccoli we have our seasoned flour and we have our batter
let’s check the oil ooh too hot see I was running my mouth
over there talking about what we’re gonna do and it got too hot so what do
we do now you just move the oil to the side turn this off let the oil come back
down the temperature that’s your fault guys that’s your fault I’m trying to
explain all these things and I let the oil get too hot I blame all of you you
are fully responsible we get our frying station set up here now this is a little
reverse we usually dip into flour and then batter normally if we were frying
chicken or something we dip it into this then that but this time we’re going to
do it in Reverse we’re gonna take our wonderful broccoli we’re gonna dip it
into the batter drain off the excess then we’re going to dip it in the flour
right about there 350
he’s gonna hate this pricing browser what a nice and crispy – guys don’t be
afraid to get a little color on them when I got them burn them but we want
them nice nicely fried and crispy this is what we’re looking for guys right
here and I like using basically the tail of
the broccoli this part here while holding and dipping and because I like
the texture of the end when he’s done just flip them around and then do that
thing and guys stick around because I’m gonna make a nice little dipping sauce
to go with him yeah I said it we’re gonna sprinkle a little salt on
him just a little bit we can do that while the oil is coming back up to
temperature now I’m just gonna fry the rest of these you want to flip them
around a lot because you don’t want you don’t want one side to burn outside not
to be cooked at all you just just want to be mindful on you want pay attention
you want to be on your job couple of teaspoons of lemon juice Samanta there we go
get that’s right in there guys you know I like spicy but really this isn’t all
that hot next up is some chipotle ranch yeah that’ll do you know we’re just
gonna get that whole a ranch and that’s rotten and lime juice I’m gonna sort the
taste and just mix it up I’m gonna taste one
of our bits first I’m gonna let you know how crispy it is no sense I don’t double
dip I have to get another one for the test that guy’s that’s myself
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to put up a lot of video alright that’s it for this time I’ll see you next time
chef Kendra is out peace

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